144 comments on “Ariella Arida: Truth and Dare for Miss Universe 2013

  1. Ara was so genuine! And I clearly understood her message. Why do people want her to sound like she’s an American…SHE IS A PINAY WHO GREW UP IN LAGUNA. Hindi naman ito oratorical contest. Beauty pageant po ito. Her diction may be different from that of a call center agent but she is very comfortable now in speaking English.

  2. Wow.. as of now:

    1. Philippines 138K views.
    2. Venezuela 46K Views
    3. Vietnam 46K views…

    Partida, someone sabotaged us at Youtube
    by preventing common keywords to search her video. LOL
    People let’s all share her video on Facebook.
    Ara needs our help! πŸ˜€

  3. Ara is so humble, sincere, feminine and innocent. She is so pure. Ibang-iba kina Janine, Shamcey, at Venus na pare-parehong confidence level, if you know what I’m saying. She does not have to change herself at all because what she naturally is, is charming!

    I really think she will win Miss Universe.

  4. wattheheck?! ito ba yung pinagmamalaking trending kuno?! para siyang lantang gulay, walang kabuhay-buhay, kung ganito pa rin siya sa prelims interview, she will get a low score!

    • mas natawa ako dun sa “look for food” at “ask for playmates” ano daw?!?!?

      • The message is clear. Nothing wrong with her words. Grammar here won’t really matter.

      • @Phil yes the message is clear alright. she is a shallow person. her answer’s got no substance whatsoever.

      • She answered the question naturally. She doesn’t need to impress anybody, not even an anonymous, life-less twerp like you.

    • It isn’t trending kuno. It is. It is okay to disagree, but to be contrary just for the sake of calling attention to yourself is quite pointless and makes one irrelevant.

    • HOY! P******S KANG SAN LONGHINO ! KUNG WALA KANG MAGAWANG TULONG SA PAGSUPORTA SA KANDIDATA NATIN ! ITIGIL MO ANG P*****A MONG BUNGANGA !!!MARAMI KAMING NAGPIPIGIL SA IYO DAHIL INIIWASAN NAMIN ANG KADEMONYOHAN MO AT BAKA MAKAHAWA KA PA ! NAGTITIMPI KAMI SA IYO HAYOP KA AT WAG KANG MAKA REACT REACT NG KA ISTIPIDUHAN AT MAGPASALAMAT KA AT BUMABA NA KAMI SA LEVEL MO NA PATULAN KA KASE KUMUKULO NA ANG DUGO NAMIN SA IYO P*****A!!!!!…Sa mga nakabasa po na kasama kong mga nagtimpi sa hayop na ito..pasensya na po at di ko na matiis ang demonyong ito….pero alam ko..gaya ninyo matagal nyo nang gustong murahin ang HAYOP at ANIMAL na ito!!!…tama na po ako ang nag react at ituloy na lang natin ang positive vibes para sa laban ni ARA…..hayan Sir Norman..pinatos ko na ang bastos na ito…alam kong edukado ka..at nagpipigil ka rin sa hayop na ito…pasensya na lang sa mga di kanais nais na salita…but this ALIEN is absolutely STUPID !…..basta sama sama tayo …..# FOR THE PHILIPPINES !!!!!!!!

    • ..hahaha ganun?idi ikw kya dun tingnan nmin kung magaling ka sa interview..kng mka comment ka nmn kala mo kung snu kang magaling..!

    • Unless may mag sabotage ng lhat ng gowns ni Ara na insider from MUO. Automatically they will immediately find the nearest boutique… either magpahiram si tony ward or couture boutique of Michael Cinco in Dubai.

    • @ neil & sheena

      True, parang gusto ko na pumunta ng Russia para lang masabotaje ang mga gowns ni Ara from BPCI… I’m sure nakahanda na si Michael Cinco & Francis Libiran.. Baka pag andun na si Megan, sya nalang magpahiram.. Any of her old used gown is better than that Bazurra potato sack.

  5. The picture of Ara next to Paula Shugart blew me away–there’s no denying here that her beauty is universal!!

    Honestly mga sis I take this pic as a good sign especially to have this shot taken next to the director of miss universe organization. Let’s continue to cheer, pray and remain positive!! Ara for the win!

