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  1. I have yet to see a bad picture of Poland. She and Spain are the goddesses of this year’s EU batch. I can smell that she already has a secured slot for the top15. But let’s see how she fares with her performance 😉 Dyan magkakaalaman! Getting excited for the prelims and finals already! 🙂

  2. Honestly and Im sure Ill get the flak for this, I dont harbor any thought that Ara will win the crown, least I be disappointed It is very clear thaty theyre (meaning MUO and local organizers) are grooming Poland to be the next Miss Universe. You can smell and see it literally. She’s all over every Miss Univers sponsored events. MUO will pay homage to Eastern Europe this time and crown one from this region in Russia. A possible shoo in for the crown will be another European beauty, Spain, with Venezuela and local beauty Russia and a come from behind ‘surprise’ delegate comprising the Top 5. Ara’s more realistic goal should be Top 15. That’s a plausible placement for her specially if Pinoys turn out in droves to catapult her via the online voting process. She need to do an exceptionally greater than great performance during the preliminaries and the crucial one on one sit down closed door interview with the judges. If she gets in and deliver and get to Top 15 (either thru her own merits or as top vote garner in online voting) the first round, which is the simsuit competition, she’ll easily get to the next round. But how she will fare in the evening gown competition depends on her choice (or BPCI’s) choice of evening gown and how she will give justice wearing the gown. I know this vies is debatable for most but things go both ways, the gown should complement the one wearing it in the same way that the one wearing it should complement the gown. A balance of some sorts. If by some Divine intervention, Ara nails evening gown and really shines, then she can be the come from behind delegate that I see ending up in Top 5. Ara needs to play her cards and show her aces from this time onward. No more hesitations as and if I may say she must be agressive and yes assertive to the limits and maybe beyond in these last few days to at least create a bigger spark.

    As our former Miss Universe winners Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran have said, if its your fate and luck to win then that wont be denied you. If its really Ara’s fate to win or place then it will happen. Everything in this world goes accourding to God’s plan. In the meantime let’s all chill ,cross our fingers, wish and pray that Ara will be in her best elemtns come judging showtime.

    • @ Ching E – I also think that Misses Poland, Spain and Venezuela are likely to be in the final 5 and I also believe that Ara can make it if she’s meant to be. She’s motivated and worked hard, and gone out of her comfort zone to have a fighting chance in this competition. I think that is enough, the rest is in the hands of the powers that be!

  3. @ Alexandra

    Hay naku, wag mo na itanong..

    Sige, I trust Jonas.. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing… Sana lang please hindi ma sabotaje or else ako mismo gagawa nun.. I’m sure pag mawala lahat ng gown nya e andaming magbibigay ng mas maganda.. isa na ako sa mag cocontribute. bigyan lang ako ng signal ng A&Q.. ako mismo pupulbos sa Bazurra na yan.

    @ Anti Epal

    Wag mo na pansinin.. Kakarmahin din yan..

    • @Closer2Fame Wala naman siguro mangsasabotahe kay Ara. Ingatan lang ang gown baka biglang mawala sa backstage after the prelims kung may magtatangka.

      Look, tito Norman posted this RUMOR gowns of Ariella which means that Ara’s gown could be one of them or a modified version that fits Ariella best. Sana lang huwag matabunan ng gown ang ganda ni Ara – gold pa naman ang kulay.

  4. Hoy Benji! Puro nalang post mo ang nakikita ko! Magpopost ka na ngalang ng walang kwenta paulit-ulit pa! Buti kung maganda pinagsasabi mo e hindi naman! Wala ka bang magawa at puro ito lang pinag aatupag mo?! Pahipahinga rin sa kaepalan pag me time!

    • Nasa sementeryo kasi si maam at sir…ako lang ang naiwan sa mansyon…walang magawa, tapos ko na ligpitin ang mga kalat ni junior…puro balitang sementeryo ang sa tv kaya dito na lang ako, nang-iinis sa mga naiinis.

