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  1. Wala lang just wanna share my random thoughts:

    You know they say success comes in 3s…..so well

    2 Crowns so fa for the Philippines this year: Muya and Megan

    2 MU Crowns for the Philippines so far: Gloria and Margie

    Ok guys you know where I am going with this one πŸ™‚


    The whole R-S-T (Raj, Supsup and Tugonon) so the the next is U right…you ask hmmmm AHA there’s no U

    To me the U stands for UNIVERSE

    so mga friendships…ARIELLA HERNANDEZ ARIDA I really believe is dentined to be 2013 Miss Universe πŸ™‚

  2. Has anybody noticed the stretch marks indonesia has in her lower abs especially in the photoshoots beside the pool?

  3. Tingin ko din na Philippines & Japan sa Asia sa To 16 at ang saling-pusa na tinutukoy mo ay Myanmar. Malakas talaga nila sa voting. Di rin pahuhuli ang India at China. Alam niyo na kung rason.

  4. Sana tuluy-tuloy na ‘to para kay Ara. Makapasok sana siya sa Top 16. Go Ara!

    I love Miss Japan! Nag-improve din siya lalo na lakad niya.

    Sana makabawi si Miss Vietnam, may ibubuga din to.

  5. @queen

    Don’t ever compare my beauty to yours, FLEAS! I’m choor you look HIDEOUS.

  6. <Philippines is seductive in that pic.

    Japan, my favorite. I love her! Uber cute & sexy at the same time!

  7. In this group of delegates, miss Philippines is the best…Ariella Arida…and no wonder that she is the best asian delegate fron this year’s batch…kya, Good Luck Ara.:)
    .xanga pla, ndi na qh magtataka kung biglang silip qh dito sa comment qh ehh anjan na si Benji, may reply…ssabhin na Japan is better than Philippines..pro, what can I do, iba2x tau ng taste….xnxa na benji ahh?inunahan na kita…kz as I observed, halos lhat ng nagccomment at pmupuri kay ara ehh binabara mo…anu kya ugali mo sa personal???mahilig din bang mamintas ng kapwa?…okay, enough for bad vibes…

    • Para naman maiba, this I would say that ARA is bitter than Japan…I mean better…sori, bisaya man gud ako…

  8. Don’t forget to pray for Ara. πŸ™‚
    – that she gets the confidence to stand out and win
    – that she gets the support of Filipinos worldwide, especially here at home.

  9. Myanmar pose is very “phosphoric” — displaying a pole-thin body with such a huge head…

    • Okay, Benji, I’m waiting for your honest-to-goodness critique of Indonesia. She’s up next, right? Or is she your bet?

      • I actually like Indonesia…it’s just that she didn’t display much of her bodily curves and sexiness!

      • Benji, it’s her eyes that made her look sexy. Indonesia is actually pretty. She doesn’t need to show some skin to exude sexiness. Remember Miss Ukraine 2011 Olesya Stefanko? Whenever I see photos of Olesya, I always tell myself that she’s one sexy babe. She uses her eyes to attract the people around her and for me, that’s the real sexy. πŸ™‚

      • Your opinion is very much respected. The eyes alone can express a gamut of emotions and can convey/suggest a thousand a one (well, i’m exaggerating) thoughts. πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks! For me, it’s a battle between Ara and Whulan. Sayang si May (Miss Vietnam). I actually like her morena features. I was kinda looking forward to seeing quality photos of her. But I’m giving the girl some time. Who knows she might explode come Preliminary Competition. πŸ™‚

      • The Russos love the oriental beauties. Lots of Asian candidates were able to make it at the semi-finals of the Miss Supranational. I, too, definely like the south-eastern beauties. I really hope that ARA can do a Candy Crush — exploding her ammunitions one-after-the-other — to secure her leading points ahead. I’m aware though that she is slowly getting into the picture and making her presence felt.

  10. Aside from Ara, I find these Asians quite beautiful (based on their glam shots only):

    Indonesia – she is actually a stunner. πŸ™‚

    I like Korea and Japan, too, but both are so cutesy-patootsy for my taste. Nonetheless, Team Asia is stepping up their game. πŸ˜€ I so want an Asian to win this year’s title.