  6. Guys, here are the links to more pics of Ara.
    Hope you will love her looks here as much as I do πŸ™‚

  7. Ang cute cute ni Ara dito! Graveh!!! Totoong totoo. Walang bahid ng pagka- plastik at pagka- OA.

  8. I’m so happy today! πŸ˜€

    I can’t believe anyone could portray our history and culture by acting like a chicken..

    Deadma na tayo sa mga hideous gowns..
    I know Ara could carry it well like there’s no tomorrow or her life really depends on it..

    Ara you nailed this interview!!! I LOVE IT!!!! πŸ˜€
    Once you get your potato sack.. you know what to do!
    Make it werk and don’t fuck it up!!!! LOL


    *-+-*”*- I smell diamonds in the sky!!! πŸ˜€ *-._,+”*”+,_,—*

    Shine bright like a diamond.. shine bright like a diamond… πŸ™‚

  9. Keber sa Gown! putcha ang DYOSA LANG NI ARA THESE PAST FEW DAYS!. Hay sana prelim na! πŸ™‚

  10. The good:
    1. Her answer shows her wit and intelligence. It sounded genuine.
    2. Her chicken dance showed femininity and innocence (the way she covered her mouth)

    The bad:
    1. She looks older and dry.

    Overall, I’m satisfied. 9/10.

    • Ha-ha…yong “bad” mo talagang ang sama…when you said “she looks older and dry” the image that came to my mind was that of Madame Auring…hala ka, bad ka talaga, hahaha

  11. I love the relax demeanor of ARA here πŸ™‚ just plain fun interview.
    no need to dissect her answer in general nor her grammar in particular.

    With regards to her gown, it’s an “OMG moment” for me, though in both extremes: she look undeniably stunning and simply gorgeous; the gown however leaves much to be desired to the imagination. But hey, what’s done is done guys.

    According to my source however, her gown transcends the message clearly during the auction night. That is, she is a reflection of a cool, beautiful, captivating and serene ocean, as she presented the Pearl.

    And this made me understand the reason for the color(two-tone) and the most talked about ruffles:) And guys, apparently people did notice it that night. That’s why she was a hit!

    Check it again guys, and be open minded about it: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=597027786999155&set=a.493050080730260.97718.493048604063741&type=1&theater

    • Hmmm, the ruffles as ocean waves? That works. Thanks Jim light clarifying the issue on Ara’s gown. Im not a fan of it too, but now, i started to like it basing on the logic behind its design. Pero basta, ang importante, angat pa rin ang ganda ni Ara!

    • Wow.. this is like the 1st time I don’t hate this year’s Bpci wardrobe… I still hate the ruffles though but this is still far better than the blue gown she wore during the initial photo ops. Clap clap!!!

      AHA FTW!!!

    • Thank you Jim!…I judged too quickly and criticized the gown against the red one of Venezuela and the Gold dress from Indonesia from the first picture I saw and to tell you the truth with the picture links you provided and I finally saw that her dress actually looked very feminine and the two-toned colour and pattern were quite unique, so I’m glad to say I was wrong about my previous opinion and started to rant about who her personal wardrobe selector was. :/
      I’d like to point out also that Ara is an expert in carrying what she has on very well! πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

        Please also check the link I provide on my latest comment. I believe you will love her more πŸ™‚

  12. Ara blue gown very 1980’s but she look great lutang pa rin ganda niya just ignore the gown, maluka kayo kung yan ang isusuot niya sa final!

  13. I love the “tiktilaok” park and her accent. Distinctly Filipino.

    Don’t care much about the grammar. The essence of communication is to understand, not to impress.

    • You are right in a general sense that the essence of communication is to understand (although it is more of “to convey a message”). But in competition, much so in beauty contest, there is a need to impress. And to communicate better is a big bonus. Able to observe grammatical rules is communicating better. But again it is in the “sincerity of sending across your message” that one is more impressed than by having a perfect grammar but lacking in truthfulness.

