52 comments on “Sunday Specials: Ariella Arida VS Gabriela Isler is like Madame Stella VS Osmel Sousa

  1. Stella and Osmel should put on gladiatorial gear, put in one room, and battle it out.

    Only one comes out alive!

  2. Both are Confidently Beautiful! My perception however is that Brand Philippines is Confidently Natural while Brand Venezuela is Confidently Manufactured. And I sincerely doubt if this is an isolated perception…

    • The “confidently manufactured” brand, as you said, Venezuela, has won 6 Miss Universe crowns. That means the MUO doesn’t care if beauty is manufactured, as long as it delivers. Right?

  3. Norman, you also forgot to mentioned that Madam Araneta edged Osmel Sousa as Pageant Director of the Year given by Global Beauties for 2012. So it will be interesting for this year, because even if Ariella wins Ms. Universe the Best Pageant Director of the Year might be given to Ms. Cory Quirino, because she had the hardest task to make the impossible into a reality by winning the first Ms. World for the Philippines. I think Henrique Fontes like Cory Quirino a lot.

    • No doubt about it. Cory Q. will be named Pageant Director of the year. What Stella wasn’t able to do ever since she became the franchise holder for Bb. Pilipinas World starting in 1992, Cory was able to deliver in just 3 years.

  4. Venezuela always puts up a good fight every year, and this year is no exception. But Ara is well-prepared so bring it on! May the best woman win!

  5. What would help Ara now is for us to fill the online bandwidth with good vibes and kind greetings to our representative. If we wish her well, and all the other candidates, then it will reflect well on our country as well. Let the others bicker. Let’s concentrate on helping her win. πŸ™‚

  6. I hope this is not true kung totoo man sino kaya yun B@%@#T?

    at # 24..

    Remember a picture of Philippines with some latinas??? Theres a big story and scandal behind that!

    Some latinas are sitting in the couch that time.. That was before the welcome/dinner party ended..

    Ara was with Miss Canada and Indonesia that time.. When someone approached her.. The photographer of the event.. This man.. in my idea.. has a knowledge about the issue of the Philippines with some latinas.. He invited Philippines to join the group for a while just to take a picture.. Ara told to the photographer that shes willing to join the group but shes really afraid and feelin awkward.. Canada offered Ara to join her in the group shot.. But the photographer insist that shes only inviting Philippines to join the group..

    Philippines came in the couch and surprisingly.. Miss Peru stood up and came to Ara just for a kiss and asked her to have a sit in the middle.. (How sweet)

    BUT! THIS IS THE BIGGEST DRAMA! One latina (David dont want to mention the country) stood up and shouted some words in her own language.. She walked away from the couch and looks very angry..

    Peru tried to comfort Ara.. Then the photographer continue to take a shot..


    25. David told me that not all the latinas are not good withPhilippines.. Some of them are still approaching her.. He saw Spain and Philippines together.. And he saw Panama, Venezuela and Costa Rica invited Philippines to take a photo with them.

    link: http://missosology.info/~missyorg/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=210469&start=90

    • They’re putting too much drama. The Philippines has a lot in common with Latin American countries, and with the recent success of the the Philippines in Miss World & Supranational, of course they’re curious.

    • I think the b*tchy one is Monic (Puerto Rico). With her diva-ish attitude she showed during the welcome party, I can only think of her as the one with that kind of guts to flare up to Ara in front of many people/press. Anyway deadma, as long as she keeps her hands off Ara. She should know she can’t do anything drastic to our rep if she doesn’t want all the Filipino supporters in Moscow to do anything to her if that happens lol…

      • Sheena…not all Filipino supporters in Moscow are as stupid and fanatical as you are…so better avod generalizing and tarnishing the reputations of those who supporters who are not blinded by their overzealousness, which in psychology is itself a personality disorder and a deviant!

      • Overzealousness is a personality disorder and it is very evident in sheena and her cohorts!

      • Benji, ever heard of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE/EXPRESSION? I’m sure you haven’t coz if you do, you wouldn’t react that way. Guess you haven’t been taking your medication since this morning huh… God bless you!

      • Sheena…so you think you are using a figurative expression? That’s baloney! The fact is you are generalizing — the same blunder that ARA committed when she assumed that Latinas could not even complete a sentence…an english sentence! Stop your NONSENSE! Check again how you used your words and sentences..they were not even satirical to pass as a literary piece … your statements could justify your insistence on them as being figurative. Whoa…spare me! Check again and you will find out that you are worst than the PALENGKERAs, bwahahaha

      • For CRITICAL and BIPOLAR people like you benji, yes πŸ™‚ I hope you won’t forget your medication this time before your disease gets much worse.

    • Hmmm… I hope this is not true — AHA being snobbed by one of the Latinas. If ever there’s truth to it, I have a hunch that it’s Miss Dominican Republic. Why? Karma took its immediate toll on her — she got into the hole of darkness. LOL. πŸ˜‰

      “Batu-bato sa langit, tamaa’y huwag magagalit.”

  7. I concur. Both are absolutely gorgeous. Difference is Ara has not gone under the knife for her physical transformation while Gabriela (no offense to her) has. But you all get the drift πŸ™‚ Peace out.

    • I agree with you Jen, even my Venezuelan friend admitted that their representative has undergone surgery to enhance her looks. πŸ™‚

      • At Luna: I think its always a must for their rep to go under the knife before their international competition which explains why they conduct their local pageants a year in advance. They always look gorgeous though.