  11. FLASH NEWS : Ara will be doing a promotional shoot for Mercedes Benz. πŸ™‚ To all the bashers, eat your hearts out. She’s stepping up her game slowly but surely. #ForthePhilippines

    • The organizer recognizes that the economy of the Philippines is strong and stable…Mercedez is a recognizable brand in the Philippines and they need to generate more noise in having ARA to promote it. It is marketing strategy. Nonetheless, congratulations to ARA for getting the trust of the Mercedez company.

      • If that’s the case, why didn’t they ask Misses Japan, South Korea and China to pose alongside Misses Germany and Poland? Their market share in Asia is mainly because of the increased sales in these countries. My source? I’m quoting an article which was posted in daimler.com last May 2013.

        The growth in the Asia/Pacific region was driven mainly by Japan (+47.3%) and South Korea (+42.4%). The start into the second quarter was also positive in China (incl. Hong Kong), where Mercedes-Benz posted 10.7% growth with sales of 16,241 units, thus continuing the positive trend of the preceding month.

        Surely, our economy is a stable one (in terms of the GDP growth posting which was even cited by ADB in their recent reports). But the majority of the people of these aforementioned countries live above the poverty line, thus there are more people who can actually afford to buy the luxury cars of Mercedes Benz.

        If they really want to increase their sales, why not get the girls from these countries? Let’s face it, we’re not an MB-country. We love the more affordable car brands like Toyota. πŸ™‚

      • Ang pagkakaalam ko naging stable and strong economy ng Pilipinas kasi dumami ang middle class family. Kaya na bang bumili ng Mercedes Benz ang isang middle class family?

      • Advertising in the aforementioned countries – Japan and Korea (I just don’t know with China) – are high-tech and appeal much to the intelligence. These country don’t need sexy objects to sell their products. Marketing strategy in the Philippine works with “beauty” rather than “functionality” … many companies use women (and men) to endorse their products. By association, the beautiful that accompanies the marketed, gains so much recall and appeal.

      • Well then, I believe MB made a right choice to pick Ariella and the rest of the girls (Poland’s such a hot fave in Russia – I enjoy looking at her photos). They’re ALL beautiful. And I read somewhere that the shoot is actually for a TVC to be aired in Russia until the end of the year (meaning even after the MU coronation night — that’s a feat for Ara!)

        But wait, cars are cars. And men don’t want their cars to be just flashy. It has to be something functional – yes – and thus a TVC with lots of beautiful girls will only entice them but is certainly not a guarantee that they will buy the brand. It will boil down to the specs of the car and a TVC will not be enough to present the good side of their products. And that’s where the account execs come in to steal the show. πŸ™‚ Trust Ara to know this as she was a former technical sales representative. πŸ™‚ And dude, grabe naman, hindi naman shallow ang mga Pinoy. Yes, madali tayong maakit sa magaganda and gwapo but at the end of the day, tinitingnan natin what’s inside — lalo na if it’s a car that’s worth thousands of pesos. πŸ™‚

      • I get you when you say that “hindi naman bobo ang mga Pinoy”…well, that’s true in a certain group like the culturati and the car connoisseurs. ARA promotional stint will make the “undecided” take a second look…and specially now the MB is going contemporary and avant-garde.

      • Andre…my apology for misquoting you. It is not “bobo” but “shallow”…my carelessness! Sincerely, dude!


  13. Based on these photos alone, the ones that stood out were:

    1. Philippines – She gave the most dramatic/sensual look out of everyone. Also I love the couture pose.

    2. Indonesia – I love how this girls eyes connect with the camera. She knows her angles and know how to smile and pierce through the lens of the camera.

    3. Vietnam – Nothing really special with the photo or the pose. The only real reason I like her in this photo is because of her being morena. Morena Asians usually outdo the light skinned northern Asians in the international arena.

    4. Korea – The long wavy hair, sweet smile & those eyes = Very exotic

    5. China – Last but definitely not the least…. For me, she was the only one who fits the theme ICE PRINCESS. She looks mean. She looks cold. She looks angry in a sexy way. Definitely lookin fierce.

