28 comments on “Ariella Arida gets featured in international newspaper

  1. The newspaper said “Blasts hit India rally.”
    Just a clarification and I think that this newspaper should retract its claim, because Blast Ople who is a former senator of the Philippines already died a decade ago.
    Check your facts please.

  2. Isa pang ka-tsar-tsaran!

    Mutya Datul = crowned in BelaRUS
    Megan Young = crowned in IndoneSIA

    Ara Arida = will be crowned in RUSSIA?

    napulot ko lang itey sa missosology pero di ba swack!!

  3. bud? is it true the Philippines was again chosen as one of the five candidates to do charity visit to a children’s hospital?

    • This is indeed true–she was chosen as one of the very few candidates to visit the Moscow Children Hospital together with no other than Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo.

      Another great opportunity for our Ara!!!

  4. Everyday may developments kay Ariella, ang mga exposures niya from different media groups all over the world ay nakaka excite, indeed mabenta si Ariella, it’s like there is a mark up value and interest everytime Ariella graced an event or endorse a product.
    If last year the trend was crowning the winners of the host country, then 2013 strong trend is crowning The Philippines as the winner!
    #Daily great developments for Ariella
    #Crowning Philippines trend for 2013.
    #Philippines for the win.
    #For The Philippines.

  5. The preliminary judges are revealed. They composed of a Telemundo executive, an E News channel journalist, a Russian businesswoman, president of the Trump Model management, an Emmy nominated journalist and producer from Los Angeles, a Canadian actress of Russian descent, and a public relation for fashion designers.
    No Asians or Africans this time. In the past 3 years Miss Universe preliminary judging panel had at least 1 Asians. This means that Ara has to exert more effort to get noticed. She has to prepare an answer about the English language controversy becos the Hispanic judge might as well ask for a clarification from her. Goodluck Ara.

    • After reading each preliminary judges bio, I think Ara is in good hands….they seem to me to be educated, smart, hardworking goal oriented bunch therefore successful and not likely to ignorant and bigoted.

      • @Abigail Ramos I agree with you. These preliminary judges will definitely look after intelligence from the candidates, but then again they will be told to focus on beauty and grace.

        I hope all the odds are in Ariella’s favor, but I believe that she can deliver and she will do her best.

  6. Don’t you just feel good reading positive news about Ara amid car bombings, blasting and murder? Another AHA moment!

  7. Betting Odds Speak: Miss Philippines Will Be the Winner of Miss Universe 2013


    If the betting odds are to be believed, Miss Philippines Ariella Arida will be crowned the Miss Universe 2013 on Nov 9, 2013 at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

    Top 10 Favorites to Win the 2013 Miss Universe title:
    Miss Philippines 4.5
    Miss USA 8.5
    Miss Spain 12.00
    Miss Panama 12.00
    Miss India 15.00
    Miss Australia 15.00
    Miss France 17.00
    Miss Russia 17.00
    Miss Colombia 17.00
    Miss Ukraine 17.00

    bud? this maybe rubbish, but for serious bettors this is a rainbow to the pot of gold.
    bud? wanna chip in with me? 50bucks per head. I mean 50bucks each 🙂

      • remember your b’day wishes? Miss Supra and Miss World? you’re on a winning streak bud! dya feel the luv? huh! HUH !! it’s your year bud!

    • Looks like most online betting sites predict Ara to do very well. Here’s a UK-based site that also has Ara among the top 3:


      But then again, most betting sites last year predicted Melinda Bam of South Africa to win. And look what happened.

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