    • I love the pink dress! πŸ™‚ But seriously, I can’t see our reps wearing those high end couture dresses not unless our rep’s families are well off (Like Mafae’s) then maybe there’s a chance. For now, seeing our BBP queens wearing our local designers will bring a smile on my face, if given a chance for this to happen…

      • Sheena kwento ka naman ng kaunti about Mafae and her dress. πŸ™‚ Those years di pa kasi ako masyadong crazy sa beauty paggeants eh.. Naging curious lang ako sa panahon na ni Venus.

      • Baptiste, she was the only BBP rep from 2001 onwards so far that I can remember who wore a designer gown a.k.a her infamous red Versace that was also seen on Beyonce (Or was it JLO? Basta one of the hippie hollywoo celebs). there were no BPCI staff who were present that time so she was able to wear her Versace gown instead of the one that Madame provided for her πŸ˜› I was still in uni during those days but my curiosity usually gets in so I’m still a bit familiar with our previous queens, but biased as I may seem that time but I only remember the striking ones LOL πŸ™‚

      • Haha, napagusapan namin yan here before ni Closer2Fame but I forgot which topic dito yun and dun ko rin nalaman (thru Tita Norms) na tinakas pala nya yung Versace gown nya that time LOL.

  8. Whilst one is more stunning the other is much taller. They’re both enjoying the party so there’s no competition. Besides, the lighting was so bad when the picture was taken.

    Right comparison. SMA vs OS. If you count only the last three, then SMA is the clear winner. BTW, Jonas Gaffud only represents A&Q (Mercator) and it is not right that he is given sole credit for AHA’s successful transformation. His trainors were as equally responsible. Remember that the Quay Guy was the one that helped AHA achieve that extra sexiness and obviously not JAG. Bottom-line is NO SMA – NO BbP – No AHA. My two cents.

  9. Islet looks old in this pic. Like a younger version of Mystica. I’m not being biased on Ara. I hope to see other pics of her.

    So far, Ara looks beautiful on the pics you’ve posted on your blog Sir Norman.

    • One is “Primera Contravida”, the other is “Altrevida”
      One is “Diva Sentonada”, the other is “Cara de Babucha”

    • Wow! Napapansin na talaga si Ara…. Keep the momentum going Ara. No dark evening gown for her… Should be white… Basta light shades.

  10. I’ve been calling Madam Jonas the Queen Midas–everything he touches turns into gold!!

    You heard it here guys–Ara will be next!! My instinct and gut feelings have not wronged me πŸ™‚ #forthwin #forthwcrown

  11. Its more like Aces & Queens vs Osmel Sousa

    SMA is the president – but her ways are proven to, well… Suck.

    Without A&Q’s touch, our reps wouldn’t shine as much

    I give A&Q credit more than SMA

    • AGREE MU2013! It really should be Jonas vs Osmel. SMA is just the boss on paper but it is Jonas who should take all the credit.

      • I know, right?

        Jonas Gaffud/A&Q are doing it because its their passion and their hard work SHOWS. They are proven to improve our candidates chances.

        Its not about the money for them – its their passion and their love for our Philippines

        Jonas/A&Q are the backbone of BPCI. SMA should be grateful to have them, not the other way around.

        They deserve more exposure and buzz.

      • So Norman, You probably wouldn’t, but i would highly suggest changing the title and removing SMA’s name πŸ™‚

      • I actually used Madame instead of Jonas because the latter is not with BPCI which is the counterpart of MVO where Osmel is the head. Had I used Jonas instead of Madame, I’m pretty sure pro-BPCI comments will question the bypass. In the end, Mama J will surely give way to age before beauty. πŸ˜‰

  12. Ngayon ko lang napagtanto as in now lang, mga 2 minutes ago, na si Osmel pala ay isang beki.
    I was never informed.
    Mga traydor!
    Namiss ko tuloy yung telenovelang La Traydora.

    Valeria Montoya, 69, Valenzuela!

  13. I think Jonas Gaffud should take the credit not Madame SMA. He is the reason for the success of our beauty queens. I would not be surprised if ladies from around the world would now flock to the Philippines and be trained under Jonas.

    Watch out Osmel, there’s a new beauty queen-maker king, and that’s Jonas.

    • AMEN, sleuth! SMA’s job is to select from a wide array of Jonas-Gaffud girls who will be sent to the Universe. SMA’s job only starts and ends there. The rest of the work lies on A&Q shoulders. Stella just keep supplying our candidates with outdated and recycled outfits and giving them pocket money for their travels while Jonas’ always painstakingly polishes our diamond-girls-in-the-rough for their respective competitions.

  14. Philippines & Venezuela has both sash factor! W/O the 2 ms. Universe will be boring!!

  15. The main difference between these two formidable opponents?

    Miss Venezuela reps have historically done well BECAUSE OF Osmel Sousa.

    Miss Philippines reps have been doing exceedingly well [especially lately] INSPITE OF Stella Marquez Araneta.

    Take that however which way you want.

  16. Between Ara and Gabriela…I go for ARA. Definitely, any beauty that is a result of a scientic alteration through a knife of an expert is a BIG NO for me. Ara should walk tall beside her and lift her “chin” up to say “Hey…this is real thing – natural, unblemished, untarnished”. Be proud of that Ara – be very confident!

  17. I feel safe and well taken care, besides being pampered by Osmel Sousa…
    Just being honest!

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