    The rest are blah.

    • MU2013…can you please explain to me what is “couture pose”? It is my first time to encounter such a term…i’m curious because you pick Philippines as number1 because you love that “couture pose” of her.

      • @Benji,

        They are in no particular order. I just put Philippines as #1 because she is on top of the poster and the first one I liked. My #1 pick is actually China because for me she fits the ICE PRINCESS theme

        Couture pose = Hunched back, non-conventional “pretty” pose

      • MU2013…thanks…i like that term “hunched-back”…I’ve seen that in the semi-nude photo of Megan…i’ve seen that sort of pose in many men’s magazine which intended to allure…

  14. i always admire faces with good symmetry.. from right to left parehong pareho.. And i think Ara Arida has it and not all women has that feature.. A good example is her Tony Ward fashion shots.. I am not fond of women that always smile in their glam shots.. because if u smile, it means that ur hiding something. (remember, when a person smile it makes them more beautiful) like what Miss Japan did.. Mas mahirap bigyang justice and seryosong glam shots.. look at Whulandry’s picture, she tried but failed miserably.. But Ara and Erin nailed it..

    • what i really like about Ara’s glam shot eh parang pinatong yung ulo sa kanyang shoulder! BRAVO! Siya lang ang nakagawa nun. Kaya nga siya ang nasa gitna sa instagram pic ni Fadil eh. πŸ™‚ Job well done Ara! πŸ™‚

      • ha-ha-ha…di na nakita ang kanyang leeg…at ang pagkapulupot ng kamay nya sa kanyang katawan para syang namimipilit sa sakit ng tyan!

      • @wagi…by the way…smiling is not “posing”…it is more of projecting…and if it is sincere it is never mediocre. A smile is either “fake” which can be seen from the many pics of one candidate suffering dysentery, or it can be sweet – and Japan has the better of the two.

    • Then you will be frustrated once ARA opens her mouth…from symmetry to chemistry to dysentery…tabingi sya pag nagsalita…

      • The biggest hurdle of Ara is to be in Semis. Kapag nakapsok yan, pasok sa banga yan sa TOP 5. Pero sa Top 5, and lakas lakes ng kutob ko na ma Vevenus raj yan sa Q and A! πŸ™‚ # ilovevenus

      • Goodness, Benji. When will you stop bashing Ara? Hindi ba puwedeng nilalamig lang talaga si Ara kaya ganyan ang pagkakapulupot ng kamay niya sa katawan. She’s supposed to be an Ice Princess from Asia. Nilalamig siya pero nagawa niyang iproject ng maayos iyong fierceness na kinakailangan for a glam shoot. Agree ako dun sa neck comment since iyon din agad napansin ko but hello, this isn’t ANTM. Nakakainis lang iyong remark mo na para siyang natatae. And sorry, marami na ang Ara believers (and not fanatics or patriots) hindi lang sa Pinas. I’m not asking you to join the bandwagon. Just be respectful lang. I am pretty sure hindi ka perpektong tao and so is Ara. So cut the girl some slack.

      • I think hindi naman sa manner of speaking yun eh, nasa essence ng message. if she can deliver a simple and sincere answer in English (kahit grammar-wise eh hindi maganda), may chance pa rin siya to get the crown. Sa recent interviews naman niya she did well, kahit may pressure na sumagot in straight English, for me maganda iyong laman ng sagot niya. Na-blew out of proportion lang iyong comment niya about the Latinas not being able to put up a simple sentence in English kaya pinagpiyestahan na naman ng ibang tao.

      • +1 DeAndre. There’s a THIN LINE between CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and BASHING. Same with being TACTFUL and TACTLESS.

      • Ha-ha…”thin line” daw? Ngeek. where in fact there is a very big difference. Constructive criticism aims to challenge the criticized to correct what needs to straighten-up. This is for the good of the one being corrected. Bashing is to demean the person, targeting one’s ego in destroying the person. I am an art critique (fine art: still and performing arts)…I am not a basher! Di nga, bwahahaha.

