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      • K..Tito..been away for a couple of days so just catching up on all your blogs..LOL anyway glad you seen it and also glad to be back on your scene…..I’m glad Ara is doing pretty well in Moscow!! 🙂 (Y)

  1. Sorry, but Azerbaijan is in ASIA. It is farther to the East than both Syria and Israel, and it borders north of IRAN.

  2. Nagbabagang balita:Ariella Arida isa sa anim na kandidatang napili para gumawa ng tv commercial ng Mercedes-Benz.

  3. Wala lang just wanna share my random thoughts:

    You know they say success comes in 3s…..so well

    2 Crowns so fa for the Philippines this year: Muya and Megan

    2 MU Crowns for the Philippines so far: Gloria and Margie

    Ok guys you know where I am going with this one 🙂


    The whole R-S-T (Raj, Supsup and Tugonon) so the the next is U right…you ask hmmmm AHA there’s no U

    To me the U stands for UNIVERSE

    so mga friendships…ARIELLA HERNANDEZ ARIDA I really believe is dentined to be 2013 Miss Universe 🙂

  4. Based on these photos, for me this set is the strongest & cant help but to choose 5.
    Melita is younger clone of Adriana Lima. The effortlessly sultry & naive l
    Paulina’s candid shot made her different among those girls.
    Mari , Stephany & Doris are also runner-ups in this challenge.

    Camera definitely loves these girls but im not sure how they are in motion & pasarela

  5. For me, they are Czech Republic , Poland, Spain and France. These girls are definitely included in the top 10.

  6. Glam shots for European ice princesses is the hardest one to visualize. So I just have to choose one. The rests are all equal. The European Glam shoot Ice Princess is no other than:


      • veejay: wats my interbyu, fleas.

        AKO ang #1 na manghuhula! Kaya ayan, nagalit sa akin si Monic.

  7. I am for Paulina and Heranani (Poland and France).
    Though Paulina is sandwiched by her props (faux fur headdress and shawl), she manages to emerge impeccable in glamour. Her body may be hidden and her lingeries are not seen, but her sensuality just plays wild in your imagination and teases you to fantasize that is she is posing curvaceously. The strong mixture of Coolness and Hotness of her glamshot propels you to hallucinate that the Ice Princess is projecting seductively in front of you!
    As for France…she has almost everything in right places…her lush flowing vibrant hair, her broad shoulder strong and steady…her face tilting with confidence…those well-defined lips and nose…those tempting pair of eyes and eyebrows…whew…all reminds me of Farrah Fawcett at her prime (an epitome of hot and cool)…indeed an apparent heiress to the contested throne – that of an Ice Princess.

  8. Switzerland and Czech Rep are setting a trend this year, that short-haired woman can be beauty queen as well.
    Anong oras na ba, makapagpagupit nga.

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