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  1. My all time fave national costume: BOTSWANA

    MULTI-USE (yes, you can ride a bus wearing it)
    and SO EASY TO PACK!

    • Yes! The audience was stunned and fell silent when they saw Miss Botswana’s national costume. That’s how strong a statement Botswana made with her national costume during the presentation!

  2. I still donโ€™t get it..how can Pinoys let this COLOMBIAN Stella decide on taking
    COLOMBIAN Barazza to design our own candidateโ€™s gown? Is COLOMBIAN Stella trying to EXPLOIT and use our resources to promote a COLOMBIAN designer?
    Are we really that DESPERATE to IMPORT a COLOMBIAN designer that we canโ€™t get our own PINOY designer?
    We have TONS of local/international/professional designers waiting to be approached and very deserving to be given a shot at the global scene yet this woman has the nerve to bring her own COLOMBIAN importโ€ฆ The irony is..it is right in our country..right under our noses. Itโ€™s like a slap in our faces..
    Economically and intellectually we are far better than the COLOMBIANS yet thru her..she seems
    to take it for granted to further promote her own agenda at our own expense..
    You bet the agency, being under a non-profit organization, gets a fund from the Philippine govt which in return paid by all of US-the Filipino people!!!

  3. sir norman, ung coronation po, anong oras sa Pinas, is it Sunday 10AM na? kac 9PM Eastern time sa website of Saturday? tama po ba?

    • Star World will air it live at 2am of Sunday. ABSCBN will air it at 9am Sunday (delayed). The show will follow Moscow standard time, not the US.

  4. Naimbitahan pla ulit c Ara sa Nobu Restaurant, including 9 others. This is for nov 6. Kuya Norm, nksama din b C Ara para sa press Junket and media welcome event for Nov 4?

  5. Earlier, I have named two of my favorite national costumes: those of KOREA and SWITZERLAND.
    As for my third choice, surprisingly, it is that of the Philippines.
    Here’s why.
    1. It is Filipiniana-inspired: As such it is known to be endemic to us. It speaks truly of our culture.
    2. It is Very Current and Relevant: It captures well and shows the state of our nation:
    a) Our country has just experienced a series of calamities and natural disasters: Earthquake, Typhoons, Floods, etc.
    1. The 7.2 magnitude that shattered Bohol is a Big “shock” to many…to date, there are more than 5,000 recorded aftershocks.
    *** The National Costume of Ms Philippines was successful in generating a “Big Shock”…to date, numerous supporters of ARA are still experiencing the aftershocks.
    2. Typhoons and Floods: Devastating winds and Traffic-causing floods visit regularly our country…they can effect unbearable inconvenience that evokes anger from the citizen.
    *** The National Costume of Ms Philippines was successful in provoking anger from the many supports of ARA. Fanning the skirts of the costume was for ARA like simulating typhoons, while the stretching and folding of the pleats is like the endless coming in and out of floods
    b) The Sight and Value of BASURA. Basura is just everywhere in the Philippines. Scavengers in Smokey mountains do find treasure in those Basura.
    1. The sight of Basura is being depicted on the upper part of the National Costume of Ara. The upper part looks like a tapestry of dried and crumpled garbage of paper, plastics sheets and dry leaves.
    2. The sparkling crystals speak of both “mga bubog ng bote at baso” and “mga perang kinita sa pagbabasura”
    3. It speaks of the fragile Well being of the Filipinos:
    Those feathers as part of the headdress for the National Costume look like a huge Dengue-Carrying Mosquito that is landing and sucking on the head of ARA.
    * Every year, Filipinos are warned on the possible outbreak that may be caused by Dengue.
    * Ara, parading those dengue-carrying-mosquito-like decorative on her head is alerting us of a hate-outbreak that is to come.

    Indeed, the Ms. Philippines National Costume is one helluv a HIT!

    • @Benjie: Are you the same as Benji ? Your outlook in pageantry sounds parallel to each other ! I like Benjie’s sarcasms, parang ‘Sarsuela’ na may message of truth. The other ‘Benji’ is the one that voices out to the max and says what’s pleasing and what’s not pleasing to his taste and eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @Lulo…one and the same…it’s just that when I re-logged-in to re-enter this blog I unconsciously added the “e”…thanks for your nice words! Cheers to life!