      • Oh benji, for people like you, I don’t expect you will get the meaning of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, it also means criticizing the person without using HARSH words by being TACTFUL.. Do you even try to reread the things you type before you post? I bet not. You just love to contradict yourself all the time, making yourself sounding like a person with a bipolar disorder.

      • Ha-ha-ha. Call me bi-polar. But I don’t mistake something mediocre for GREATness which you always do. And who is more demented than mistaking a shit for an 18 karat gold which you always would, hahaha

  15. I think Asia is stepping up its game this time. The region has a lot of worthy candidates who can go head to head against the glamazons of South America and the conventional beauties of Europe. Gone are the days of timid Asian beauties who were happy smiling and waving in the background while the Latinas lorded it over. There is no way Asians will be completely shut out this year just like in 2009. That will be gross injustice.

    • Lots of Asians were in the Semi-finals of Miss Supranational – two in fact in the top 5!

  16. Indonesia really knows how to work the camera. This is one thing I LOVE from her. She knows how to flirt to it, amazing amazing. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture. However, she looks so much different in candid photos, which is basically is her weakest point.

    Japan looks good her, but she seems to be only doing one angle most of the time? I’m getting tired of her doing this same old safe head tilting thing that she usually does on photos. She’s pretty though.

    China = LOVES it. I think it’s the most unique out of them all. She lets it all out, she’s really trying to embody the Ice Princess concept. FIERCE.

    Vietnam = LOOKS like G. Toengi. She’s beautiful but the pose and the smile is awkward. The whole thing doesn’t go with the concept. Her face shined here though.

    Singapore = Silent killer. People are overhyping a lot of Asian candidates, but this one might pull a big surprise.

    Korea is pretty. But my personal bias could not appreciate her beauty. I might be too jaded with them, seeing a lot of beauty like hers everywhere and in K-Pop. In their standard, she’s pretty basic. And I’m not sure if she has undergone plastic surgery. Knowing it’s Korea, she probably has.

    India she has the goods but she is not opening up. She needs to let loose like Ariella is doing slowly. She has potential but she’s squandering it. She might end up as a disappointment like Navneet (Miss World India- it seems like she’s not trying hard enough).

    Philippines – I can sense that she’s letting loose on this photo, which I’m relieved. She has been too stiff in the last few days, and I’m glad she’s flaunting it now. Between this and her other photo, she is really doing the flirty stare. Her eyes are her biggest asset and she’s doing it! Both of her pics are AMAZING. Personal bias aside, she has really shown us some promise. Her poses, those stares, amazing amazing.

    • Ara’s pic was actually taken only a day or two after her arrival in Moscow. So she actually loosened up much sooner.

  17. Just noticed that ” Ice Princess” theme has the same ( almost ) the same theme in this year’s Miss Supranational 2013 search, white two piece swimsuit with faux fur scarf…..

  18. 1. Philippines – she exudes glamor, sweetness & sexiness all rolled into one. Her eyes speak a thousand words.
    2. Japan – has that very likeable charm.
    3. Indonesia – the camera loves her.

  19. I’m sorry but Indonesia’s pose looks like someone caught peeing on the wall. Peace! πŸ™‚

  20. You know what’s funny commenting here or in any other topics wherein Ara gets compared to other candidates is that people tend to give you thumbsdown ratings when you start picking other candidates instead of Ara. Yes, Ara is our representative. We are all rooting for her. But sometimes there are also other candidates who shine more than her. And we praise them for doing such. It doesnt mean we support Ara any less.

    Nakakatawa lang. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    We might as well turn Norman’s blogsite into AraArida.com and ditch all other pics of the candidates. Give her the crown and the competition is over. Bawal magcomment pag hindi si Ara ang pinakamaganda. Bawal magcomment pag hindi si Ara ang number one sa list. #smh

    • Ha-ha-ha. Talagang nakakatawa ang mga ganong klasing Pinoy…and to think na nagmamagaling-magalingan pa ang mga die-hard na ito. SIla yong unang galit pag may mga banyagang nagsasabing napakarumi ng Manila, na di masarap ang ating pagkain…Ha-ha-ha…in denial always…di matanggap ang mga commento at mga katutuhanang di ayon sa kanilang makitid na pagtingin. Natumbok mo, girl!

