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  1. Out of Ara, Janine, Shamcey and Venus… Ara is definitely the one who nailed the Fadil glamshot! She’s serving ice princess realness with that smize and that pout! Her photo has a lot of emotion and sensuality and Fadil really got her best angle! A friend of mine posted another one of Ara’s Ice Princess frames where she was showing more body (unlike her main photo in MsU website) and that looked amazing 2

  2. IB times likes Ara’s photo.
    Miss Universe 2013 Ice Princesses: Top 5 “Ice Princesses”

    International Business Times AU‎ – 2 hours ago

  3. Maiba lang. So proud of Ara. She was chosen as one of the six candidates for the Mercedez Benz tv commercial. Cool. Go! ARA!

  4. USA & Australia almost looks exactly the same on this photo…

    But i give it to Aus. Her facial bone structure is more feminine

    • LOL! These room mates probably shared “how-to” tips the night before the shoot. And look what happened.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble Ron but that shot belongs to Ms. Bolivia. Ara’s face was cut and pasted on Ms. Bolivia’s body…which is so pathetically ridiculous it’s not even funny…seriously! I know people supports her but don’t go below the belt and put her face on someone else’s body. She has her own identity for F&%$k’s sake! (sorry my bad Tito Norm’s..don’t mean to disrespect …just aggravated with moronic people)

      • Another photoshop mirage with Ara’s face on it. It’s as if the real Ara isn’t good enough? This has got to stop.

      • hindi kami natitinag sa curve body na pinagdikitan ng mukha ni ara. Ara is ara. Kaya sa mga nag maniobra nyan, si GOD nalang bahala sa u. Wala kang atay

      • Hey guys! Don’t shoot the messenger. This was posted on Sash Factor. I’m not an expert when it come to professional photography. I was just sharing….peace

      • I’m no expert either but I can easily spot that something’s wrong with those photos.

  5. Just a thought: do you think the judges, both during the preliminary and the finals, look at all these glam shots and consider them in their choices? Because obviously these photos have been altered/enhanced and if the girl on the photo looks differently in person, then it would perhaps be a big disappointment for them. What do you think Tito Norms? Off-hand I remember that Puerto Rico looked smoldering in her glam shot last year and everyone predicted her to be in the semis. Of course we know what happened.

    Having said that, I still couldn’t forget Ariella’s pose in this year’s photo shoot. Of all the 86 candidates, the broken doll image of hers is still in my mind, although it’s only been a day since its release. I’m sure we will all remember this image for years to come because shall I say it’s quite iconic in the making. Loathe it or not, it’s unique in a way. Pasabog talaga!

    Anyway, I love China’s and that image I can still clearly picture in my mind. As for the rest, they are all in a day’s work for Fadil I guess. Haha

    • Yes, they do consider these photos. I said it before on here, I know one of the preliminary judges who participated in 2011/2012. He was given a binder bio and photos of all the candidates. Fadil glam shots were included. For this judge, how the candidate was able to pose beauty, intelligence, communication skills and able in engage in a conversation. He was stunned with some of the candidates that didn’t even know some of the current events going on in their world. One other thing…candidates that do not speak English have a shorter interview time. They found it very time consuming to engage in a conversation through an interpreter. The ones that are able to speak English were able to ace more time with the judges.

      • Really?

        So how come 9 of the past 12 winners of Miss Universe winners (2001 – 2013) used an interpreter in front of the judges?

        Obviously, quantity of time does not necessarily translate to quality time with the judges. If a candidate is stunningly beautiful with a personality to match, the judges don’t mind the extra time or the interpreter.

      • @Queenbee, this is info from one of the preliminary judges. This could be his own personal opinion. However, it sounded like it was group opinion from all the preliminary judges. Remember, they are interviewing over 80 plus contestants. Speaking English according to him made it more viable to interact with the delegate and allow more time. This was true for Shamcey and Janine. Shamcey left him with a lasting impression.

  6. Wala lang just wanna share my random thoughts:

    You know they say success comes in 3s…..so well

    2 Crowns so fa for the Philippines this year: Muya and Megan

    2 MU Crowns for the Philippines so far: Gloria and Margie

    Ok guys you know where I am going with this one 🙂


    The whole R-S-T (Raj, Supsup and Tugonon) so the next should be U right…you ask hmmmm AHA there’s no U

    To me the U stands for UNIVERSE

    so mga friendships…ARIELLA HERNANDEZ ARIDA I really believe is dentined to be 2013 Miss Universe 🙂

  7. I chose 5 candidates who personify the concept of the photoshoot
    1. Philippines – she looks sensually innocent in this photo. Like a virgin
    2. Czech Republic – She appears to say “Dare me”
    3. China – Her reflection on the icy wall is very sensual and sexy
    4. Romania – the sexy smirk appears to say “I have a secret”
    5. Indonesia – “please don’t hurt me”

  8. I have to agree with an above comment, I thought Miss South Africa, Marilyn Ramos’s pic to be one of the best. I cannot believe she is being overlooked. Half the girls look the same. This is a hard competition to judge fairly, I hope The Best Girl Wins !