      • @ benji: “unconsciousLy” daw oh!!.. anu un hiniMatay ka kaYa mo napindOt unG Letter “E”….. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oi benji mas nakakasulasok ang baho mo.
      akala mo kung makapagsalita ka hindi ka pilipino.
      Kung hindi mo matanggap ang inirampa ni AHA, e di sabihin mo hindi mo gusto tapos.
      hindi yung kung anu-ano pa added negativism ang idinagdag mo.
      At ang hindi pa maganda ay kung anu-ano pang paninira ang idinitalye mo sa Inang Bayan.
      Gusto ba ng Sambayanan na tayo ay lindulin?
      gusto ba natin na tayo ang laging sagasaan ng mga bagyo?
      Akala mo ba naging matalino ka sa naiambag mo?
      Wala namang kabuluhan eh.
      Ginamit mo pa ang basura para lang mai-relate kay Barraza.
      Ang hindi mo alam ang tunay na basura ay ang pag-iisip mo!
      Magbago ka pag may time.

      You’re such a BIG FAT “NEGA”.

      • Ha-ha-ha…di na sana kita patulan…pero gusto kong umpugin ka para matauhan ka sa yong Katangahan! And I think it is such a moral imperative for me to do so for you!
        1. Tanga ka kasi sinabi ko categorically na third choice ko sa mga favorites ang NC ng Pilipinas…kabaliktaran to sa ini-insist mo na di ko gusto. Ito ang ang umpog sa yo…Uuummpphh!
        2. Tanga ka kasi realidad tungkol sa Lindol, bagyo at baha ang pinag-uusapan at di ito paninira sa Inang Bayan….Ito na ang pangalawang umpog sa yo….Uuuummmpph….Uuummmpphhh!
        3. Tanga ka dahil walang tao sa ating Sambayanan ang gusto ng lindol maliban sa mga tangang kagaya mo…ito ang pangatlong paguumpog para matauhan ka…UUUMMMPPHH!
        Tanga ka dahil ang bagyo ay di nananagasa kunti nananalanta….narito ang pitik sa kukute mo..PTKKk!
        4. Tanga ka dahil hindi nagiging matalino ang tao dahil sa kanyang naiiambag…may naiiaambag ang tao dahil matalino sya….Ito pa ang malakas na pag-umpog sa yo…UUMMPPHH!.
        Kung di ka pa tumino, talagang wala nang gamot ang katangahan mo!

    • aRe u here tO discust the couNtry’s fLaws or just tO teaSe us??……I gueSs its botH…..weLL, try to cover ur sTinky mouTh anD feed ur maGgot head to Ur kind…. or beTTer tRy to Look at tHe mirroR firsT and LisTen to that hit Of Justin TimberLake juSt to fresHen up urseLf…. schmoCk!!

  6. Hindi naman perya o karnibal ang MU. Ara’s NU was ok. Not that winning NC type but it’s ok. Ara looks very elegant.
    Ang Japan

    • Ang Japan parati namang ganun ha. Bakit gandang ganda kayo. Hindi kailangan ng negative reactions niyo. Nakakahiya!
      Besides hindi pagansahan ng NC ang MU

      • oi andres sino may sabi sa iyo na hindi pagandahan ang NC ng MU? Naka-droga ka ba? kaya nga binibigyan ng award ang best in National Costume. Di ba last year nakuha ng China ang best in NC. isip isip kapag may time ha.

      • Thank you.
        Norms, any idea who designed the evening gown of Ara that she will use in the prelims and probably on the final night?
        Im quite worried if SMA gave the privilege again to Sir Alfredo Barraza to create the gown for Ara. Its just not really working for our queens…
        I hope Sir Jonas Gaffud brought some evening gowns back up(created by well known, highly creative and talented filipino designers like Michael Cinco or Cherry Veric or Francis Libiran) just in case the EG that SMA gave to Ara is a total disaster… pwede naman nyang itago sa balikbayan box yun. Hehehe..
        I am praying hard fpr Ara.

    • @ veejay – I got ur point. But your best in NC award will not earn you a MU title. Ara is not there to compete for best in National Costume award! Baka ikaw ang naka-droga. Or baka hindi mo alam and it’s for you to know this time. Enough of so much negativity. Ang mga Tao kasi maka-react e wala naman bearing un. What’s important is that the national costume represents the country’s culture or tradition.

    • yeah right. i already expect that from cult members like you with “i am holier than thou” and ” i will be saved and you won’t be” attitude ๐Ÿ˜€

    • this will be my last comment for you san longhino, sorry I’m a Catholic, and Iet me tell you one thing respect other people especially their religion, God bless you! muah

  7. you’re not gonna believe it guys, but ara’s NC is one of the stand-outs due to it’s simple elegance, (accdng. to pinoy blogs in moscow that i painstakingly searched and read the whole aftie. lol ) though a bit ill-fitting i should say. si PR wagas ang palakpak ke phils., di nya kinaya ang hiyawan ng mga kababayan.

    • Can I take out one from the four and replace it with Australia and the 5th one is Venezuela.

    • seeMs Like Miss Spain is so fOnd of Ara…. she aLways caLL her “mi amor”………….paRang mas cLose pa siLa kesa kaY Miss Canada….