    • I see your point Angela Marx. I agree with your sentiments. But really do we have to waste all our energy and time commenting or praising someone who isn’t going to bring pride to our country? I don’t know, call it blind patriotism or something, but I love reading about our beauty queens and hyping them to high heavens, warrantless or not. I’m sure all other countries do the same thing. It’s like sports – Yankees vs Red Sox, Giants vs Pats or whatever. You’re gonna have to make a choice eventually.

    • @Dawn Selya: fair enough. 😊 dont get me wrong. I wouldnt have chosen any other candidate to root for as Miss Universe aside from Ara. It’s just one thing i noticed while reading comments. But still i dont think it would make Ara less of what she is if some would favor other candidates (once in a while) along the way. 😊 especially if tito Norms would post some of Ara’s strongest competitors for comparison purposes.

      @Queen_b: And to you… How do I even start my reply to your comment which clearly states you did not understand what i was trying to say? If Tito Norms was specifically trying to feature Ara solely, then why would he post pictures of the other candiates? There had been instances that he would favor some candidates too but never did his faith on Ara making it as Miss Universe falter. On that note, let me throw your question back to you…. “gets?!!!” ✌️

      • Angela…ha-ha-ha. I like it! Way to throw into the garbage bin the pretentious whore.

      • @benji: i still would like to give her the benefit of the doubt . Lol. maybe she didnt quite get my point. Haha. May mga tao talaga na MEMA. Me masabi lang! Haha.

    • Cow manure! Unless you live in China, people should be able to express their minds freely. That’s democracy for you.

  21. Philippines, Indonesia, Japan stood out here for me, at infairness hindi rin papatalo ang Korea at India πŸ˜‰

  22. Napansin ko lang bakit parang parating ganon ang peg sa picture nung kapitbahay nating Bansa? Mapafb or any other shots, parating ganon. Nauumay na ako.

  23. My 3 bets for this pic is Japan, Philippines and Korea. The 2 East Asian beauties spells sweet & sexy in their photos. Ara made this shot work for her despite of the flak she got about the hair style… What I liked about her picture is she made her expressive eyes do the talking on this. Also, special mention to Indonesia, finally, a picture of her in a different facial expression and in fairness to her, she made it work πŸ™‚

  24. My 3favorites are:
    3, indo, im always a fan of fashion photography.Her composition of body in this shot is really a top-n-tough model. her fierce lips & eyes are sexy.
    2, Myanmar & india. myanmar reminds me of Licaros.Soft and Sweet. India’s eyes will always be effortlessly fierce. Like tyra Bank judging in her show, she always gives high points on eyes expressions rather than poses.
    1. Get the “Vogue Magazine” font style and put it on Ara’s fashion editorial photo. Concave back with voluminous hair & tilted head leaning on her shoulder pose is so amazing and telling a story “freezin Fabulously”.The moment you zoom-in her face, the more you feel the sexyness on her big pouty lips and hypnotizing eyes.
    Btw, ANTM ba to?

  25. HA-ha-ha…may isang Glamshot dyan na mukhang nauutot…ha-ha-ha..di ko sasabihin kung kanino…bato-bato na lang sa langit ang matamaan ay mga fanatical na nangaasim sa galit!

      • Thanks bro! Saludo ako sa yo! At hanggat di makalabas ang utot na yan mahihirapan syang mag-bo-bloom, maging pilit lagi ang kanyang mga smiles, at mapagkakamalan siya lagi na dating lalaki na naging babae (ala BB Gandang Hari), ha-ha-ha.

