26 comments on “Ariella Arida and the now-famous “Tik-tilaok” sound

  1. bud? wanna hear a joke?
    what did the rooster say? COCK- adoodle-do!
    what did the prostitute say?


  2. I want her to bring that accent, diction, confidence and sense of humor during the final Q&A and as they say the rest is history! Seriously, this girl is judged wrongfully. And by the way the ‘tiktilaok’ thingy reminds me of the long debate we had with my new yorker cousin about how the filipino chicken differs to the american one.

    • My Pick (In alphabetical Order):

      • Sa mga nag-thumb down…sorry kung di naka-pasok sa top 10 yong kandidata nyo? Siguro nasa pang-eleventh place sya at ang lamang ng pang-sampo ay .008 Kinulang siguro sya ng positive vibes at aura ang kanyang dating dahil na rin sa nag-uumapaw ng ka-negahan ng mga supporters nya na napupunta sa kanyang mukha….makikita yong pagka-nega ng mga supporters kung lagi na lang silang ng thu-thumb down kahit walang sinabimasama ang nagkokomentaryo…gusto kasing makita lagi na number one na pinupuri ang candidata nila kahit di totoo. Pag di mo sinama sa mga favorites mo at sa mga picks mo, umaandar ang pagka-nega ng mga supporters na yan…Kaya mga Nega…attake na!!! Thumbs down na kayo, hahahaha

  3. Diusmio de calaboso.
    Wag nyong ipaparinig kay Talking Tom Cat ang tunog na iyan , dahil baka pag inulit nya yan, ang masabi nya ay, “titing nilunok, titing nilunok”.
    Magagalit si Miss Israel.

    • @Jamir Hertzig Mg bitter yang mga yun simula ng makoronahan si Ariella as Miss Philippines Universe di kasi nanalo yung mga manok nila na parang tuod nang coronation night (Yes, only Ara delivered and they cannot accept it).

  4. make a world of difference, to make a difference in the world… why not defy the standards of miss universe, create a new standard and assert your presence… it doesn’t mean you are threatening… you just tell them what a beauty queen should be like… that they began asking for more….MORE… simple is more… don’t be shy, malinis naman puso mo eh…

  5. She also started the forthephilippines hashtag that most beauty queens and pageant fans are now using.

    Starting trends—one reason why she’s deserving of the crown.

  6. It’s all a good sign, Norman. I dunno but imma smellin’ the Diamond Nexus Crown!


    • hi! there are 3 types of women joining the pageant, 1. a hottie – think of models from men’s magazine 2. a darling – wholesome woman with strong sense of self and dignity 3. a model – high-fashion expressive type of beauty… in my opinion, miss universe is #2… so for Ara “Compete to express, not to impress.” Don’t come out too strong instead be proud of yourself, keep your grace and delight…don’t bow your head, keep your head up high but your thoughts endearing to listen to that you can touch their hearts…

      • strong inside, soft outside (not soft inside, strong outside) please watch out on your looks, don’t let anyone make you appear like you’re “made-up” or foreign. you are far more beautiful without the makeup, clean finish make up.. is okay… and never make your lips disappear. soft smile that expresses love and respect… wins hearts.

  7. well done ariella. annihilate the fake “divas” via your peculiar rooster crow.. haha!

    • yeah!!! agree!!! don’t be a fake… but when you express the real you, always with grace… think of the good traits of Filipinos, grace under pressure… haha! the one answer or personality that is most eye-catching is the one that can justify the word “queen”

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