  8. Just look back where you from then you will find the place in your what Ms. Phil wearing…

  9. well mga bakla, kaya ganyan ang NC ni Ara is because nagtitipid ako, alam niyo na.. and tiis tiis na lang kayo malapit na akong ma tegi boom boom, 76 na me, ay matagal tagal pa.

  10. Go away and rest in peace…you filthy mouth doesn’t deserve any compassion! You are disgusting person! Mabuhay si Ara!

  11. Ara’s NatCos is also a stand out. Simple and elegant. Sya lang talaga ang kakaiba.

  12. At first I must admit that I was disappointed looking at the first photo uploaded by OPMB. However, when I have gone over all the photos and the video, I have to say that Ara carried it so well with elegance and poise. I canโ€™t avoid thinking that itโ€™s more of a strategy rather than competing all those gigantic natcos (I mean makipagsabayan) which we all know that with Filipino ingenuity and creativity we can also be at par. Had her team opted to dress Ara with these huge โ€œbling-blingsโ€ and fantastic costumes, her beauty, glamour and poise will not be showcased. After all, itโ€™s not to impress but how to express! Simplicity at its best, humility at its finest.. Go Ara for the Philippines.

    • I agree…It’s Ara who make d so-so NC beautiful…nawala ang BOOBS at lumaki ang TIYAN dahil lawlaw ang NC. May mahabang feather pa sa ulo na di naman kailangan…walang connection ang balahibo sa kanyang filipinianang suot.

  13. Tapos na ang NC let’s lay it to rest and move on there’s nothing else we can do but to stay positive, pray more and vote vote vote more.

    We get it SMA screwed it up again and totally that’s out of our control–instead of bashing we should continue to support Ara in quest for the crown. The next couple of days will be crucial for her and we cannot sprinkle anything negative in her mind. Let’s encourage her instead and remain calm and claim that the crown is ours. If it’s Ara’s destiny to be Miss Universe then she will be regardless of anything and I believe she will be!!

    Cheers for Ara and For the PHILIPPINES

  14. Sir Norman, is there a possibility that Cory Q. can get the license of MU bcoz i believe she can do best than Stella A.

      • Loved to see the four most beautiful girls in the competition. Are you sure that they will be featured in Emin’s music video? That must be somethin’, Markish. Would you be able to share any link as I am very eager to know more? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Mas ok sana ang NC ng Phils. Kung ang top eh mas body hugging at ang skirt eh inspired by Argentina NC. What do you think guys? Kabig un diba at may sense na ang feather sa ulo kahit dagdagan pa ng isang kilo pang balahibo… Ganda nun kung sakali…

  16. They are all sooo beautiful ! Even the contestants ! Its almost impossible to choose Top 5 for the crown ! I like Argentina + Vietnam’s costumes best from what I’ve seen !

  17. Russia’s NATCOS always reminds me of Lady Gaga ewan ko ba its weird. Thailand NATCOS is not as good as thoose NatCos of their past Delegate hindi maganda color combination at hindi maganda magproject ung isa. Hmm I love Miss USA NatCos very futuristics and I love the Optimus Prime vibes. argentina is the best. Miss PH NatCos is simple but lutang na lutang ang pagiging Filipina ni atengat nadala niya ito ng bongga. i Love the part when ARA doing the Fanning time very very na janine Tugonon peg Hehe ofcourse its very obvious one of the Barraza masterpiece again hay buhay.Dios mio stella araneta

  18. The USA national costume simply reflects a nation that cannot connect to a single distinct historical and cultural root. The act that it is the melting pot of diverse cultures, a nation of immigrants from all over the world, it cannot point to that one costume that represents everyone, or the majority. Why the country does not embrace the costume of the Native Americans as their traditional costume, nor the costume of the dominant culture, the Anglo-Saxons, is really puzzling. But what is really perplexing is that if USA cannot define its own national costume and cannot present to the world a modest traditional attire that reflects its cultural roots, why scrap that segment at all in Miss Universe contests? All other countries are just too proud to showcase their costumes for all the world to see. The Latin American contestants put so much effort in preparing elaborate costumes, let alone physically carrying them all along to contest sites, excess baggage weight notwithstanding.

