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  1. here are my top 15: bolivia,panama,ukraine,france,indonesia,brazil,spain,israel,nicaragua,jamaica,venezuela,puertorico,usa,haiti,russia

  2. Erin Brady will end up like Rima Fakih. There’s just no justifiable reason for her to enter the semis. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH. Erin just wants this pageant to be over and go home.

  3. My top 16 (in no particular order):

    From Europe: Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Croatia

    From the Americas: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru,

    From Asia: Israel, Philippines

    From Africa: South Africa

    Online vote: Russia


    Alternates: USA, Australia, Japan, Italy

  4. My Top 16 Plus

    Great Britain
    Puerto Rico
    Costa Rica
    Czech Republic

    Plus: Myanmar/ China / India / Tanzania / Korea / Peru / Dominican Republic

  5. If it’s really a gold gown, I hope Ara carries it with elegance and that she’ll shine the brightest. She is fighting slowly but surely.

    As to Ms. Israel, I have doubts of her making the cut. The event is in Russia and it matters a bit. But I hope political issues are set aside. She deserves to make the cut provided she also did very well on prelims.

    • Never mind the prelims or the gigs. Word has it that Yityish is one of Trump’s picks this year. Trump loves drama so expect Yityish to be in the semis.

  6. Sana talaga id Ara get’s the chance to place, she wears a GOLD gown. Parang lulutang yung kulay nya sa ganung color. Hay……………………..

  7. Is it true that Ara got pulled out of the Press Junket & Media Welcome event ???

  8. Hi,Kuya Norman! Ang top 5 ko po ay sila Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Spain and South Africa. Sa top 10 ko po ay sila Venezuela, USA, Australia, Poland and Great Britain. Sa Top 16 ko po ay sila Puerto Rico, Italy, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Mexico and Turkey.

  9. top five —

    czech republic
    puerto rico

    clapper —

    philippines! 😀

  10. While Sir Norman is citing the 16 frontrunners of the MU13 preliminary edition, I may also cite the girls that I call ‘15 Diamond Girls on the Rough at MU13 Preliminary’. They are:

    Good styling would definitely give her odds to be in the top 16. She is very high fashion appealing with a great body and skin. She is the girl to be watched out for.

    I like her facial beauty with a resemblance to our very own Mutya Datul. She might be noticed if she’ll show her bubbly personality just like the Ms. Supranational 2013.

    One of the best presentations of catwalk skills. If she is consistent of what she did in the fashion show, she might place.

    There something about here charisma that reminds me of the Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. She was also doing satisfactorily during the fashion show.

    For me, she is the prettiest from Asia this year. She has body statistics to die for. I would be very pleased to see her in the top 16.

    Undoubtedly she is the essence of being exotic. Only one thing I don’t like was, she didn’t go through a national pageant as she was only appointed to represent Vietnam. Therefore, she is unprepared for the battle but chances are very high for her to place in Top 16.

    I like her video in Truth and Dare. Very eloquent, pretty, and well prepared. Also a Top 16 wannabe.

    Although this country is a newbie in pageantry but they know what they are doing. The whole country is behind her and could win the internet voting, therefore a top 16 is quite possible. It’s not only for that matter but she is also very pretty and with that innocence vibe she is the real essence of the diamond on the rough.

    With her glowing personality and a self-assurance assertion, she is the one that would conquer in the Top 5 ranking.

    Her high fashion looks is the biggest asset she possess. I hope she performs well tonight.

    South Africa:
    I can’t discard this girl just like that, I don’t know why? For me, she is the balance of beauty and aptitude.

    For me, she is the face of this Miss Universe edition. Underrated, but a total beauty queen material. She really deserves a placement.

    Gorgeous face! I have the feeling she can pull a trigger during the preliminary.

    Although she is not a beauty queen material but she can be the next top model of the world. I like her profile.

    Her mediocre performance during Tony Ward fashion show made me think to give her a second look in the preliminary night because she is not really logged behind with the frontrunners of this MU edition. She just needs to shine tonight.

