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  1. Ara, lahat ng okasyon andun ka, baka naman sa birthday ko e mawala ka pa.
    Pag nanalo ka, pautang ha.
    Hindi na kita binubwisit teh,….hirap na hirap akong gawin yan, pero ginawa ko for the sake of art.

  2. Are they gonna have a chicken wings eating contest this year? Venus really grabbed the spotlight when she won it back in 2010.

  3. Naku! Nalaman ko.. ang bansa nitong dating mananakop ngayon ang isa sa pinakamurang realestate sa europa… sigurado naka abang na si mang donald… malaki ang chansa na sila nga ni ara ang nasa huling baitang upang makuha ang korona.. tsk tsk

    • Lucky for us.. Ara’s performance, our sash factor and socio-economic status has a bigger weight than the latinas… Mas takot ako ngayon sa mga taga Europa.

  4. Norman, comparing with Venus, Shamcey, Janine, si Ara ata pinakamaraming gig, tama ba? Sana may ala 2:1 interview din sa local Russian station si Ara and Ms Russia just like Janine & USA last year 🙂

  5. Without a doubt, AHA is Asia’s best and a solid frontrunner. Miss Poland and her are practically the only ONES being invited in this pageants major activities. I am expecting for Japan to be part of it for a reason that needs no explanation in the same manner that Russia is also invited in all the major events.

    At this point in the competition, we only need to enjoy and watch. AHA is doing her best and so far she hasn’t done a thing that would jeopardize our hope for the third crown. Critiquing be it good or bad should now be set aside. She went there prepared and all we have to do is appreciate and honour her accomplishments and continue sending positive vibes. As a nation we should support her unconditionally.


  6. Miss Spain has a Megan Young aura about her. Her candids are always beautiful and consistent. I have yet to see a bad shot of her.

    Ara, please be careful with some of your facial expressions dear. There’s a big difference between an “ugly pretty” face and a “pretty ugly face.”

    Just saying.

  7. What’s interesting is that neither USA nor VENEZUELA were invited. Or maybe they were intentionally excluded because including them would be too obvious a statement made by the organizers. So by excluding these 2 somewhat softens the signal to the other delegates who were likewise excluded.

    • I heard USA is not favored by the prelim judges based on her personality.. as for Venezuela.. Russia has little economic or diplomatic ties with their country and are only a minor competitor with the oil suppliers of europe

  8. Japan and the Philippines are the only 2 Asian delegates invited by Chef Nobu, one of the finals night judges, to grace this event! Well, that’s a positive sign! Other candidates would kill to be part of this gig!

    This is an opportunity she really can’t afford to squander coz she’ll get a chance to meet and mingle with one of the finals judges up-close. It’s also very possible that other finals night judges will be there in attendance. First impressions count!

    So please! No ruffles, ribbons, pleated fabrics or ill-fitting dresses!

    • I think the only reason Miss Japan is also invited is because Nobu is a Japanese Restaurant ^_^

  9. Good signs. MU is business. We are the target market of most competitions all over the world because of our rabid online passion towards anything. But the best thing with this year’s MU is– aside from our country’s/peoples’ “marketability”, we are blessed with a truly deserving representative. All the best Ara.

  10. Seems like the top 10 list is shaping up with our very own Ara making it therein. We love our rep. Things are going great for ara ! God bless and the best of luck 🙂

  11. It’s really odd that I haven’t seen candids of her and Riza, I wonder how they’re getting along?!?!

    I recall Janine and Shamcey having tons of pix with their roommates but not so much of Ara and Riza.

  12. Things are really looking up for Ara! I hope tuloy tuloy na ito and I wouldn’t mind the gorgeous Miss Spain joining her in the top 5 🙂 Being in the Global Beauties leaderboard is like being kissed by the Spider Woman so it’s a blessing in disguise that neither topped the list 😀

    • @ Angelo…ang nakakatawa pa may nag-like sa statement ni Jerwin…mukhang naintindihan nya, hahaha….sakit nga sa bangs!

  13. Himala, wala si poland a listahan. Umaariba na talaga si ara. Go lang ng go Ara!

  14. Nobu Japanese Restaurant is known for its ‘alta sociodad’ clientele such as celebrities, wealthy businessmen and politicians in 1st and 2nd world countries. As what Sir Norman indicated that Chef Nobu is one of the judges, now I’m having a premonition that one these girls will be crowned MU 2013. A ‘lil math would do actually. 😉 Eliminate all the names that don’t have have an ‘A’ ending to narrow down your choices…then..VOILA! Obvious as is ! Just warming up guys for the prediction game we have here…don’t take it seriously. 😉

    • May I add: Some of Nobu restaurants (I think there’s 3) have a michelin star status. One of the co-owners of Nobu is Robert De Niro 😉

  15. I think the “TIK-TI-LA-OK” is the wake-up call in the dawning of a new day for ARA that signals the breaking splendor of guiding lights and empowering energies of the sun that bless her day ahead. I think the “TIK-TI-LA-OK” is the inspired voice within her that is waiting to be heard in the right timing so as to endear the unbelievers and enchant the skeptics.

