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  1. I think ara did really well in this interview her truth maybe a wee bit serious but atleast she’s saying that as a child you dont think of any problems, very honest while the dare is memorable because of a “tiktilok” sound she imitates. I think its very Filipino way of making a rooster sound which is unique… Yes Ms Malaysia would be good but the “stupid” word she uses makes her really stupid! She could have said without looking silly cuz some of my straight male friends saw her clip when i showed them my top 3 Miss Universe Truth and Dare clips and they all said, “well you look pretty stupid to me saying that word so many times” hahahah i thought that was funny… its really a turn off to use the word…

  2. I’ve watched several videos practically of the ones in my Top 15 list and excluding my Miss Universe, My pick would definitely be Miss Great Britain for being so natural followed by Misses Malaysia and Tanzania.

  3. I hope malaysia did not say the word stupid twice. Kinda turn off for me. But she dis great!

  4. It would not surprise me if Tanzania grabbed a top 10 spot. The more I see of her, the more I like her.

  5. The picture of Ara next to Paula Shugart blew me away–there’s no denying here that her beauty is universal!!

    Honestly mga sis I take this pic as a good sign especially to have this shot taken next to the director of miss universe organization. Let’s continue to cheer, pray and remain positive!! Ara for the win!

      • And she also has another shot with the reigning miss universe olivia culpo–they seem to be together quite a lot! This is a blessing indeed and a great sign

        USA passing the crown to PHILIPPINES sort of a repeat of last year–giving the crown which was actually meant to be ours 🙂

      • No clue how to post pics on here but the images of ara with Paula and another one with olivia culpo is on missosology

  6. I liked:

    Poland- so funny and confident!
    Venezuela- very candid and adorable and still exudes that womanly aura
    Australia- very very charming and she knows she’s sexy
    Philippines- yes I liked hers, she’s candid and sincere.
    Not the most articulate but i like how she never holds back. Despite the immense pressures on her, that confidence is sexy
    Tanzania- liked her attitude, very real, genuine, and her voice is sexy

  7. Mas okay sana kung ang tanong sa Truth e ” Are you still a virgin?”
    Tapos ang Dare e “lulunok ng mapaklang likido habang nakangiti with mouth widely often este open”.

    Maiba lang!

    I’m sure pag tinanong lahat ng Euro candidates ng Are you still a virgin, e hahaba lahat ng ilong nila.

    at pag ginawa naman nila yung Dare e Perfect 10 ang score.

    Honesto Suarez, 69, Katapatan Street, Bukidnon!

  8. The Truth-and-Dares I did like” ! I set 5 criteria for to determine who come close to impressing me most — these are the following: 1 & 2) CONFIDENCE & BEAUTY (very fundamental in/for the overall theme of the contest; 3) GENUINENESS/SPONTENEITY (for the Truth Challenge); 4) BOLDNESS (for the Daring Challenge); 5 Element of FUN/ENTERTAINMENT (as opposed those boring % so-so performance).
    The following are my favorites:
    1. NICARAGUA – she got high marks in all the criteria;
    2. USA – impressive in her spontaneity and boldness (she was not afraid to “deglamorize” herself jet to give justice to her tasks.
    3. SWITZERLAND – classy, elegant, sincere and did not resort to “pa-cutesy” antics to draw attention to herself.
    4. VENEZUELA – She did know how to use well her hands, smiles, and all proper gestures to come clean and very likable.
    5. MALAYSIA – I like her voice …but she really presented herself gracefully despite the difficult tasks.

    • I am sad to rate the following as BIG DISAPPOINTMENT:
      1. Poland — this activity will truly hurt her supremacy…big…as in BIG disappointment.
      2. Puerto Rico — mediocere performance
      3. Spain — “so-so”

  9. I loved Maria Isler’s video. It felt like she’s someone whom I will try to be friend with and this shows that she looks so much better in video or in real-life. She and Ariella may not be the most favored contestants to be Miss Universe but either of them can snatch the crown.

    • I’m surprised, her English is not bad for a Latina..
      She has 2nd most number of likes after us..

      • Yes, surprisingly. But it will surprise me more if she will use an interpreter come finals night.

      • Gabriela previously said that she will use an interpreter because she doesn’t want what happened last year with Irene to happen to her

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