    The 15 diamond girls on the rough, therefore, should show their ‘polished surface’ from whatever enhancement they’ve prepared, otherwise….a clapper tag would remain for good….though their experiences are f

  11. Nice Prediction … Norman….
    But I disagree about Panama and Turkey on your list….
    for another…. I think we have same thought.
    To me, Ukraine will replace Panama and Turkey’s position…
    And one again is Between Brazil and Switzerland…. 🙂

  12. I’ll remove panama. she looks old. i like israel but she projects a severe aura so i don’t know if she’ll pull a leila lopes during the finals. puerto rico and venezuela looks manufactured. i’m not 100% sold on ara but i still support her of course. i hope she manages to make her look less severe and sultry. i want to see her eyes. she’s covered in heavy eye liner and heavy hair (either drowning in curls or stiff in her ironed straight hair)

    Norman posted a beautiful photo of Ms. Ukraine a few months back. Stunning but when I did my research, I saw some posts of her canoodling with a middle aged man. The femme fatale look doesn’t suit her. It makes her looks well…a bit cheap. think trophy wife to a russian billionaire vibe….


    Indonesia is strong but for a modelling contest. She doesn’t project warm and approachable. vietnam would have been a good choice. she reminds me af parul shah (ara’s batchmate)

    Korea? So many of these Kpop girls very visible in print and media that I have a hard time looking at who really really stands out. I cannot distinguish them anymore.

    Megan set the bar soooooo high. I remember following her during her first few days in Indonesia and lutang na lutang sya. Not the beauty lang eh….it’s the smile. kung sa antm meron silang tinatawag na wind in the hair, si megan sa lahat ng photos nya parang may light source na dala dala.

    Wala akong makitang ganun sa Miss U ngayon. Sadly even with Ara kahit we all rally for her. Sana mag ala Janine Tugonon talaga sya sa finals. Bow

      • LOL! Good idea! I also saw a tweet from Michael Cinco, answering someone who asked him if Ariella was wearing a gown made by him, and he said no.

  13. It’s kind of hard to filter 87 to just 16 and I’d say it’s easier to pick out the Top 5.

    Black is compulsory so there should be one reserved placement. I’d say it’s a toss amongst Haiti, Tanzania and Israel but the latter’s beauty has no appeal to me though she is actually over-hyped.

    Asians are very strong and visible this year and I would not be surprised if China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea make it to Top 15. I am guessing that 3 Asians will make it.

    Team Europe is definitely strong that Ukraine, Spain, Poland and Great Britain will surely make the cut.

    Guaranteed to place in Top 16 are Russia, USA, Australia and the Philippines. And Canada!

    There will be 3 from Hispanic America and battling for placement would be Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, Puerto Rico and non-hispanic Brazil.

    16th place is a battle amongst Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Would anyone help me make it to 16 just by basing from the selected list and desired number?

    Here’s my current Top 5 (in order from the top) Philippines, Ukraine, Spain, Poland and Great Britain.

    My ten cents worth!

    • Remember that in 2012, no black delegates made the first cut. Or in 2009, when no Asian delegates made the first cut. So just discard “compulsory” placements based on race and just pick the best candidates regardless of their national origin.

      I like your list, well at least most of the delegates you’ve named. But I don’t think Mexico, Tanzania, China, Thailand or Myanmar are gonna make the first cut, IMO.

      • Thanks, Anita!

        You are most likely right but I was just thinking that MU will do something about not placing a black last year that’s why I reserved one place for the blacks. And my 16th place actually is reserved for online votes. We all know that the voting powers of these three neighbours can even exceed the craziness of the Filipinos especially knowing that every vote is free.

        So how about your Top 15?!?

      • Dexter: You’re probably right. I think among the black candidates, Israel and the Dominican Republic are the most bankable, in that order, IMO.

        I’ll have my top 15 AFTER I watch the prelims. I need to HEAR the candidates’ voices and see them IN MOTION before I finalize my list. 🙂

  14. Here’s my prediction:

    These girls will surely place as they have been consistent for the past years:

    1. France
    2. Australia
    3. USA
    4. Philippines
    5. Venezuela

    They have been fan favorites:

    6. Spain
    7. Poland
    8. Ukraine
    9. Puerto Rico
    10. Italy
    11. Indonesia

    Since she is the host representative and she is the counry’s first rep to Miss Universe

    12. Russia
    13. Azerbaijan


    14. Colombia – since 2011 the country broke their even-numbered year streak
    15. Costa Rica – maybe like Colombia they will have an odd-numbered year streak

    And she will win Internet vote:

    16. Myanmar

  15. All things being considered (aside from the performance and impact of the candidates): “business strategy”, “marketing viability”, “pageant-politics”, “judges personal preferences, favorites, national affinities”…my pick would be almost the same as that of Sir Norman’s. Let me just cross out Turkey and place Switzerland instead.