  5. Lately, I’m not very enthusiastic about Ara, most of her pictures coming out from Russia are boring, not sweet enough, not moderately fierce and simply lack the vitality and glamour. Para siyang either tuwid na kawayan o kuba, she smiles with lips closed, why can’t she smile showing her teeth? I thought they are perfect? She is very beautiful when she grins. Yung posing nya para siyang laging nahihiya. Can she do a pose like Venus or Janine? Yung nka pamewang hindi parang tuod!!! She gotta use her eyes to convey ‘I am the Queen’ she’s got big expressive eyes use them to her advantage. I admit madaming magagagnda and they came prepared. These girls are not playing it safe na pa demure like what I think Ara is doing. Yan ba turo sa kanya ni Jonas na di na uso fierce? Look at Poland how she uses that to her advantage, she’s getting noticed. The pic of Janine posted by Fadil recently was simply awesome! I was blown away! Why can’t Ara be like that? Stop the ‘sweet’ kuno effect. Di kase bagay sa facial structure ni Ara unlike Mutya of Supra binagayan. Pls Kuya Norms pakisabi sa handler nya if you have access. Enough na matamlay at tuyot na Ara SHE NEEDS TO SMILE A LOT AND STRIKE A POSE!! So there.

    • Na-tumbok mo Ryan! Akala ko mag-isa lang akong nakakahalata. Ingat ka lang sa mga fanatics at di nila matatanggap ang mga observations mo. Gusto pa nga ng mga fanatics na yan na medyo pa-late effect pa ang dating ni Ara sa Moscow para mamangha daw yong mga nauna at sya ang maging sentro ng usap-usapan. Mas ok daw yong siya ang pinaka-huli para “glamour entrance” ang effect. Pero, anyare? Na-low-bat ang Lola mo at natagalan bago naka-adjust habang umarangkada na ang mga kasamahan nya. Maradi din namang pagkataon na ibinigay sa kanya para mas mapansin…pero, ayon, nilamon sya ng mga kasabayan. Di pa naman daw huli ang lahat kasi hinihintay lang ang Prelims. Pero, yon mga fanatics, unti-unting nagrereklamo, may politika daw, wala daw asiano sa prelim judges, may mga favorit daw si DT…kinokondisyon na nila na pag liwak si ARA may masisisi sila…hhhmmm…

  6. Obviously the Behind-the-Scene was taken on Fadil Berisha’s first day of shooting so never expect the Glam Queen to be there. Besides, the BEST is always saved for the last. AHA doesn’t need highfalutin adjectives to be described because her supporters don’t have to convince others to believe in her. Only one noun would define AHA’s overall personality and presence… WINNER!


  7. Let’s wait na lang for the prelims, but for now si Poland nakikita kong mahigpit na katunggali ni Ara, she’s everywhere.

  8. Sige na nga, ire-rate ko na rin si Ms. Philippines…well,…ahh…umm..eh…he-he-he…uy, ano ba yan…well, maganda sya…may mukha din naman (sino nga bang candidate na walang mukha?)…marami din syang tagahanga dito…mga 25 yata…sige nga yong mga taga-hanga mag-“like” nga kayo o mag-thumb-up para malaman kung ilan nga kayo! Sa totoo lang di naman siya pahuhuli…sabi nga ni Bb. Shamcey, “fighter” daw sya…ano ba yon sa tagalog? Palaaway?…dapat lang buhay sya lagi sa mga activities…dapat isipin nya lagi yong cafe ni Coco Martin…pampagising at para palaging yummy. Isang tasang cafe na lang ang kulang, pasok na si Ms Philippines…

  9. “Behind the scenes”?
    Grabe na to, masyado ng nae-exploit ang mga kandidata.
    Hindi na sila nakuntento sa mga skimpy bikinis at eto at pinakita pa ang behinds ng mga delegates.
    Paging Women’s Rights Advocates.
    Ang daming “S’, na-miss ko tuloy si Coco Martin.

