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  1. At first I must admit that I was disappointed looking at the first photo uploaded by OPMB. However, when I have gone over all the photos and the video, I have to say that Ara carried it so well with elegance and poise. I can’t avoid thinking that it’s more of a STRATEGY rather than competing and devising a “go with the flow” gameplan with all those gigantic natcos (I mean makipagsabayan) which we all know that with Filipino ingenuity and creativity we can also be at par. Had her team opted to dress Ara with these huge “bling-blings” and fantastic costumes, her beauty, glamour and poise will not be showcased. After all, it’s not to impress but how to express! SIMPLICITY at its best, HUMILITY at its finest.. Go Ara for the Philippines.

  2. Not surprised at all… You can’t teach new tricks to couple of old dogs ( Barraza & Stella ), the regional costumes of Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna 2013 is way better…
    This is so depressing that SMA continue this unflattering wardrobes that our reps quietly wear because of their contract with bpci, I guess it will take 15 years old for each wardrobe and costume before SMA / bpci can finally decided to toss them out , SMA believes in recycling, Barraza creation,
    Poor Ariella, instead of easing the pressure, more and more pressure she has to hurdle contributed by all these hideous wardrobe/costumes she has wear.
    It’s really time that Filipinos should be handling the MUP…

  3. Let’s boycott binibining pilipinas next year–let’s not watch it and no one should buy tickets to watch live at araneta!!

    Let’s show BCPI and SMA that we are not happy how she is running this pageant!! Some bullshit sorry I cannot take it anymore

  4. Kaloka! The BPCI had 6 months to prep Ara’s national costume. The least they could have done is to hire a seamstress and make sure it was fitted correctly. I suppose they didn’t even have enough sense to do that??? JUICE KOH NAMAN!

    And Jonas let this happen to his alaga? Bakit naman po? I’m not blaming Jonas hah, pero he was in a position to make recommendations diba? So I am so perplexed!

    Ara worked extremely hard to prepare for MU, only to end up like this because she had no voice over her own wardrobe? Kahit veto power, hindi binigay kay Ara. She was made to sign a contract by SMA obligating her to wear everything she was told to wear. I really feel bad for Ara. But despite these setbacks, siya pa rin ang aking pinakamamahal na candidata!

    Be strong mahal, for the Philippines! Always keep your chin up and be proud. Know that many people love and support you, no matter what!

  5. If I were Ms SMA, I will extend my stay in Colombia a bit and enjoy savoring every morning on my beloved country’s finest export — and that is our world-famous Colombian Coffee. I will just laugh at those Filpinos who are crazy fanatics of Ms Philippines — they could not seem to agree among themselves on what is best for their candidate: different opinions, different choices, different alternatives — different cuts, different styles, different colors, different themes, different fabrics, etc. Anyhow, I stay with my principle, ” Ang unggoy, damitan mo man ng ginto ay unggoy pa rin”. So why spend so much on somebody not worth my money? As long as I hold the BBPCI franchise and earn a lot of money, I don’t care who the judges are sending to international pageants. I’ll make sure however that Ms Colombia will always outshine Ms Philippines in International competition. Punyetang Mutya yan, dinamitan ko na mga ng mga third-hand gowns nanalo pa rin. Iba nga siguro kung maganda at macharisma ang tao, damitan mo man ng basahan, di pa rin matitinag ang kagandahan…nagmumukhang mahalin pa ang basahan. Well, anyways, iba naman si Ms Phil-U…dapat lang na pang-matrona ang kanyang mga damit…tama na yongmga galling sa UK…(ukay-ukay) pinupuri pa rin naman ng mga fans at galit sila sa may pumupuna na mukha tong mga punda ng unan.

    • The top looks like it came from an older, somewhat bigger loose-fitting terno, and then attached to a newer pleated skirt. Two dresses sewn as one. It looks horrible.

      • Baka nangaling pa sa lumang terno ni Madame yung top na yan! And the pleated skirt from a Miss Colombia pageant gown. Ang obvious naman!

  6. We can’t blame BARRAZA for these NC but SMA alone! Lahat naman ng designer kc pinapa approve muna ang final design bago gawin ang obta. It’s all SMA’s fault. If Jonas knew about this then wala din syang kwenta. Sya ang bumuo kay ARA pero sya rin ang sisira… Nakaka inis na talaga…. Kahit ayoko ng umasa sa EG wala naman akong magawa kc gusto ko pa ring manalo c ARA at ang Pilipinas… There’s nothing wrong kay ARA she did her part so much kulang lng talaga ng suporta ung mga taong dapat sana makakatulong sa kanya… I’m a silent reader here sa blog ni NORMAN pero this tym can’t help it na talaga…. Very rare akong mag comment pero nakaka inis na!!!! Buset!!!