  26. As for me, Japan tops by far her other Asian rivals. Her Fadil Berisha Glamshot speaks it all …it shows it all…it captures the very essence of the Ice Princess theme. If you are into Art Appreciation, you will consider all the aesthetic details therein as flashed by the object at hand. And WOW…yes, WOW in all capital letters, Japan was able to showcase artistically almost all those gentle & fiery details with a delicate balance. Let us consider some of them: a) BLACK and WHITE — whoa..Japan was able to wonderfully blend her black soft wavy hair (which for me is very hot) with her white elegant Faux Fur Winter scarf (which for me is very COOL) — indeed an amazing beauty in contrast! b) EXPOSURE : every detail is complimenting each other. Beautiful Balance again. Her beautiful face did not overwhelm her modeled wear (faux fur scarf and lingeries) nor her modeled wear did not dominate her sexiness. Japan was able to show a magical integration of her physical beauty with the exquisiteness of her props thus creating a portrait of seduction and sexiness with outmost class. c). LINES and CURVES: WOW…WOW…look at that perfect curve of her back that speaks dynamism; the lines that define her arm, her neck, her body, her face are well in place to show a balance exposure of her physical assets.
    WOW…Japan glamshot is a Yinyang of HOTness and COOLness. A delicate Balance — a perfect harmony. A hot princess in an Icy world. Indeed..hers is a glamshot of the real Icy Princess.

    • Yong iba dyan, kunwari thumb-down ng thumb down sa comments ko, pero ginagawa ang mga sinasabi ko at ginagamit nila sa ibang postings at blogs…ultimong mga technical words kinokopya…bwahahaha…mahiya naman yong mga walang originality dyan!

      • Didn’t even bother to read your comments. Makita ko lang name mo, thumbs down agad! Haha! πŸ™‚

      • Hmmm…okay, ikaw na tlga…comment mo, replies mo.hahay, pra kang may sariling mundo..I mean sariling blogsite.:(

    • Jmgonzalesme…di ka ba nagtataka kung bakit Japan lang ang sinabi mo ay marami na ang nag-thu-thumb down? It just say that they don’t like other people appreciating other candidates. These people are irrational,fanatical, blinded supporters who are crazy and classless!

      • @jmgonzalesme, pkireplyan nman c benji oh.:(…
        Ooops, un lng ang reply qh. Wag overacting…

  27. Indonesia and the Philippines are tops.
    Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan not too far behind.

    I hope to see at least two Asian semifinalists this year.

  28. You absolutely wrong guys….Whulandary is one of the most favorite model for Fadil Berisha Glamshot. He told that USA and Indonesia are His Favorites. You can look the picture of 4 finalists which he posted and shared….One of them is Whulandary…

    • After reading ALL the comments here, nobody said Whulan isn’t Fadil’s favourite… Oh and he also made a collage including Ara’s pictures in it.

      • Nung time ni Vania humirit rin yan. Kaloka! Naman, d na nakuntento na type nga ng iba si Whulan sa ice princess shoot at kailangan pa talaga to shove in our ass that Whulan is the fave? And SO??? πŸ˜›

  29. Another positive reason why she will place: don’t hate me guys for it. But the recent flak she got from her AnC interview before her departure for Moscow is serving a blessing in disguise for our dear Ara. Yes she is being bashed for this afterwards but she is generating more buzz than all those countries withdrawing for political reasons at the last minute. She’s being talked about everywhere and we all know how Donald trump loves to thrives in controversies like this. As they say, a bad publicity is still a publicity. Oh Ara, the signs are really pointing to your favor… I just hope we will finally get the crown This year.

    • Oh really? That flak Ara got about that interview is SO yesterday’s news. Even the Latinas have forgotten about it.

      If it’s SERIOUS media attention Trump wants, then all he needs to do is crown Miss Israel on Nov. 9.

  30. Norms, Ara fell off globalbeauties.com’s leaderboard. Why do you think so? I know we’re so pumped with our candidate, but can you offer some reasons why she may have fallen off completely?

    • Global Beauties has ZERO expertise when it comes to Miss Universe because it has no affiliation with MUO unlike MW. They’re so called experts never predicted the Miss Universe winner right. GB also stands for Great Britain and I guess you already know what I am trying to insinuate. πŸ˜‰

      I’ve just looked at their update and I suppose they used pingpong balls… placed them in a raffle box… picked their winners. LOL. πŸ™‚

    • So sad to read this on Global Beauties. Hope they will change their mind eventually. If there’s any consolation, it’s that they have never predicted the winner for 2 consecutive years now. So who knows? Bilog ang bola, Ara still has a shot for the crown. Positive vibes!

