36 comments on “Janine Tugonon, Web Correspondent of Miss Universe 2013

  1. Uber gorgeous!!!! Love it!!!!

    Ang ganda ng gown and pics.. sana ganito din ang peg ng BPCI!!!

  2. Aurang aurang ms.universe si janine kulang na lang korona! Ganda ng gown pede bang hiramin ni ara!

  3. Omg!!! Those last 2 collage of pictures reflects the epitome of filipina beauty. A chameleon indeed. A beauty of an ifugao, bisaya, and our muslim brothers. A LuzViMin beauty. Thank you fadil, thank you sheri 🙂

  4. Since my Miss Universe Janine Tugonon will be the web correspondent for this year’s event, she’ll probably be asked to assist also during the coronation night. My gut-feel says she will be assigned to put the sash to the new Miss Universe. 😉

  5. the real miss universe 2012 winner! 1st ru australia; 2nd ru brazil; 3rd ru usa; 4th ru venezuela. 😀

    • @sanlonganisa,
      Vakla ka, mag-move on ka na, 2012 pa yun at patapos na ang 2013.
      Kung si Sheryl Cruz nga e nakapag-move on na sa break nila ni Romnick eh.
      Move on na teh, there’s no harm in trying.

  6. hi Sir Norms, i thought Janine has arrived in Moscow days ago? what was that picture of Janine and Ara together tagged as ‘Janine Tugonon in the house?’ 🙂 #confused

  7. Lately, hindi ko ma-gets ang mga articles ni Ninang Norma.
    Kanina, tungkol sa 15 killers na hindi mga inaresto.
    Ngayon naman e magiging abala raw si JT sa sapot, anong meron sa sapot, hindi maarok ng yutak ko kung ano ang meron sa sapot.
    Sapot nga ba or naging jowa nitong si JT si Mang Freddie Web.
    Kalorka Mercado!
    Kayo ba, na-Janine Tugonon na ba kayo?

  8. WOW..WOW..WOW…OMG! Oozing with appeal! Fierce. DT will have a second thought why she chose Olivia over her!

    • I am caught bedazzled by her broad shoulders and svelte midriff…It is just bewitching!
      I hope I can say the same with ARA come Prelims days…

      • Yes, I’m hoping for the best from and for Ara. But I’m certain she will not be a loser because she’s a good girl.

  9. Had she wear a better gown who knows she might be our 3rd Miss U, dagdag points din yun., anyway she’s getting more and more beautiful.

  10. Beautiful gown.. Question, will ara arida wears filipino designed gown in the finals? Or the traditional columbian design c/o madame araneta?

    • THe PURE Rumor says; SMA did not like Barazza’s design for Ariella so the designer maybe a Filipino or from another country. Again this is a RUMOR.

  11. I really miss Janine and her lovely voice.
    Her beautiful daughter Janella Salvador is the proof that her genes are of royal higness.
    Janine Desiderio for the Win!

    • hahahaha. funny basil. you have a great sense of humor. really. sometimes I like you so much. but most of the time I don’t.

      • @joyful…ingat ka sa mga ganung may pag-ka ambivalent na statement at tatawagin kang bi-polar nila sheena, closer2fame at yong iba pang feeling righteous dito, hehehe

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