64 comments on “A Vote for Ariella Arida is a Vote for the Philippines

  1. epic mistake.. i am voting daily – once.
    ngayon ko lng napansin from this post that i can vote 100x. hayyyy

  2. Congratulations Miss Philippines for winning the Miss Asia Pacific World Crown!!!!! Just got the news from my friend in Seoul, Korea.

  3. Just wondering who is getting the best average this far on online voting and who is getting the highest number of votes. Is there any application on the web that would let us see this info?

  4. Just saw the full fashion show. It’s disappointing that Ara got to showcase only two outfits considering that most of the girls did a lousy job.

  5. Important: Please do not go on a “rate-other-candidates-low” spree, thinking that you can outwit the voting system by giving our bet’s opponents a rating of 1. It might deal us a severe backlash if ever. Just focus on our Ariella and everything should be fine.

  6. Of the known prelim judges announced thus far, 2 of the 7 are LATINOS.

    One is a senior exec of Telemundo (Puerto Rico). Expect Miss Puerto Rico to make the first cut because of this guy. His job depends on generating TV Ratings from the Latinos.

    The other is a Mexican-American fashion publicist, who could give Miss Mexico a needed boost in the prelims, or another Latina whom he might fancy. He will likely be impressed by the taller girls.

    The rest are 3 Americans, 1 Russian and 1 former Miss Canada (2010) who has Russian roots.

    Three of the judges are directly involved in the fashion industry so expect the taller, more modelesque candidates to more easily make the first cut (example: Spain, Venezuela and Israel).

    NO ASIAN OR BLACK JUDGES in the prelims announced so far.

    Why the MUO can’t have a more diverse representation in their prelim judges panel, I just don’t know!

    • This doesn’t look good… :\ But anyway let’s see what happens come prelims, I’m still crossing my fingers (and toes :P) for our bet. I have faith in her that she’ll charm the judges with her killer pasarela and stances on stage 🙂

    • @anita

      I KNOW. Without fail, there are ALWAYS AT LEAST TWO LATINO JUDGES in MU’s prelim judges panel every effin year!

      Between what the Latino, American and Euro prelim judges pick plus Donald’s picks, there’s hardly any room left in the semifinalist slots except for the Latinas, the Euros, Australia and USA. There are usually only 2 or at the most 3 slots left over for Asian or Black candidates to fight over for a semifinalist placement.


      Last year, of the 16 SFs, only Philippines and India were non-Latina or non-white, and not 1 black candidate made the first cut.

      In 2011, only 3 of the 16 SFs were non-Latino or non-white.

      In 2010, only 2 of the 15 SFs were non-Latino or non-white.

      In 2009, no Asian or Black delegate made the first cut.

      In 2008, only 2 Asians and 1 Black made the first cut, and only because Vietnam (host country) was let in as a semifinalist.

      Thank God there’s always a different set of judges for the finals, or else we would have never seen top 5 placements for Janine, Shamcey and Venus.

    • I must do some background check through google & social networks for all judges.

      Another thing , the 2am live coronation is worst time for most southeast asians to watch live.that would be deepestsleep mode.
      Only ofws living in mid east and europe can watch and cheer online.
      Bakit ang timeslot ng miss supra e ntpos na ng 2am pati Miss Russia Universe?

      • Di kaya european (Poland or France since they had 5 consecutive sa top16) gusto manipulahing ipanalo ng MUO para dun gaganapin next Miss U & mapenetrate ni Trump ang real estate sa central Europe?

    • @anita: Alicia Quarles, one of the American judges is black. Nevertheless, she is American, so you are right in pointing out the obvious lack of cultural and ethnic diversity in MU’s prelim judges. There are no prelim judges from Asia, Africa or the Middle East.

  7. Server crashed as of 11:12 PM PH time.

    They could not even afford a better server knowing the amount of traffic they will be getting with online voting? I’m sorry but that is so cheap. No wonder even the girls are complaining about how cheap some of the activities were (hello Yamimay in the mall, with a-hole-in-the-center stage.) LOL, such a MESS.

    • I honestly don’t get why they’re having their events inside a MALL. They just made the pageant look so cheap for those who doesn’t know what Miss Universe is :\


  9. Hay sana paramihan na lang ng Facebook likes, haha.

    Pero whatever, let’s all do this stressful email thinggy #forthephilippines!!!

  10. Norms , pls update everyone that we can vote 100 times per email address per day. It’s not only 10 times. Thanks.

      • Thanks again Norms. This voting this is really confusing. A friend told me that since they are doing the average count, the amount of votes diesnt really matter. It is the RATING that counts. Meaning, even if you vote 1000 x, if you accidentaly hit 9 as your rating in one of your votes, then that will bring down the average score of the contestant. That even voting once, as long as the RATE is 10 , then that helps a lot!

        Having said that, lets not trust this 100% coz in the rules, it said that they can choose to change it anytime. So everyone , lets keep on voting! But pls mske sure you hit 10 as your RATING!

      • Opps, sorry for the typos. Hard to see the keys on my phone sometimes. Just hope you got what i mean in my comment.

  11. I wonder which candidate will get the internet vote this year?


      • I’ve a feeling they’ll give the internet vote to Elmira (Russia) as a concession to the host country this year. I don’t see her making the first cut simply through her own merits, IMO.