    • In 2011 GB predicted Malaysia as the winner but she didn’t make it to the top 16.
      In 2012 they said it would be South Africa but she failed to land the top 5.

  31. I really want the crown for Ara!!! Howver, 3 things that will make Ara Miss the cut or the crown. That is if 1. she displays an unpleasant and bitchy attitude (which I doubt) behind the scenes that we are not aware of. Think deborah Henry in 2011. 2. Donald trump manipulating the entire Top15 (think 2009) 3. If she bungles her Final q or a or the closed door interviews (but I trust she has been briefed on this by her predecessors so she kinda knows what to expect already). On the flip side, I have many reasons why she will place. 1. Exotic look that is a hit in European countries. If Mutya could do well in Belarus, then why can’t Ara? 2. Killer catwalk or pasarela walk. Enough said. 3. Being included in many high profile activities like Yamamay and Tony Ward fashion shows. Even if she didn’t show up in Yamamay event, at least she was still short listed for it. 4. The sash factor! Our country has finally arrived in the pageant scene. Everyone is so curious about our country given our string of successes in the pageant scene recently. 5. The Filipina web presenter factor. Obviously, both MU and MW are recognizing our huge fanbase worldwide, hence they are getting our past queens to generate more hits in their respective websites. Shamcey, Gwen and now, Janine…the positive trend will continue 6. If we have to think of politics, okay..fine..DOnald trump has to protect his business investments in our country (but I know this is so far fetched).

  32. Actually… the competition had officially started…. so I am changing my favorites….. My top is ARA, then Japan, Indonesia…… and TEAM ASIA is very strong to me….. Just like in MU 1988…. We had Miss Thailand as winner and 3 runners-up were Korea, Hongkong and Japan. And history MIGHT repeat again this year when the ASIAn beauties…. dominated the pageant!….

    • That happened in 1988 because the majority of the judges were Asian, and the host country was Taiwan.

  33. I am really confident Ara will place this year. Not so much because I am a Pinoy rabid fan but we have history to back it up. Apart from our amazing run so far in MU, it’s her look that is really giving me the positive vibe. For me, Ara is a cross between Zuleyka and Monica Spears (Miss VZ 2005). Both had sharp features but still delivered come finale. I told Ara and Jonas on separate occasions 2 months ago that she has a resemblance to these past two beauty queens and Jonas concurred. I even humbly suggested that Ara sport Zuleykas sleek hairstyle during her evening competition coz it would really compliment Ara’s strong Facial features. Jonas was aware of it. So when Ara sported this sleek hairstyle during the Tony Ward fashion show, she looked PHENOMENAL. Even if i know all the other 26 girls sported the same look, it was I am so glad Ara was given a chance to sport this look. how I wish this will be hairstyle during the prelims next week. Now as for Ara winning the whole thing, I am 50/50 depending on her Q&A reply. That’s where I am mostly worried about. But I am hoping we will finally get the crown this year.

  34. Philippines
    These 3 ladies exudes sexiness and looks playful and naughty, excellent for holidays lingerie ad as their peg…

  35. I’d go for Japan and Korea! Still, Ara is always a stunner with her captivating eyes but this I got to give Japan and Korea!

    India….. Fierce! Oh manasi is slowly getting into the game!

  36. Japan, Korea and Philippines. Japan And Korea project wholesome sexiness in their Fadils while Philippines has fierceness written all over. Ara knows her angles well. Disappointed with Indonesia. It’s like “What the hell am I doing in this shoot?” look. Love Vietnam’s smile but too inappropriate for this theme. India and Sri Lanka are okay. Not so great but not so bad either.

    • You absolutely wrong guys….Whulandary is one of the most favorite model for Fadil Berisha Glamshot. He told that USA and Indonesia are His Favorites. You can look the picture of 4 finalists which he posted and shared….One of them is Whulandary…

  37. ara’s pic is fine but fadil should have shown a bit of aras neck. it appeared like her head was placed on someones knee. try making a zoom. fierce face though.

  38. The best photo for me:
    Philippines-the best, effortless
    Japan- captured her best angle
    Korea- shown her best authentic asian look.

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