    Very well ARA…your “TIK-TI-LA-OK” is your inner yet gentle force that you have gracefully release d and let it snowball to generate more convincing power…With your initial “TIK-TI-LA-OK” i uttered my first Wow…with what I am seeing now I am saying my first OMG…let it snowball…and I hope there are more WOWs and OMGs to come! Congratulations to you! You deserve it!

    • Honestly? I like your shots with Ms Spain, ARA? The emotions as registered in those photos are very real: raw and heartfelt!

      • @ benji : Oh what a beauTiful psychopath I am…….. I dont have tiMe to read yoUr statemenT….whaT a wasTe of tiMe…………iF u thinK I am neuroTic, then what dO u think u are, anOrexiC, anemiC, tectoniC, aLcohoLic, meLaNchoLic whatever… aT LeaSt I have the guTs to shOw my face unLike u…………uR maKing cheaPshOts buT Ur hidinG from ur deRisiVe catchwOrds………..ur noThing but a sChmo- paThetiC- cheaP-dime stoRehOOd!!!

      • Saying “no” to what you don’t like and saying “yes” to what pleases you is not being bi-polar. Persons who have such honesty do not fool the world nor making fool of themselves. I pity those blinded by their fanaticism because they are situating themselves in a line that thinly divides the neurosis and psychosis. And I think Jamir, you are one of them!

      • When he’s bashing, you hate on him; when he’s supporting, you hate on him.

      • dO I Look Like one???…. I dont thiNk so…. mayBe u…. Look at uR pOsts, aLL oF them speaKs of haTred, sarcaSms, naYsays, goRe, and everyThing one caNt imaGine reaDing wiTh… then suDDenLy u becoMe “sweet”, whaTever u caLL it…do U tHink tHats hoNesty???…giMMe a breaK!!!…. (kwenTo mo sa PagOng)

      • @ Jamir…it’s a big YES…you more than look like one! You do sound like one! You do ACT like one. And if you are still in a state of denial, help yourself by availing the help of a psychiatrist. You need it…and you need it very badly…Do it quick…do it before it’s too late.
        DO you know the danger of you “situating yourself in the line that thinly divides the neurosis and psychosis”? In a snap of a finger, which sound you don’t like, you will be reacting with hysteria…you become a hysteric and you will be acting hysterically. And that is what is happening to you these days. I do understand if you keep on denying that…it is one of the signs: Denial! The big danger is if you cross the line and enter the world of psychosis (from your being a neurotic you become now a psychotic). Chech yourself…if you find yourself being irritated by the TRUTH being said by others that is different from what you are holding on, then you are surely treading that dangerous path into the realm of psychosis…it’s just a thin line, remember… and if you find yourself already hurting others by being an uncontrollable freak, know that you have become a psycho case and there is no turning back. You need to be in Mandaluyong kasama ni Mr. Hamburger Abalos.
        I don’t need to defend my apparent “sweetness” as you would say. Surely you won’t understand it. All I can say is, I bravely dare say that it’s a shit if it a “shit” and I do assess it as a pure gold when it is a 24 karat gold. Neurotics, like you, would cry if people tell them that the shit they are holding is dirty, for they firmly believe that it is gold….and they would laugh hard and heartily if people say that what they are cherishing on their hands is a precious gold when in truth it is a smelly shit. ANd people like you, blinded by fanaticism like your cohorts kapatiran here, do behave the same!

    • @Angelo…ikaw naman nagtampo ka kaagad…kahit nga sa mag-asawa not all the time they agree always. What is important is that we are just being truthful on what we feel and what we see and what we say…there will be many instances that we will see each other on the same side! Good luck to you!

  16. I’m happy for Ara enjoying the miss universe experience. It’s a once in a lifetime journey that includes glitz and glamor, worldwide attention and the most important at all carrying the sash of Miss Philippines!!! Mabuhay ang mga Filipino

  17. hi Sir, does this mean that Ara wont be able to participate in the Press Junket? Thank you 🙂

  18. Tito Norman kindly embed Miss Spain’s “Mi Amor” IG video with Ariella and Ariella’s “good morning” IG video with Spain, Ukraine, and Poland 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Don’t you think it’s kinda weird that she’s closer to the Europeans than the Asians… Maybe because they’re always included in special events.

  19. one of these ladies is a possible miss u winner- and that is miss spain! the other one will just be-as expected- a CLAPPER! 😀

  20. bkit hindi maxado nag kaka close si ariella at riza santos..kua norman pki sagot,,tnx

      • groups in what po? dba roomate cla..unlike last year kna janine..super close nman cla ni selena(miss indonesia)..madalang ko lang cla makita sa mga pix together

      • Ariella is always invited in sponsor events so she hangs out with the other ladies who need to be with her in the same, like Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc.

      • @vinny zuela groups in pageant activities. An example would be the first 15 countries belongs to group 1, the next 15 group 2 etc. Another would be countries A to D would be group 1, E to H would be group 2. etc etc etc. Gets mo bebang?

  21. Ang bilis mo, Sir Norman. 🙂 Pero bakit hindi ka pa nagawa nun para sa video shoot ni Ara with Emin. Kasama daw niya dun si Misses Spain and Ukraine (and some other girls pa). I’m so excited for the Preliminaries! :)))

  22. WOW!…nice gigs girl…you go Ara Arida!!!….and btw love the candids with Patricia Rodriguez! You two seem like the dynamic duo having lots of fun!! 🙂

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