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  1. That was a shocking news! Thank God, they’re all safe despite that accident! We truly admire you all for having such caring and brave hearts. We do pray for the fast recovery of Ms.Julia Morley and little Jonathan. I hope,they will be well again very soon. And to our very own Miss World, Megan Young, continue to inspire others by helping them and making them realize and understand what truly LOVE means. Keep safe all the time and God bless!

  2. Being beautiful is not just about what we see.It’s also about what we feel.Julia is indeed a very beautiful person.You served as an eye opener to the world.We’re hoping for your full recovery.We love you…And for Megan,we support you in your journey upon fulfilling your duties.You’ve just shown the world that the Filipinos are really hard-working. That we’re willing to strive no matter what crisis we go through..you’re amazing!take care and God bless.

  3. This is definitely a “beauty with a purpose” in action. Megan Young and Julia Morley showed that MW’s concern is not so much about strutting one’s pretty face and beautiful body in some fashion capitals of the world, but more of a total immersion into where the needy and the underprivileged thrive. The risks are always there, as this sad accident clearly shows. But the fact that they would be willing to come back, and continue on with their planned visits to other global projects, clearly shows the tenacity and determination of these two beauty luminaries to prove that beauty is after all not just physical.

  4. Grabe! That was a truly scary Halloween for Megan! Thank God He protected her all throughout. It could have been worse even for Julia and little Jonathan. Despite what happened to our Miss World icons, it’s a blessing to know about their having the steadfast heart to continue and even uphold further the charitable work they have started. A speedy and full recovery to you, Julia!

  5. I admire Julia Morley for thinking about the kids and Megan first before anything else. And what’s more admirable is she still thinks of going back of Haiti right after she recovers. Now that’s what we call beauty with a purpose! God bless your heart Julia Morley. Prayers for your speedy recovery.

  6. i haven’t heard from MWP of any relief efforts for my home province Bohol after a killer quake devastated parts of the island

    People are still reeling from the aftermath

    Calling Ms Quirino

    • A good heart does not trumpet any help that it extends…I’m sure Ms CQ has done her share of bringing aide on behalf of MW to Bohol. Lots of NGO’s and Foreign aides have been poured into the lap of Boholanos. If you have not seen them, check them out in the barn and warehouses of your mayors and congressmen…better yet, check their bank accounts…

      • Brew is right about MWP.. Charity begins at home…So what you’re driving at is the hypocrisy of MWO for they are also trumpeting their so called good deeds..By the way, you can never find those aides sa barns at warehouses for you cannot store aides who happen to be people…perhaps, you meant aid minus the letter e

  7. Right after I’ve read of the news in Miss World Official, I’ve said my prayers for Julia Morley and Jonathan and thanked God Almighty for protecting Megan Young and the other Haitian orphans.

    Wishing Julia and Jonathan the quickest recovery and protection cum safety from the unknown to our Megan so that she could continue her mission in this world.

  8. I hope and pray that Ms. Julia Morley would get well soon. This event truly is an eye opener. When I earn my 1st million, I will allocate funds for Miss World Philippines and their charities to create a livelihood program that generates more money for orphanages and the likes..

    • You are such a kind person. I can call you my Miss World in Norman’s Blog. I wish I had saved my millions before so that I could follow suit. But if I win Lotto Jackpot, I will surely share a million to a “clean” project whereby all funds go to what is needed. If you know what I mean…

      • Thanks! Megan is such an inspiration!

        I understand what your saying..
        Hopefully in the near future..
        together as one..
        We shall help society! 😀

  9. ang dramtic ng reign ni megan. talagang ang memorable nya compared sa ibang mga nanalo na parang after ng isang taon limot ko na anong panagalan nila o ginawa nila. Ingat ingat!

  10. I’ve come to admire Julia Morley more so now than ever before. Her thoughts, actions and statements during and after this accident speaks volumes about her personal commitment in helping the least fortunate among us. I sincerely hope for her speedy and full recovery.

    And, of course, I am very glad that Megan, as well as the children, lived through this accident without serious injury save for that one child.

    Megan now faces the prospect of fulfilling her Miss World duties without Julia Morley’s protective hand by her side. But everything happens for a reason.

    Perhaps this accident, as bad as it seems, may propel Megan to be stronger than she has ever been, will now compel her to fulfill the mission of Miss World mostly on her own, and open unexpected opportunities for her to be truly the best Miss World ever.

    And that I am certain will surely make Mrs. Morley and the Philippines very proud.

    • Definitely agree with your input @ Vendetta 711…..
      My prayers for the speedy recovery of Ms. Julia Morley, Jonathan and Megan Young…
      This accident is an eye opener for me as well, truly Julia Morley has a big heart and put children’s welfare above all.

      • It’s not really stupidity – more of pathetic negativity. These people who give their disapproval without thinking to a rather compassionate and rational comment just want to uphold their being a nuisance.

  11. So sweet for Julia to still think of the kids and Megan. I just love our Miss World.

  12. Get well soon Julia and Megan! GOD bless and take care, we’ll pray for both of you.

  13. All stars and planets are aligning well for Megan’s success and protection! There may be different forces out there to harm Megan — some are waiting to derail her progress, some are waiting for opportunity to destroy her. But kindness and good heart and indomitable spirit are all her weapons. It’s her overall aura that all other benevolent spirits come to her rescue to avert whatever mishaps that will happen to her. Continue spreading KINDNESS, MEGS!

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