  9. Just finished casting my vote for Ms Philippines. Now I know that I already done my part as Filipino. Guys mas madaling mag vote kesa pumuri, makipagtalo o makipag tagisan ng talino dito. We can help by clicking the vote button for Ara Arida. Ganun lang po kasimple kesa makipag balitaktakan dito. Hope you guys done your part too. 🙂

  10. I agree with most of your picks Sir Norman!

    Here’s mine, in no particular order:

    South Africa

  11. Norman, you, like everyone else so far, seems to be overlooking Marilyn Ramos the South African. She is not as polished as Ara Arida, but please let’s not get carried away and give her such high praises, she merely looks plain and if not for the world’s sudden obsession with the Phillipines, I doubt she would be on anyones radar. Miss South Africa is not over-trained, and dare I say, her glamshot is one of the best, if not THE best. It just grates me that the Miss Universe Organisation continue to deprive themselves of having a South African winner, cos boy will she be the best ever. Just saying…
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    • Ditto about her being overlooked but we also have to remember that she didn’t shine at all and was unnoticed during the Miss World 2013 😦 What more this time right?

      and about being the best ever – gotta go with Melinda Bam 😦 – – – she could’ve been blah blah blah 🙂 ya know what I mean.


  12. indonesia,her eyes,lips,hair,body gestures all works baby,she is smart and know how to get best picture in all angles,this is our true ice princess from indonesia whulandary herman

  13. just read abt this rumors abouT MU2013:

    Remember a picture of Philippines with some latinas??? Theres a big story and scandal behind that!

    Some latinas are sitting in the couch that time.. That was before the welcome/dinner party ended..

    Ara was with Miss Canada and Indonesia that time.. When someone approached her.. The photographer of the event.. This man.. in my idea.. has a knowledge about the issue of the Philippines with some latinas.. He invited Philippines to join the group for a while just to take a picture.. Ara told to the photographer that shes willing to join the group but shes really afraid and feelin awkward.. Canada offered Ara to join her in the group shot.. But the photographer insist that shes only inviting Philippines to join the group..

    Philippines came in the couch and surprisingly.. Miss Peru stood up and came to Ara just for a kiss and asked her to have a sit in the middle.. (How sweet)

    BUT! THIS IS THE BIGGEST DRAMA! One latina (David dont want to mention the country) stood up and shouted some words in her own language.. She walked away from the couch and looks very angry..

    Peru tried to comfort Ara.. Then the photographer continue to take a shot..


    25. David told me that not all the latinas are not good withPhilippines.. Some of them are still approaching her.. He saw Spain and Philippines together.. And he saw Panama, Venezuela and Costa Rica invited Philippines to take a photo with them.

    26. One fashion designer from Moscow whos invited to that Dinner Gala told the press that Philippines, Puerto Rico and China are one of the best dress of that night!

    >>> here’s the rest: http://missosology.info/~missyorg/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=210469

    • THERE IS NO DRAMA – get over it. SERIOUSLY, your source is Missosology FORUM? That FORUM has become the most annoying place in the world of pageantry – everyday I see Ara’s name on threads dedicated to belittle her.

      • yah its MissosoLogy, and Im nOt the oNe who’s responsiBLe for this one….. and I agree with you that Misso is kinda bias esp to Ara…. but donT bLame me if this posT irritates yoU or something….I just copy-pasted it….deLete it if you can……or much beTter not read it, same as the cheap dime storeHood scum up there….

    • JH: This piece of gossip or truth has been posted somewhere in this blog last Saturday if I am not mistaken. But #26 seems an addition. What can I say… the recycled gown made an impact. 😉

    • Already posted! This one clarify by ara herself not true! Get lost you spreading wrong rumors here! We believe ara than u!

  14. My personal fave are Panama Philippines and Israel in that order. Ms Venezuela looks so fake in every sense of the word. Ditto with the rest.

    • @ryan I agree Miss venezuela’a beauty does not appeal well with my brain, for some reason, but she’s a goddess on stage. In terms of beauty, I would choose Ariella – no doubt.

      (out of topic) I just do not understand why Osmel and company keep on choosing clones of Vanessa Concalves. Yes, Maria Isler is better but I’m getting the same vibes and this year’s winner is no different. Miss Earth Venezuela 2013 is more of a Miss Universe for me.

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