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  1. The concept of having the candidates pose with their flags is simply admirable! I salute the one who suggested the idea.
    First, let us take into consideration some basic assumptions:
    * The candidate is representing a country
    * The Flag is an internationally recognizable representation of a country and its people (see how flags are hoisted-up, flapping-proud and dominating the grounds of both the UN headquarters in New York and Geneva — representations of UN member countries)
    * In MU Pageant, the Flag is giving a distinguishing and distinct face — that is recognizable internationally — to a country that the candidate is representing.
    * By having the candidate to pose with her Flag is to see how the candidate interprets her relationship with the people of her country as shown on how she inter-acts with the flag by her pose and how she carries it or how she is being “carried” by it.
    NOW, my take:
    PHILIPPINES: It is known by educated Filipinos that optimum respect should be accorded to the Flag by its citizens…hence, it was wise for ARA not to just hoist it or carry it or wrap it around her. It was safe that she displays it for her background appearing as a “big” support for her with its beautiful blend of representing colors of “peace and courage” (blue and red). ARA’s pose of leaning towards it with her hands extending dynamically on both colors is an amazing projection of how she feels she is “peaceful and courageous” by the huge support of her country and “kababayans”. A second look at the picture would tell how the Flag is shot like a hammock (Duyan), where ARA is comfortably lying down, as if telling the whole world that she is resting “CONFIDENTLY and BEUTIFULLY” on the hands of the people (her kababayan) that are carrying her in her quest to claim the crown for their honor.
    THAILAND: Her bounching (almost flying hair) makes her a stand-out (in terms of projection) among the rest. She too stands proud for the multi-layered support of her country.
    JAPAN: WOW…the inter-action between her and the Flag is an “art”…In a single frame, a very clean juxtaposition of the colors “Red, Black and White” speaks of pride, harmony (Yin & Yang colors), and pristine beauty. The round shape of red is asserting its presence in the pageant telling, “our country is the one to be reckoned with”. I like how the candidate is holding one end of the Flag high and how the other end she wraps comfortably (and freely) half-way her…that really speaks a lot!
    KOREA: She is charming in telling us that she stands happily in the middle of the vibrant pulses of invigorating energies her country is extending to the world. She is just having the best of fun!

  2. chalita did superb timing here!the facial expression & pose is perfection!the photo tells a story of pride and confidense! While ara did good as well the way I see it her photo interprets passion and love for the country lumabas yung pagka ‘iskolar ng bayan’ sa pose na yan. Lastly, Ive been seeing whulan’s pose and face as predictable and tired. There’s a clear difference between being fierce and being tired. Japan & Venezuela are awesome as well.

    • And there’s also a thin line between a beauty queen and a fashion model. Something that Whulan should also know. I’m also getting tired of seeing the same facial expression from her :\

      • True.. ako din.. and nakita ko sa video .. hindi naman pala sya kagandahan.. joke!
        Sige malaki ang investment ni mang Donald sa bansa nila pero she’s no threat..
        Oo medyo bias ako pero.. it just proves na even if politics is a factor .. the weight of the judging depends on the beauty, performance and personality of the candidate…

        I smell platinum, white gold and diamonds.. Mwuahahaha!!! 😀

      • Umay na umay na ako sa pareparehong fierce fierce-an na look nya to be honest, yung ice princess shoot palang nya ang nakita ko na kahit papano eh medyo iba ng konti, pero the rest aynaku parang copy paste lang ang peg! 😛

      • @Sheena

        Tomohhh… happy narin ako.. at least friends na natin ulli ang mga kapitbahay..

  3. In this one, I have to give it to:


    Their poses show pride, identity and strength. Love it! esp Vietnam’s!
    Ara’s good too but there’s just a slight hint of awkwardness there.

  4. Hmm til now sikreto pa rin kung anu talaga susuotin ni Ara sa nat’l costume at gown, baka naman may pasavog or bonggels talaga? Tyak na giyera na naman pag ndi ganun nangyari.


      • Saktong 40years na pala tayong walang Miss U crown.Who knows, destiny will give us 5 major beauty titles in a year as Bea & Angelee have highest level of determinations and it showed on their performances.

      • @Neil
        I certainly like your optimism and if everyone is just like you, I have no doubt that at least one Miss Philippines will take home a grand slam crown each year — the power of positive thinking!


        RE the flag thingy, yikes!!!

        I will never want a beauty queen to carry her own flag. Maybe miniatures but not the real thing.

  6. I have yet to see Ara with her hair pushed back. So we can see her gorgeous facial features. Her face here seems too dark because probably of her hair almost covering her face. I loooooove the dress though!

    • I agreed, Angela. I would like to see her with different look. Pulling her hair up or back in a pony tail will give her a different look or even her hair off to one shoulder. She starting to look the same in all photographs.

      • I would like to see her in a ponytail too. But Ara’s always trying to hide her ears, that’s why. She thinks her ears are too big, she admitted in an interview once.

  7. Parati bang nac cr si Indonesia? O nalibug@n? Nasawa na ako. Sorry.
    O naghahamon ng away?

    • She wants to show fierceness 😉 But the way she posed with her flag is a bit risky. if Ara did that I’m sure a plethora of congressmen and politicians will make comments and probably ask the MUO to remove the pic from social media hahaha Would have made ARA even more FAMOUS HAHA 😉 🙂

      Ara did great though – I like the way she touches the blue and the red as if implying that there should be a balance between the two.

      • Ara always posses elegance in every photo shoot it sows how glamorous and she knows how to show the messages by her body languages keep it up for me it’s the best photo almost the same rate or intensity as her glam shot…….excellent!!!!

  8. Good thing Ara didn’t use the flag like a shawl or something, or else she would have received some tongue lashing from the whatever gov’t agency it is whose function is to keep the integrity of the national symbols.

    • Well at least there’s a govt. agency in-charge of cultural and national appropriation in the Philippines.

      You come to Canada/USA, you have a bunch of White people wearing sacred Native American headdresses and outfits like they’re party outfits, its degrading to the Native Americans.

  9. In fairness, Best in Country Flag pose award si Miss Thailand for me. Next is Korea

  10. Ang tiyaga din ng Thai fans magpost ng pics ni Chalita all over Instagram. kaloka!

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