  7. Disappointed at all. Ok lng na di maganda ang NC pero sana naman fit sa mag susuot. Nakaka inis lng kc kahit ayaw mo ng panuorin o makita ang mga updates pero dahil Pilipino ka looking forward ka pa rin lagi sa mga updates kahit ang bigay bigay na ng loob mo sa mga nakikita mo. Sayang naman ang effort ni ARA at ng A&Q dahil sa mga pinasusuot kay Ara. Ako kc kahit wala ng makain I see to it na I look gud pa rin pero sa nangyayari kahit anong galing ng kandidato o anung ganda bake wala lng kc SMA was really no high hopes for another Filipina to wear MU crown. Prestige na lng talaga ang habol ni SMA for heading BPCI and not the road for the crown. Kawawa naman tau… 😦

  8. Stella and Barraza are probably giggling right now reading our comments on their iPads as they sip their chivas regal.. “ah, yes”, they say to each other, “we really pissed those Filipinos off this time! and wait till they get a load of the evening gown, haha ha haha… !!!! let’s make a toast, muwah! muwah!” as she ordered three more croc birkins online… “and it’s a good thing I’ve cut back on those effin gowns, coz now I can buy more of these kewl crocs!” she muttered under her breath….


    • Your fictional story is probably closer to the truth than anyone of us realize, and that’s scary.

      SMA doesn’t feel she’s accountable to anyone, obviously, and she’ll continue to do whatever the hell she wants, because unfortunately, SHE CAN! It’s awful, I know, but it’s the truth. Unless someone else takes over the franchise, Stella will continue to run things this way. PERIOD.

  9. Jonas should at least coached her just like with Janine to open the full long skirt like a fan.

    • … and then strike that cobra pose like Janine? NO. It’s bad enough that everyone noticed the similarity of Ara’s pleated skirt with what Janine wore last year.

      There was just no way to make that ill-fitting national costume look better except to get off the stage as quickly as possible and hope no one remembers how awful it really looked!

      And those feathers? WTF! I suppose Barraza had to throw those in to make the costume more “exotic”? Bad!

      SMA needs to be held accountable for this crap. Let’s have her tried for TREASON!

  10. Hari nawa’y makapasok si AHA sa semifinals…….iyon na lang ang tanging pag-asa ko…..haysss! walang kwenta ang palabas! Maluwang ang kasuotan kitang hindi naisukat bago tahiin. Ano ba yan? nakakadismaya! Sana lang hindi mapuna ng ibang lahi na hindi ito akma para sabihing “National Costume”. Pakiramdam ko hindi Filipino ang modista nito at ngaun lang din naisuot ni AHA ang Filipianiana creation. Mukhang nirenta lang ang gown. Yang ang disadvantage ng pa-surprise surprise pa. pero kung nakita ito ng mga pilipino, maaaring mas napaganda pa sana. Kahit sabihin natin na walang puntos ito para sa prelims, pero malaki ang impact nito sa kabuuang karera ng patimpalak. Ano ang sasabihin, pumasok sa semis pero ang pangint ng Nat Cos? Kahiya di ba! Hay naku, muli, harinawa’y makapasok nga sa semis si AHA. Kung hindi kasama tayong papalakpak kasama niya. 😦

  11. Miss USA nc is Optimus CRIME for crying outloud. LOL !
    not bad for Philippines it really is a national costume.

    • USA trick or treat NC, ara NC is just fine not spectacular but ok.. I think she carry well her dress, I like the upper part but the lower!?

  12. Yung mga ganito sana, filipiniana with a kick…

    Suskopo..nagpakapuyat pa ko abangan ang gown ni Bazurra..only to sleep disappointed.

    Buti na lang maganda at winner pa din ang composure ni Ara..

  13. Tito Norman, looking at Ara’s national costume it feels that it was made by Barazza and I won’t be surprised if Ariella’s EG is made by the same designer. No Michael Cinco 😦 Go Ariella – I know you can carry the gown with elegance.

    • Kay Ms USA pa talaga ikinumpara…di ba pwede sa mga kandidata na kahit nasa 10th-15th ranking man lang? Syempre aangat ng kaunti si ARA, Ms USA being in the rank of 45th-50th.