      • Their right.. You were definitely bullied as a kid..
        I would bully you.. joke.. hahaha 😁

  14. Since lahat tayo unhappy sa BPCI management of our candidates being fielded sa international pageants at ayoko ng dumagdag sa pagsisi to the max, here is my “wishful” board president and members if ever makukuha ang rights to MUPhilippines…
    President/CEO – Manny Pangilinan
    Vice President – Boy Abunda
    Board Members:
    Jonas Gaffud
    Mimilanie Marquez
    Precious Lara Quigaman
    Michael Cinco
    Cary Santiago
    Charo Santos – Concio
    Josie Natori
    Norman Tinio
    “wishful thinking”, sana mangyari in the near future….

    • This will never ever happen—not in any of our lifetime but di ba it’s free to dream!

    • Sama mo narin si Joyce Burton and Francis Libiran…
      Kung full force talaga.. pwede din partnership with Cory Quirino… ultimate dream team! hahaha

      • @Closer2Fame
        Oh yezzz definitely I forgot Miss Joyce and Francis Libiran, oo naman Miss Cory Q, join na!!!
        Gawin ng consultant din si Miss Anna Wintour……. Ang galing!
        Good vibes na lang po tayo,…..

    • Di malayo yang thinking mo lavinia… Manny pangilinan has a direct business partnership with Aranetas Corp. Ibang klase si Manny magtransform ng corporation. Only if Manny has big interests in doing a business venture with other countries.

  15. Nakakagalit na talaga yang S.M. Araneta na yan! I just hate her! Grrrrrrr

    Her taste pagdating sa pagpili ng gown is nacacasuca! Pwe!

    Kung sino man ang may number or email ad ni SMA, utang na loob please padalhan nyo sya ng screenshots ng mga hate comments against her taste sa pagpili ng gowns. Naaawa ako kay Ara. Sobra na ang kasamaan ni SMA

    huhuhu seriously nakakapanghina ng tuhod ang blue gown.

    What have we done to deserve such torment? Nakaka stress ng sobra ang blue gown niya. Punyeta.

  16. madam SMA is for Colombia and not for the Philippines.. no wonder walang ka effort2 ang mga gowns

  17. Manong Norms–can I request please not to post the pictures of Ara in her Auction gown? I figure it will bring so many more negative comments thats already been going around.

    Thanks talaga I am sure some of our sisterettes here will agree.

    Guys LIKE if you agree for Manong not to post the pics here

      • Hindi alam nung nagcocomment sa pica ni Mama Jonas na walang say si Mama Jonas sa wardrobe since under ng BPCI si Ara by contract 😦 Ang BPCI dapat ang bombahin ng mga ganyan na sentiments IMO.

      • @Sheena yes I know poor sir Jonas. I did write a comment on BPCI’s facebook page – that comment will be ignored for sure. It’s inevitable to have some fans angry about You-Know-What – it’s disappointing. I mean I vote many times in a day since the opening of the voting and like all Ara’s pic on MU page and everywhere else and then ganon.

        THE WHOLE RUSSIAN PRESS will see her. Anyways I am supporting ARIELLA no matter what – she worked hard for this.

      • Can someone please teach that old Colombian lady the term “First impressions last.”. She seems not to know that! Nakakainis 😦

        Saw a better quality of the picture of the dress. Still a thumbs down! Specially the horrendeous ribbon! Ang hilig sa laso ni Madam ha. From Venus tapos ngayon si Ara… And the print of the gown… Hay que barbaridad talaga. Pasensya na dismayado lang talaga sobra 😦 Hindi ako negang tao at ayoko ng nega pero the gown is just too much.

      • @Sheena There’s nothing we can do. As sir Jonas said SUPPORT NA LANG. Pareparehas naman tayong walang power – si Sir Jonas nga di pinapansin ng BPCI eh tayo pa? I just hope that the change of management will happen SOON.

        Philippines’ sash is so precious right now – no room for mistakes and every detail must be perfect.

