26 comments on “‘Ice Princesses’ from the Americas: Take Your Picks

  1. Don’t forget to pray for Ara. 🙂
    – that she gets the confidence to stand out and win
    – that she gets the support of Filipinos worldwide, especially here at home.

  2. To my eyes they all look like sisters and cousins and just based on above photos, I only enjoyed staring at Jakelyne and Guadalupe. 🙂

  3. Gosh…I just can’t get enough of Bolivia’s long “swan-necked” projection which is complimented very nicely with her well-chisseled jaw and long wavy and flowing hair. Too much dynamism, so much vitality — vibrant, effervescent…alluring. And those eyes…coyly glancing but suggestively seducting…as if enticing every curious onlooker: come…get me!

  4. Almost every single girl from the Americas are equally beautiful.

    But with these photos alone, the ones that stood out were:

    1. USA / Erin – Personally, I think she looked the most beautiful out of everyone here. The big wavy hair + frontal shot = Beautiful.

    2. Canada / Riza – Not being biased because she’s Filipino… But clearly she stands out because of her different look than the rest.

    3. Venezuela / Gabriela – Love the body. You can tell she’s very tall. Love the hair on the side. Not trying to hard to pose. Big smile. Love it… The only thing though is that her make-up looks kinda heavy and is making her look a bit older.

    I’m a little disappointed with Bolivia. I always liked her. I wish they would have chosen a frontal shot of her like USA’s photo to capture her big almond blue eyes – her best asset.

    By the way, Mexico is Lol.

  5. I like Nastassja, Guadalupe & Erin based sa glamour shots.
    Bakit parang nasobrahan sa transfirnation si rizza.Nawala na exotic look nya.

    • Actually, Riza now reminds me of Bianca Paz. Even Riza’s walk during the fashion show was very much like Bianca’s.

      • Really Maria d ko lang napansin…
        Me too sheena..mas pretty sya nung Ms.earth days.kprehas nya ng nose si Zuleyka.
        Im hoping n mkkaya nya sa semi kasi shes pro sa carwalk.

  6. The pose of Cindy has a similarity with that of Japan (from Asian cluster)…Japan still tops cindy by mile though. But I do like Cindy…not as much though as I like Puerto Rico.

  7. Wala si Puerto Rico ko, hu-hu-hu…Ok, I am consoled that Bolivia is there — also my number 1 pick among the Americans..

  8. In my 20/20 vision, for the Americas… it’s:

    1st Cindy (Peru)
    2nd Lucia (Colombia)
    3rd Gabriela (Venezuela)

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