  10. Let’s face it, since her arrival in Moscow, Paulina has been a stand-out! She is hugged by the spotlight all the time. It is because she can deliver. She is zesty – perky, animated, effervescent – in many of the activities. She is poised if needed be. She is elegant if the shot called for it. She appears to be sporty yet still very feminine as demanded by the situation. The only set-back is how she acted “ludicrously” in her DARE challenge which, unfortunately, showed her obnoxious side. But other than that, she deserves to be the next Miss Universe if she maintains her lead. No politics here. It is a matter of recognizing who towers tall in terms of pulchritude, demeanor, bearing, class, oomph, character. It’s a matter of who captivates the people around and draws the most of OMG’s and WOWs!

    • Vakla ka!
      Paki-explain tong mga tinuran mo, wala akong naintindihan.
      Dinidugo ako ngayon, mananagot kang vakla ka pag walang nahanap na ka-blood type ko.

      • Simply lang yan Bakla…si Paulina lang ang nakikitang una sa linya kung oras na ng kainan…si paulina lang ang laging tumatawa kung nag-jojoke si wally…si paulina lang ang kumikilos kung hugasan na ng pinggan…si paulina lang ang may ganang mag-brush ng teeth bago matulog…ung iba, low-bat, hinihimatay, walang-kabuhay-buhay!

      • Ahhhhhhhh……….Pauleen Luna.

        Dami pang sinabi ni Vakla, si Poleng lang pala.
        Oo, sila pa ni Bossing.
        Pa-impress ka the.
        Pag nakita mo si Facundo ko, matatameme ka.
        Lalo na pag nilatayan nya yang mukha mo, gamit ang pototoy nya.

        Love u teh, naglalambing lang!

      • I really don’t see why there’s so much fuss about Miss Poland. I find her beauty average compared to some of the girls I’ve seen. I prefer Ukraine or Puerto Rico over Poland. She just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  11. pinanuOd ko pa wala nman pla si Ara….napansin ko si Puerto Rico parang pnaghaLong AngeLina JoLie at JLo…si Ukraine nman hndi pang beaUty Queen ung mukha, pang SuperModeL Lng..

  12. By geez! How often did the video show Miss Poland?
    It goes to show much she’s become as THE favourite candidate.
    Even though our Ara seems to be a favourite also, will she be able outshine Paulina when it comes down to the two of them for the crown?
    The problem is, even if Ara delivered the best answer and did the best final look, would they give it to the Philippines considering all the politics that runs deeply in Miss Universe?

    As much as i like to be optimistic, we all know what happened the last 2 years!!

    I, we, could only hope…

    • @Emman For now I can see Ara in the Top 5, but looking at the whole picture it seems that the MUO is favoring the European candidates over Asian (Philippines) and Latin candidates.

      It’s TOO obvious that they want a European winner this year and to do that top 5 may look like this; 3 Europeans + 1 Latin + 1 Asian. However, the preliminary judging will be an eye-opener.

      Europeans are not that good when it comes to performance but who knows what surprise they can bring. But Last year was a clear example that if the judges want someone to win, she will win and it does not matter if the other candidates are better. They can do it all over again.

      For Ariella to win she needs to become the ultimate favorite and during the Q and A, the other contestants in the TOp 5 have to give a bad answer and only Ara will give a great answer (Assuming that they do want a European to win).

      I still believe Ariella can win.

      • True.. all we could do now is vote for her to death, clamor for Ara’s name through social media and pray that her gown would look decent enough to werk with..

      • @Closer2Fame Wait, who’s unliking our comments?? Anyways, let’s relax about her gown. Sir Jonas seems to in peace and confident about it. He himself stated that: “Ara will deliver”. So, maybe the gown suits Ariella well.

        OH I cannot wait to see Ariella in it!!!! COME NOVEMBER 5!!

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