      • alexandraflora, all eyes are on our reps nowadays… That’s the thing. Can’t wait na mawala na ang Colombiana. I miss the days where our reps wear nice gowns by our local designers like Pitoy and Ben Ferrales 😦 Si Charlene G I remember Pitoy ata yung gown nya nun. Affected much ang peg ko ngayon LOL

      • @Sheena…now, look who’s talking? Kung mang-lambast ka kay madam SMA akala mo kung sino kang malinis. Inis ka sa kanya for not giving Ara the best. Sabi mo pa “Can someone please teach that Colomban lady the term ‘First impressions last”…O di ba na-imbyerna ang “ugliness” mo? Same with ARA…”showtime daw pag lapag pa lang sa airport” pero ago ang mga first impressions? Nawala ang poise sa dami ng bit-bit, nawala ang poise ng nagmakaawa na parang OFW na humihingi ng nasal dahil sa mga pinagdaraanan. Isama mo pa sa mga first impressions ang mga low-bat moments ng goddess mo…yong mga larawang kahawig nya na si BB Gandang Hari o di kaya si Jon Santos. Was she giving her supporter the best effort as she promised? Betrayal yon at di “commitment”…so what credibility do you have to question SMA?

      • @ alex and sheena sobrang agree w/ you guys.. Madame SMA totally deserves our criticism because it’s our country’s pride and honor that’s at stake.. It’s not Ara’s fault because she has no choice.

        I just hope and pray that her final gown would at least look presentable or else mag oorganize talaga ako ng rally sa Edsa cubao!!!!

      • Kung kay Megan ipinasuot sa MW contest yang mga gowns na pinagtatalunan at isinisi ka SMA, alam ko na lalabas itong maganda…magawa pa ring manalo si Megan sa Miss World kahit pipitsugin man ang isusuot sa kanya. ARA has just “lack the aura” to blend well with her dress. The gown may not look well on her, but it will on others, I’m sure…

    • Btw there are pictures circulating with Ara wearing the awful gown kasama ang mga pinoys.

      Also one pics with one of the Russian guys na related/hunny ng one of the Miss Universe Organization Executive. This is not the first time the guy has a pic with Ara–this is a good sign means fan talaga sya ni Ara.

      This guy also have pics with Olivia Culpo….I am a little bit happy now deadma na lang sa gown!!!

      Go Ara!!

      • You are correct–I was just about to correct myself.

        Yup thats Amin the performer πŸ™‚

      • There is one I saw with India and other ladies medyo okay naman pero MY GOSH sis….she looks stunning and her face is absolutely divine!!!

        Ara’s aura cannot be denied very queenly ang peg! Her hair very Oxana tarushhhhh

      • sis yan ba ang kasama sina Bahamas and T&T ata ba yun tapos katabi nya si India? umaaura nga ang lola mo nowadays, she’s channeling the positive vibes I guess which is very good, tignan mo yung hi-res pics nya nung charity visit, you can see from her smile na she’s genuinely happy πŸ™‚

      • @Sheena…pa good-vibes good-vibes ka pa diyan, eh kung lampasuhin mo si Ginang SMA tinalo mo pa ang ginawa ni Claudine kay Ramon T. Isa kang hypocrita!

      • @Sheena and Wonderwall..

        Tama ang prediction ko…
        mabenta ang peg ni Ara sa Moscow!!!
        Sana magtuloy tuloy nalang…
        deadma nalang tayo sa gown..
        ganda nman ng mukha ni Ara e

        AHA FTW!!!!

      • Thanks Sheens..

        Wag mo na patulan ang mga trolls.. I guess they havn’t realized na sila lang nagmumukhang tanga kaka commento ng mga negang wala namang saysay..

  18. Btw, ever wondered where that hashtag #forthePhilippines came from? You guys should watch this oh if you missed her interview sa The Bottomline months ago. Ang cute lang ng pagkakakwento niya ^_^

  19. Manong Norms I just saw the pic of Ara’s gown for the austion night–for the first time nachakahan ako!!! I never thought I would say this pero what was BPCI thinking and why the handlers allowed thing.

    Guys I am never negative here and this is not really nega more like the truth–you guys be the judge when you all see it. ANG PANGIT!!!

    • Mukhang pang sagala lang ang peg. Hay anyway pikit mata nalang. Maganda si Ara dyan in fairness, but the gown…. One big SIGH!

      • OO nga sis sagala ang peg and I agree super glowing and beautiful ni Ara–as usual she made the gown work!!!

        NKKLK ang gaganda ng gowns of other candidates pero ka nga nila you must standout hahahaha

      • Stand out but in a good way naman sana, e di hamak na mas maganda pa yung mga long gowns na binebenta sa The Ramp na wall pang Php5,000 eh. Que barbaridad! At yan ang unang nasambit ko nung nakita ko ang gown ni Ara. Haynaku!

