11 comments on “Yaritza falls and picks herself up

  1. Yaritza now has the bragging rights to “represent all those women who have fallen before her” since time immemorial. All because some dumbass thought it was such a great idea to put a big gaping hole right on center stage!

    Milk it for all it’s worth honey! You deserve it!

  2. MUO will compensate Yaritza for this accident by giving her a semifinalist slot, just wait and see!

  3. May pagkahambog rin kasi itong si Yaritza, yan ang napala nya.
    Eksena ang gusto nya, pwes hayan at eksena ang napala nya.
    Nung nagwagi syang Miss Dominican Republic, at the moment na binanggit ang pangalan nya e talagang iniwan nya ang first-runner up nya at contodo taas sya ng kamay na kalamong naka-knock out sa boksing ang bruha.

    Wish ko nga may matulis na bakal dun sa stage hole na yun, at sabay tusok sa pukelia nya nung nalalaglag sya.
    At sana rin may mga namamahay na diablo sa butas na yun, sabay hila sa kanya nung nahulog sya, at pagkahila sa kanya ay ibabaon sya ng buhay at ng magtanda syang babaita sya.

  4. A proof of over-confidence. Nothing more… nothing less.

    My two and a half cents…

  5. Yaritza, Monic, Gabriela and Yityish are the favorites of the Russian press. Yaritza even more so after her fall.

    • Black beauties will make a comeback this year. Last year, blacks were completely shut out. Not one made it as semifinalist which a lot of people noticed and embarrassed MUO to no end.

      It will be very different this year. Yaritza and Yityish could very possibly make it to top 5.

      It might end up looking like this:

      2 blacks
      1 European
      1 Latina
      1 Asian

  6. OUCH. She was fierce! Looked really dangerous and she could have really gotten injured.

  7. ouCh!!…KUdos to her!!!……..she ignored the pain and finished her waLk…very professionaL…….the onE who’s responsbLe for that “hoLe” on the stage shOuLd be reprimanDed….

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