  19. I have three favorites…i will, for a moment, just name two:

    KOREA — distinctively “KOREAN” ! You know at once that the costume is a representation of the Joseons — the people of “The Morning Calm”. The different colorful layers just unify in harmony the different traditions of the Chima, Dangui and Wonsam. The costume, itself, compliments very well the cheerful disposition of Ms. Korea and her sweetness. Both, the costume and the wearer, have become a stirring composition of poetry in motion…

    SWITZERLAND — Very sexy, modern and vibrant representation of the natural treasures of the Swiss. Very Alphine in character: very recognizable are the imposing features of MATTERHORN, the vastness of glaciers and ice-skiing dales and valleys and the pristine beauty of the JUNGFRAU. The swiss national costume is just sheer beauty in its natural purity…

  20. Puerto Rico’s under-the-sea-themed national costume made her look like Ursula version 2.0.

  21. Sana next time iba naman…pwede naman natin ipakita culture ng mga kapatid natin sa mindanao…with matching feathers ala sarimanok style swak sa tik ti laok! :-))

  22. My Top 3 Natcos: (One of them will be awarded Best Natcos award)


    For my eyes only ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. philippines- most boring, most unimaginative, most uncreative, most uninspiring, most hated nat cos! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • @sanlonghino: Ang daming ‘most’ pero negative lahat ! Lami kaayong ‘imosmos’ ‘ning bayota ni sa arinola !!! In english, the most pitiful gay in the world ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. The “Could you lend me some of your spare feathers if you’re not gonna use them anyway” national costume award goes to: Tiktilaok!

  25. USA transformer NC is spectacular! But I dont see any realation with american history!? The japanese is the creator of transformer!..

  26. Most difficult to pack costume: USA
    Most disconnected to any sort of reality costume: USA
    WTF were they thinking costume: USA
    How the hell am I gonna use the bathroom now costume: USA
    I really need serious help getting out of this effin costume!!! USA

  27. I was blown away by Miss Russia’s national costume. WOW!

    DEJA VU: Denmark’s little mermaid costume! AGAIN? I’m speechless.

    Biggest disappointment: THAILAND

    And could someone explain to me why Miss Gabon had in her hand what looked like to be an old hairbrush? Is there a Rapunzel component to her costume?

    Or why Miss Great Britain’s costume of the Virgin Queen had her skirt pulled way up to her crotch? Is she trying to pass a message to Mr. Trump?

    Or why Miss Indonesia and Miss Angola happened to be wearing South American inspired Carnaval costumes?

    And after looking at Miss Colombia’s costume, suddenly I felt better about Ara’s national costume, except for those feathers.

  28. OMG….I was wrong and you too, Mr. Norman…I’ve seen how Ariella Arida carried out our NC. She carried it out elegantly and gracefully. She was exceptionally beautiful. Just open your eyes and you will see what I mean. So much negative remarks and comments here. Look at your facebook under Gram Slam Beauty Pageant…and you will find out that we are both wrong! You will also find that a lot of our kababayan support her! Go Ara…prove to your bashers and haters that can do it!

  29. No doubt that USA’s natcos is very well thought of innovative ideas showcasing a transformer peg or motive. But, I honestly cannot relate it to any of their histories. It’s a kind of portraying as a chauvinistic technology wizard with a combination of hollywoodish hymn. Maybe my definition of National Costume is obsolete. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I loved the authentic national dresses worn by RUSSIA, VIETNAM, MYANMAR and KOREA. The costume worn by CHINA was creatively and intricately beautiful.

    But Russia’s national dress is the best, in my opinion. The luxurious fabrics, the intricate beadwork and the attention to detail!

    One of the worst one was Canada. A Canadian Mountie with excess cleavage. WHY? And yes Riza, we know you have breasts, but an authentic Canadian Mountie uniform would have been much better.

  31. Norman, i just can’t help it. My Top 3: Philippines, USA & Russia. I did not like Ara’s NatCos at first but as soon as she was in motion (and when she fan her dress/skirt) she was just stunningly beautiful. USA is my 2nd place, Transformer is Transformer! Very clever & playfully done (standout among those ‘uber-exag’ costumes). Then yes, Russia was mystifying.

    Again, for this round, ill go for Philippines, USA & Russia in that order.

  32. Russia – the reminiscence of past royalty. Very regal!
    Argentina – enchanting sexiness!
    Bolivia – most colourful!
    China – most elegant!
    USA – simply dynamic!

    In my humble opinion…

  33. My 15 favourites in random order:

    Trinidad & Tobago
    South Africa
    Costa Rica

  34. Megan’s homecoming red terno was a lot better than Ariella’s. Sana nababasa ni Madam Stella Araneta ang sama ng loob ng sambayanang Pilipino!

    • Ang ganda din ni Venezuela..
      Saan ka nakakita ng cowgirl na puno ng rhinestones ang buong katawan?..

      TRIVIA: When the Spaniards arrived in Cebu.. one thing Christianity have in common with our past native religion are the guardians of the Gods…

      The Sarimanok, Galloras and Garudas are in other words.. Angels.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. USA’s gown is wow as in bawawaw!
    Dapat talaga, Zuma inspired ang costume ng Pinas, tyak na headline at kabog!

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