    (Credit to the owner)

    BPCI as headed by Madame Stella Araneta can’t get it, although we know that Nat-Cos competition does not have any bearing in the final outcome of the contest, but her group are missing the whole point. A national costume is a form of national pride, it symbolizes the country’s rich history, cultural background, its colorful past and its aspirations. More than anything else it symbolizes our ingenuity and creativity as people. Our candidate wears US the people, fanatic we maybe but we are the lifeblood of this craze, of this beauty pageant. And if BPCI continues to ignore our clamor for change and improvement (be it the clothes our candidate wears or even the quality of candidate) we will again be back in history as just another country in the beauty pageant world. Good thing our ladies can get away with it, year and year out but it does not mean that BPCI are doing the right thing, its just that our girls know how to carry themselves showing what a real Filipino can be, and that is the ability to make the most out of every situation. I call for an online advocacy to once in for all end BPCI’s subtle insult to our Filipino designers and to us as people.

    • I hope there’s on online petition so we could demand for young, edgy filipino designers to do their thing for our kandidatas and ditch that old-fashioned Colombian!

    • Let’s create one! If we could overthrow presidents with our People Power, why couldn’t we ditch a fasion designer?

  15. This gown issue’s really pissing me off now! Last year with Janine, I held my composure pero nakakangitngit na talaga!
    Grrr..so disappointed!

    Hello saang kweba ba nagtatago yang si Barazza at SMA at 2 decades ago pa ang akala nilang maganda pa din sa ngayon!

    • Ok na nga sanang it’s plain and boring, sige na nga, safe na nga lang..Pero naman, the fitting! Have you seen it guys? HOrrendous! Que-luwang sa kanya!

      • The measurement was based on Ara’s statistics before she got that thin. Others may not be able to accept it…but the loose fitting makes Ara looks “losyang”…no trace of cleavage…napunta sa noo ang bukol na inaasahan sa tamang lugar. Tama na ang sisihan kung ang Costume ba ang mukhang boring…for if it worn by Megan, she would appear fabulous in that attire. Ever since the start of the Pageant, alam natin base na rin sa mga larawan kung sino talaga ang BORING kung tingnan…at ang alam ko nasa pagdala yan ng nagsusuot!

  16. expect the unexpected .. VOILA!!
    next stop EG competition … abeedee abeedee abeedeee

  17. So Madame Stella kept the national costume a big hush-hush so she can surprise us all with THIS?! And now I’m afraid to see what’s behind curtain #2 !!!

    But why are we even surprised. Stella always pulls this kind of crap every year and then laughs behind our backs.

    Barazza gives our candidates scraps from the table while Miss Colombia gets his undivided attention.

    If a Filipino held the MUP franchise, this sh*t would never happen. NEVER.

  18. Plated skirt + “maluwang” top + 0h feathers = narcos 😦 thanks to ARA’s smile.

  19. Tito Norms Ito ba yung panggulat na sinasabi nyo? Talaga namang ginulat kami sa National Costume Nya. Naligwak ang kandidata natin! Sabotahe na naman ni Madamme Stella! Anu ba yan?! Makapag Stella Rossi na nga! Kaloka

  20. I am very upset!! I don’t get it–why do we dress our candidates like crap?! I believe in ara and always will–she needs to work extra hard.

    The outfits are so chakahhhh SMA is really pathetic. Enough said and I rest my case!

  21. EVERYONE! Please stop bashing Ara’s national costume! So what if a Colombian designer created it? Yes, it’s not spectacular but it’s better than some of the other candidates’ costumes. I see the glass as half-full!


    • With the pleated skirt that resembles Janine–no doubt it’s barazza!! Kaka bad trip and nakakawalang gana!!

      What’s SMA thinking for real!?

    • Looks like Ara’s national costume’s skirt is a gold version of Janine’s aquamarine pleated gown from last year. Barraza just added a Filipiniana top with the butterfly sleeves.


      • There was a big warehouse sale on those pleated fabrics all in different colors last year. SMA just couldn’t resist. Expect to see more pleated skirts till 2017.

  23. sayang, ang ganda p nman ni ara, kaso hindi ganun kaganda ung natcos niya..not expecting too much on her evening gown..bsta ill vote na lang..watever happens is God’s will and Ara’s determination..

  24. Just learned that ara bagged the Miss U 2013 Ice Princess glam shoot title !!! Yes !!! Congrats sis !!! I can already smell SUCCESS this early ! GO GO SIS ARA 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • A snapshot of Ara’s long awaited national costume:

      No wonder Stella had to keep this a big secret. Can’t wait to see Ara’s evening gown.

  25. I gOt these LinkS from FB, stiLL waiTing for tHe shOw to staRt…..buT some say there wiLL be nO Live stReam…..am conFused……………….iLL waiT untiL 2am………..

  26. saw another rumored yellow gown this time with a trademark barazza ribbon distractingly tied around the waist praying to god this is not the gown ara will be competing in!

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