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  1. Wow! Salamat Norman for giving us a slot in your blog. It is truly heartwarming to have you with us during this milestone event. Salamat 🙂

  2. Wow, thank you so much Norman for giving Aces & Queens a slot in your blog. It is truly a milestone for us and we are happy you shared this moment with us. Salamat!

  3. Congratulations!

    Is Carla Lizardo the next? I really hope Yvethe Santiago change camps – she have great potentials. About Janicel, hope she joins BbP 2 years from now. By then, she is well polished and free from MWP obligations.

  4. Congratulations Aces & Queens & Norman ( who I think should officially be part of the A&Q family for being so smart & nice) ! May the string of success continue 🙂

  5. Sayang tong si Theresa, may yutak pa naman, kung ito pumasok sa semi at nagtuloy-tuloy sa Taft 5, kabog si Rio Morley ng Gapan.
    Minsan talaga, hindi pinagsasama-sama ang positivity because opposite polls anthrax.
    Pero betchay ko talaga tong si Theresa.
    Sana magjoin sya sa MWP, Theresa Fenger for the Win!

    • You always crack me up basil lol. Thanks for bringing humor to this blog though I know how much you freak out some of us with your comments 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • basil grabe tawa ko sa mga tinuran mo sa taas,pinagsama sama mo at pinagdugtong dugtong ang magkakaibang tao at lugar.simula sa taft avenue,pumunta kay rio na miss universe at naging apelyedo ay mrs morley ng miss world,tapos kay theresa licaros na bb pilipinas universe na naging c theresa fenger.

  6. I hope the inspiringly ambitious Janicel Lubina would finally join Aces and Queens… I can’t wait for the former house maid to be crowned Miss Universe or Miss World… She will surely be bashed forever but the woman who blooms out of adversity is with no doubt the most beautiful of all.

    • Oh! I didn’t know that she also worked as a “kasambahay.” All the while I thought that it was only her mother. Well, that would truly be a success story if ever she wins either MU or MW. And it would be nice to read on headline: Philippine Cinderella captures the “_____” crown!

    • She’d had a great chance of winning, with her beauty, body and that walk! I don’t know how well her trainers train her though, so I do hope she moves to Aces & Queens, as well as Charmaine Elima & Parul Shah.

  7. Any source of your supposed drama or scandal behind Ara’s pic with the Latinas? It seems fabricated makagawa lang ng issue.

    • Tamarindo, kung totoo yan kumalat na yan sa misso, wag na lang pansinin sound fabricated!

  8. Tito Norms, off topic. Can you ask Sir Jonas about this issue:

    “Remember a picture of Philippines with some latinas??? Theres a big story and scandal behind that!

    Some latinas are sitting in the couch that time.. That was before the welcome/dinner party ended..

    Ara was with Miss Canada and Indonesia that time.. When someone approached her.. The photographer of the event.. This man.. in my idea.. has a knowledge about the issue of the Philippines with some latinas.. He invited Philippines to join the group for a while just to take a picture.. Ara told to the photographer that shes willing to join the group but shes really afraid and feelin awkward.. Canada offered Ara to join her in the group shot.. But the photographer insist that shes only inviting Philippines to join the group..

    Philippines came in the couch and surprisingly.. Miss Peru stood up and came to Ara just for a kiss and asked her to have a sit in the middle.. (How sweet)

    BUT! THIS IS THE BIGGEST DRAMA! One latina (David dont want to mention the country) stood up and shouted some words in her own language.. She walked away from the couch and looks very angry..

    Peru tried to comfort Ara.. Then the photographer continue to take a shot.. ”


    • Is this story really true? I sure hope it isn’t. If it is, Miss Peru sounds like such a sweet girl and I wish her the best in Moscow. But would you happen to know who this girl is that stormed off? The only one that comes to mind for me, is Miss Puerto Rico. I see her as the competitive type.

  9. Congrats to Majonas et al. To the successful launching of new A&Q studio. Ma Norman, so do they officially have a model agency-like newly renovated studio na parang small school/workshop ang setting?
    If wala pa and may plan sila mag hanap ng interior designer im willing to design an institution semi probono & im sure macocollaborate ko si Archt.Supsup…kidding.

  10. I’m afraid Japan and Philippines will get the most of “international bashings” for their deficiencies on the rampart!

  11. Gee…halata pa rin ang puson ni ARA sa first catwalk nya…ngeek…sagwa, she looks a younger version of ruffa r. though.

  12. For me, the ones who stood-out outstandingly are the following: Poland, Jamaica, France and Spain…Japan was so “sakang”… Ara lacked the pizzaz of a model, besides she lacked the height compared with majority of her co-models.

  13. Ara did great on her catwalk with the while gown and red cocktail dress…The was a blond lady who is a mess I don’t know where she is from maybe you guys know?

    • Yung mukhang sirang manika? Si Miss Sweden po yon. Di ko alam kung bakit naka-3 outfits ang loka…

  14. tapos na yung fashion show tito norman!

    can’t wait for your big sunday specials about this one—ara really looked oh so damn fierce. her best moment so far.


  15. That first pic, yan ang tunay na beauty and brains. Shamcey (magna/board topnotcher) and Teresa (summa)!

  16. Now these are the people who should be managing the Philippines’ Miss Universe franchise and calling the shots! Instead of that Colombian version of Norma Desmond !!

    • @anita:

      Norma Desmond, LOL!

      “…with one look… “… yep, with one look you’ll realize it’s a recycled Barazza.

      Yes, it seems she lives in her own la-la land in that old mansion of hers…

  17. MABUHAY to you A&Q !!! May your passion inspire more our budding Filipinas to discover in them the gem of beauty the is only unearth through discipline and the enthusiasm to learn and be transformed. You are there to accompany them in unraveling the very best in them! Pinay Beauty – World Class Definitely!

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