  16. Among the asians I am watching out for indonesia, malaysia, vietnam. The prelims will reveal who will stand out.

  17. If the rumours were true regarding Miss Italy then it is possible she won’t make the top 16. I will include in my list Ukraine and my dark horse is Myanmar and Vietnam.

    Oh…out of topic, I wish for a speedy recovery of Julia Morley! I’m glad that Megan and the children were not hurt and Megan managed to hold on to her crown. I wonder how would this affect Miss World in the performance of her duties given that Julia Morley will be out of commision for weeks or even months. God bless you Julia and May you recover very soon! God bless Megan, Philippines and the World!

    • I feel so sorry for Julia Morley and hope she recovers pretty soon. Isn’t it time that Queen Megan proved that she is the best Miss World ever? Good luck @meganbata!

  18. MY list (in alphabetical order):

    Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Israel, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania and Vietnam.

    Girls who aren’t on my list but think can make the top 16:

    Russia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, South Africa, Nicaragua, Haiti, Canada, Peru, Croatia and Myanmar (Myanmar only because of online voting).

    I don’t see what all the hype is about with Miss Ukraine, I just find her smile so awkward. Sorry, just my opinion. Although I can still see her making the top 16 lol.

    • Okay I change my mind completely about Miss Ukraine LOL! I saw videos of her and she is gorgeous.

  19. Oh god no Indonesia pls! Too skinny and mature looking. She hogs the camera and and acts extra friendly! She reminds me of miss thailand last supranational. Sorry just find her annoying plus indo fans belittle our rep, and I have seen her walk in videos and she do this long strides that I find weird, Komodo walk they call it! Sorry just no indo this year!

  20. I agree with your Top 16 but Indonesia could be Ukraine and India for the vote just like last year. Anyway the Prelim live streaming will be on Nov 6 Wed 12 noon Manila Time

    Pls guy don’t rest on our laurels, pls continue to vote for Ms Philippines. As the saying goes “It’s not over till the fat lady sings'”

    • Now that’s a scary thought! I hope Ara has another gown in reserve, preferably one that Jonas Gaffud secretly brought with him, unbeknownst to Stella!

  21. Long shots and under the radar, I wouldn’t rule out Tanzania or Korea. All speculations will be answered during the preliminary competition, maybe. 🙂

  22. Norman: Nice list!

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    Not on your list are UKRAINE and BRAZIL. I consider them shoo-ins as semifinalists. 🙂

    FRANCE, PANAMA, INDONESIA and TURKEY are on shaky ground because of their weak sash factors.


    • France has weak sash factor? They’ve been making it to the semifinals for longer than we have.

      • @stfu: I happen to agree w/ vendetta & here’s why:

        Although France managed a few recent consecutive semifinalist placements, it always fails to penetrate the top 5. To date, France has not succeeded to place any runner-ups. Not one. EVER.

        It did win the title once, but that was way way back in 1953.

        As far as Miss Universe is concerned, France’s sash factor is WEAK.

    • HOAX–gurl stop believing everything you hear!!! This is an old case already move on

      • Taga Saan ba tong si wynne? Hehe Sana Hindi Siya yung nagtatanong n nman yesterday about sa ice princess glamshot na yan. Move on.

  23. Hi ma norms..
    I probably remove USA, italy & Australia and place Jamaica, japan & Dominican Republic instead.

  24. If Indonesia makes it to the Top 16, I can see her going all the way to the Top 5. She is my 2nd favourite after Ara and I can’t wait to see her evening gown chosen for her by Ines Ligron.

  25. Si Miss Israel iisa ang pose. LOL! Nakaka- umay!

    Ako naman I’ll remove Panama and Indonesia and replace them with Dominican Republic and Ukraine. 🙂

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