        At eto naman ang masasabi ko kay Madam: Santisima por dios por santo!

      • good to know na hindi lang ako na major fan ni Ara ang naasar. Misnsan kasi parang nakakapikon si SMA parang nanadya. I mean do gowns like these even exisit today–major na talaga eto 😦

        I’m sad mga sis

      • Wonderwall, nagchecheck ako kung merong hi-res pictures pero naaasar ako lalo pag nakikita ko yung gown kaya nevermind nalang. LOL.

        Kung si Mutya pinasuotan ni madam ng mga mukhang pang Divi na dress (hello orange bubble dress!), etong kay Ara parang sa Baclaran binili. Que barbaridad talaga!

      • sis, nakita ko si Thailand naka parang Thai inspired dress rin. Hayyyyyyyyy. Anyway, consolation nalang madami rin ibang gowns na hindi rin maganda. Mga ayaw ata umeffort kasi gusto magpasabog sa prelims πŸ˜›

      • Deadma na nga ako di kina sinisilip kasi happy galore ang aura ko today for her video interview–i liked it!!!

        Let’s pretend na lang sis na hindi nagyari yung auction–sarap tirisin ni SMA!!!

      • @Sheena & Wonderwall..

        Correct!!! good vibes lang tayo mga tehh.. deadma na sa gown..
        Basta the diamonds in the sky are starting to allign… Cross our legs!

        AHA FTW!!! πŸ˜€

    • @Wonderwall I agree with you. The gown is a disappointment and yet Ara still looks beautiful and stood out beside venezuela and Indonesia.

      Parang aattend lang ng beach wedding si Ara – so disappointed of BPCI sobra.

      Madame Stella kung wala kang budget kasi ibenta mo ang Hermes birkin mong bag – maawa ka naman kay Ara.

      I hate the negativity but the gown is so ugly buti na lang ang GANDA ni ARA.

    • Kahit sang ms.phil fansite ako pumunta…negative impressions feedback sa gown ni Ara this gala.
      Ang sakin lang e…Consistency is always the key.I thought this event has red carpet so major event to and best dressed candidate will get an instant limelight.
      Hanggat may nagtotolarate ng ganyang wardrobe styling ng BPCi…e di mababago un..hanggang bad & sad comments lang kaya natin magawa but If only pinoy fans stand a serious protest ‘to commissioned celebrity wardobe stylists’ tru social network, malamang napansin na ng media at natauhan na si Mrs.Araneta sa kahihiyan. Either wala directly nagsasabi sa kanya na wala sya taste kahit elite sya or indenial lang talaga.
      Ma Norman, since when ba naging chairwoman c mrs.Araneta ng BPCI?

  20. I love how she speaks english. She is not apologetic when she speaks nor is she hesitant to convey her thoughts. She’s filipino and she’s not afraid to let others know she is not eloquent in english but she has the smarts to speak her mind. In motion she looks good and that tanned skin of hers is good strategy from her creative team to make her stand out. Makes me wonder though why others don’t even keep her in their top 10 predictions list (a stark contrast with megan young in MW)

    • I totally agree with Kiko. She may not sound like an eloquent beauty queen but she conveyed her thoughts well. She has full control of her nerves.

  21. I can’t stop laughing… this made my day! Great job Ara, great job!!! You NAILED it!!!

  22. I cringed a bit when she introduced herself when the video started. Then I cringed a bit more when it ended. But it was goooood. She is good. She got me with her tilaok! πŸ™‚

  23. This is my first time to let out – conveying and making known – my big WOW to ARA ! Hey, you’ve got it: WOW (Winning Our Ways).

  24. she was so natural and genuinely funny in delivering her answer, I totally loved her in this interview. TIKTILAOK! #GoAra #ForThePhilippines

  25. hey norms, I remember in one of your post about Miss Latina USA joing Miss Universe 2013.

  26. Litaw ang personality!

    Mahinhing bakla ang personality type ni teh (it’s a good thing)

    Love you ara so natural and fun!!!!

