16 comments on “Ariella Arida rubbing elbows with Paula Shugart

  1. First impressions count, unfortunately. Too bad that Ara had to meet Paula S. wearing that awful dress. Let’s hope no remembrance of that dress lingers in Paula’s head come that critical moment. We have Stella to thank for this mishap.

  2. I wanna see Ara’s pic the new one thats circulating among candidates. the one with their country’s flag.

    She rocked that for sure!

    • Surely, her not holding the flag is a demerit. The flag stays at the background and it comes to our eyes quite flatly (it is a different story with Korea, though…there is a certain sense of dynamism intrinsic in all those figures found in Korean flag that even if it stays at the background it pulsates with vibrancy. Ara was in her usual old-school “beauty-pagenty” pose.

      • I didny want to see any other posts first Tito Norms until Ive seen yours. as always, you have the best!!!

  3. Rubbing elbows, hmmm parang magkalayo naman yung elbows nila Ninang Norma.

    Btw, yan ba si Paula Shugart? Kala ko si Marilyn Villamayor yan.

  4. IB Times UK, AU and even CA featured Megan prominently during Miss World and look she won! I wouldn’t be surprise if that fate will happen to Ariella next week! And of course other media groups as well so fingers crossed!

    • Wala ng magagawa si Ara.5 lang ang papipilian.Yung blue gown na may ribbon na sinuot ni Bianca Manalo.Ang silver na may ribbon ni Venus.Ang sinuot ni Shamcey na sabi sabi recycled din.Yung may tupi tupi na gown ni Janine.At iyang blue na may ruffles.

  5. I am thinking Paula prefers shorter girls as they are not much of a challenge for her vertically. No, I was just kidding.

    But I do hope she (Ara) made a huge impression to the organization.

  6. Hi Manong Norms, IB times is always featuring Ara–all the best press features… even predicting that she’s going to win, all things (politics, sash, etc.) factored in. I’m just wondering about how credible is this news agency. What’s your take on this?

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