    • Your high rate vote that came outside philippines is the most important kasi voting mechanics is designed to get the total average of each candidate as per country…di lang sya paramihan ng boto but pataasan ng rate pag pinagsamasama na gen.everage coming from all countries.

      In Philippines, we pinoys give ms.Phil an average of 10 & average of 5 kay country ‘X’.
      In country ‘x’, their fans give their own candidate average of 10 & they gave Ara average of 1.
      Sa total scoreboard, si Phil will get an average of 5.5 ksi 10 (from phil) plus 1 (from country ‘x’) divided by 2 (countries).
      While country ‘x’ will get a gen average of 7.5 kasi 10 (from their own country) plus 5 (from philippines) divided by 2(countries) equals 7.5…so talo ang Pinas sa voting kaya ang best game plan is to convince our OFWs to vote with highest rate for Ms.phil.
      Kayo ducky ang hihila pataas sa gen average ni ara na manggagaling sa Australia. And sana may bumotong ofw galing South America.

      Note:IP ADDRESS na nasa system ng device na gamit mo will determine kung san country nanggaling ang votes.However, nagbabala ang MUO sa mga mandadaya using apps na pwede mong baguhin ang Ip Address mo. May ilang countries daw ksi gumagawa ng ganung cheating. Hope it helps.

      • Thanks for the update. Neil.

        It’s my first time to cast votes in MU and jeeez, it’s really tiring. I’ve asked my assistants to vote at least 20 each using their respective e-mails. Hoping that our votes will put Ara to the top.


      • Wow!! Gamitin ba ang staff anyway, its #forthephilippines naman.
        The only thing pinoy fans residing in their own land can do is to maintain a high average points. In youtube for example, you can receive thousands of thumbsdown but as long as you have millions of thumbs up, your tube meter stays on FULL.

        No wonder ms.portugal got it.perhaps because she has least bashers all over the world.

      • Dexter, kahit ako napagod ako last night. LOL. Even if I was just pasting my email then a few clicks, it gets tiring after a while.

      • I believe the org patterned the system of voting sa US presidential election wherein every State has equal voice no matter how big or small fans’ number they have.

      • Neil & Sheena,

        Last night I casted 4 votes using different e-mails, all legal ones and not just created for Miss U. I didn’t know I can vote a hundred times using one e-mail add. This afternoon, I just used one address and voted nearly forty, I guess. And I had given up because my fingers aren’t used to this kind of work. I’ll try again tomorrow until the last voting day. Don’t worry, I believe my contribution for today is nearly four hundred votes. I’ve asked several people to do the work for me. ;-). 🙂

      • Dexter, I’ve read an info na after you casted ten votes, the11th & beyond times will not be read by their database.in other word, it automatically discarded.
        But if you believe na tinatanggap pa sya at kaya mo p bomoto ng bonggang bongga..do it.wala nmn mawawala konting calories mo lang mabuburn mo sa pagencode.

  12. It’s people like us who have the passion to help our homegirl get in the semis make me feel proud to be Pinoy. Our girl has what it takes to get on top pero mas masarap yung todo support tayo sa voting. Syempre, isa na tayo sa mga pageant powerhouse (naks) kaya mas masarap na ang feeling pag full force tayo sa pag support by voting.

    And Mr. Norman is right. We don’t have to go on a “rate-other-candidates-low” spree. Feeling ko they just provided that option of rating a candidate 1-10 for statistics and further study to see which country would unite to downvote a girl (?)

  13. Despite my numerous comments favoring other candidates (well, just showing my approval and recognition to their invaluable contributions to the beauty-world)…despite my “pang-ookray” sa mga larawan ni Ara…I am still very Filipino at heart. It doesn’t mean though that I subscribe to many filipino traits and characters that are frowned upon and looked down by our neighbors and our alien guests. I am for the upliftment of our standard and raising the bar higher than “bahala na”, “pwede na to”… etc. I am for revolutionizing our culture from mediocrity to excellence, from “pambobola” to “pagpakatotoo”…That being said, I want all other candidates from other countries to “bow” before ARA — their “reigning” queen” — in acknowledgment that “she is the best Ms Universe ever”. But this is impossible if ARA does not help herself and we, too, do not support her in anyway. And so, by my way of supporting HER, and in act of SOLIDARITY with all those wishing her well and loving-her-no-end to claim the crown, I PROMISE to cast my vote for her every time I am in front of my laptop (presupposing of course that there is an internet connection/wi-fi)…It is my wish (very sincerely) that collectively in this noble purpose, we lift the spirit of Ara high…that we can inspire her to spread her wings and fly high — soar higher and beyond. May our concerted effort enliven her and ignite in her the fire that would trigger her to explode and sparkle like the “FIREWORKS” in the evening sky. May our unified vote be our cacophonous voices that would embolden her to “ROAR” like a champion. Seeing ARA excels, we know that our votes are never in vain…that our votes have helped her to stand firm and courageous and graceful on that stage where only the she and one other rival – both CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL ladies — left ! We all should know, by then, who among the two is the real owner of the most contested Nexus Crown…and ARA is her name!

  14. I’ve been voting since a while…as of now it’s still unlimited voting!
    Last year people can only vote 10x in one email.

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