  27. NALORKA AKO! HAHAHA! PANALO ARA! I’m at work and I look like a nincompoop laughing my toosh off!

    Again… out of Venus, Shamcey, Janine and Ara… Ara definitely hit the nail right on the head on this one! She was very relaxed when she answered the question and her response made perfect sense and was very heart felt! HINDI KO KINAYA ANG TIK-TILAOK!!! HAHAHA! Pilipinang-Pilipina… but very flirty and cute! Ara, if you’re reading this I have to say… u won me on this one!

  28. For the first time, I see a very spontaneous and sincere (coming from the heart without holding back) performance of ARA in the DARE portion of the video. Her genuineness just shines forth…evoking in me those heartfelt giggles — undeniable nuances that say: I am liking her a lot here. May she has a lot of these moment where-in we can see her having genuine Fun…her naivetΓ© (ha-ha-ha very innocent in acting-ou those tim-ti-la-oks) is not a handicapped but an asset that truly endears! Keep it going, ARA!

    • And what I was thankful about in the Truth portion is that part that where she has the presence of mind to revert back to “I” pronoun after a short glitch to “we” (very dangerous because of the tendency to generalize and therefore veering away from giving a more personal and sincere – honest & truthful – answer. I could sense, though, that her fear of making mistake in delivering a grammar-perfect statement is still there. Somebody should tell her that it is the sincerity of the answer that counts and not so much the grammar.

  29. I don’t care about her accent but the sincerity of her answer matter the most. It’s understandable naman. She’s very funny when she’s doing the tik-tilaok. Haha

    • I have faith in Ariella. But politics? I sincerely hope it doesn’t get in the way because it is the cruelest of enemies.

    • *might win
      Amy really?!
      I have faith with Ara can deliver thats why i brought this newsupdate cause if politics issue is true then its unfair to fans all over the world.Good thing IBTIMES shared this because im sure MUO will change game plan.
      BTW, Manorm, do you believe sa ‘Trump cards’ na tinatawag? If so, how true it is?

  30. Its a good thing they have this kind of interview this year to show the lighter side of the ladies. Ariella ACED it! No sign of pressure at all just pure sincere answer! I dont find it dorky,cheap, and trying hard.

  31. It was hilarious and it was so witty of her to use TIKTALAOK! One of a few that made me laugh. Thumbs up for her!

  32. OMG. Im so pissed off at work now, but watching this vid change my mood! love her!! Go ariella #forthephilippines

  33. I love it!! She is funny, shows personality, flirty and so mahin-hin! My favorite is the Titilaok and the pose sa ending. Go Ara!!

  34. I wish everyone in this blog would just put all the bickering, negativity, hostility, and grudges to one another aside even just FOR ONCE and put our all-out support behind her.
    a. Give her all the inspiration she needs by providing positive feedback and back-up!!!
    Let show to others and the world that despite our negativity and differences we can be united as one!
    b. That despite our imperfection and Her imperfection, we could turn it around to her advantage.
    Let’s give her all the best incentive and motivation to inspire her to even better herself!!!
    Remember : Ara’s win is our win, too!!
    Let’s bring out the best in us even at this moment that we can all be united to rally our all-out support for her!
    With the set-up of the judges’panel, Favoritism can play out a big role. Without any Asian judge, that might not be to Ara’s favor. This is the most critical moment that she needs us – show your ” Bayahihan” spirit!!
    Ara for the gold!! Mabuhay!!
    Thank you!

  35. BTW Tito Norm..here is another crown to add to the Philippines today…correct me if I’m wrong but I think Czarina Rose Bautista won Miss Asia Pacific World 2013!!

  36. When she won BBP I thought wala ng chance, and medyo isa ako sa nag -criticize sa comm skills nya. Pero nong napanood ko ang interview nya with Karen D, I fell inlove with her. Damang dama ko ang kagustuhan nyang manalo #forthephilippines. Now I love her! Manalo man sya o hindi, super proud ako sa kanya (kamag-anak?)

    Ara, we believe in you. Shine.

  37. I was actually laughing so loud while having my lunch break at work. Genuinely funny! I give this girl a credit!!

  38. OMG!!!…that’s just toooo ahahalarious!!..I love the way Filipinas put there hands over their mouths when they laugh…it seems so demure and charming!!

  39. hAHAHAAH with all honesty Ariella nailed this interview ahahah She was FUNNY as a Chicken – so PINOY!!!! She is so genuine in this interview πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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