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  1. What would help Ara now is for us to fill the online bandwidth with good vibes and kind greetings to our representative. If we wish her well, and all the other candidates, then it will reflect well on our country as well. Let the others bicker. Let’s concentrate on helping her win. 🙂

  2. I’m happy to see Ara in a lighter shade of lipstick! Finally! 🙂 Smokey eye makeup + light shade of lipstick = Goddess Ara 😉

    • Baliw…nabasa mo lang kung saan inulit mo lang yang sinabi mo…naghintay ka pa ng mahabang oras para makapagkomentaryo ng detalye!

      • Oh and the heck you care about my comment as if I was BASHING someone? And hindi porque hindi ora orada magcomment pagkatapos mapublish ang post ni Tita Norms e naghintay ng mahabang oars, hindi ba pwedeng I have a life aside from browsing the internet? I’ve got better things to do and browsing about beauty pageants is just one of my ways to kill time. Good for you if you have all the time in the world to just lurk around and all.

        Nakalimutan mo na naman ata inumin ang maintenance meds mo based sa tabas ng dila mo 🙂 God bless you benji.

  3. Ariella, from now on, I will not bash you anymore.
    Bet ka kasi pala ng byenan ko, ayoko namang iwan ako ni Facundo dahil sa utos ng amain nya.
    Kaya naman Ariella, hindi na kita iba-bash, afterall may pinagsamahan naman tayo.
    Peace Ariella, lam mo yan teh, kahit puro pambubwisit ang mga comments ko, inaasam ko at ipinagdarasal na manalo ka.
    Sa mga araw na pinutakte kita, kabilugan ng buwan nun, kaya sana maunawaan mo ang amiga mo.
    Goodlucks Mars.
    Break a neck and bring home the baycon.

    • @basil kahit walang humpay ang kakabash mo kay ariela eh wala lang nmn yun sa kanya. di nmn maapektuhan ang performance nya all the way sa final. eh sino ka nga nmn para sa kanya . hahahha. kaya go lang bakla hahahah

      • @lon, at sino ka naman sa akin.
        Pukihan kita at ng mapagtanto mong hindi dapat minamaya’t maya ang pag-uumepal.

  4. hoy basil!!!! kung wala kang masabing maganda lagyan mo ng pandesal yang bunganga mo!!!! kaka bad trip kna ha!!! bash ka ng bash kay ara!!! gusto ikaw nlng mag compete sa russia!!! akala mo ang ganda2 mo!!!!! jumbagin kta jan eh!!!!

  5. dapat kasi matagal nang pinatalsik si stella sa bpci at palitan na ng mas bata, bukod sa mga recycled gowns at national costumes, outdated na rin ang mga wardrobe!

  6. Ara looks lovely but she ended up looking much shorter than she actually is because the ill-fitting recycled gown she wore at this welcome dinner was way TOO SHORT for her. That’s why she was forced to wear shorter heels than the rest of the candidates at this important event.

    The gown is recycled from 2008 worn by then Miss World Philippines Danielle Castano.

    Another example of how Madame Stella’s penny pinching ways affect our candidate’s chances. This welcome dinner was the first big media event for MU In Moscow where press people were invited to meet the candidates, and Stella wouldn’t even buy a new effin’ dress for Ara, or at least provide a dress that fits!!!

    Please Madame, go take a flying leap somewhere, preferably off the side of a cliff!

    • @anita: Whoa! No wonder she looked so much shorter standing next to Miss Venezuela at that welcome dinner! As a result, Ara is now being bashed and branded as a midget in one of the pageant forums and it’s all because Stella wanted to save a few bucks! And this is BPCI’s “strategy,” for our candidate to work very hard in preparing herself physically for 6 months, only to end up wearing recycled dresses that don’t even fit?

      This ain’t right!

      • Ha-ha-ha…here is one soul who can see my point! Precisely…nagpakahirap si ARA only to reap all the bashing because the BBPCI itself lives in mediocrity!

      • I totally understand benji now–his bashing is not directed to ara our candidate but to BBPCI who I agree sucks! I am sure all these winners have signed a some kind of a contract to not bad mouth or speak honesty about what is really going on–I guarantee all these beautiful girls have great sense of style but they are controlled. Sad sad sad

        Ara has and will always have my support and I am greatly believing that she can bring the crown home!! Let’s stay positive guys

      • Thanks Pageant Fanatic for your kind word and for your acknowledgment. Surely I love ARA…I am just waiting for that TIPPING Point when and where she let loose of herself, feel free despite all inconveniences, having fun despite those awful gowns (ala Mutya with her orange gown)…with that, her very natural self will shine, authentic smiles will beam, glowing eyes will radiate. It is that time when collectively our spirit will soar, our hearts celebrating and our words congratulating!

    • I love ara and she has all it takes to win–it’s SMA sabotage that is the downfall of our candidates year after year!! She is totally not as involved with ara as compare to our past representatives. I believe is ara and what a true victory it will be for her and all of us Filipinos when gets that crown. God bless and we are behind you in your quest!

      Lastly, to SMA…please retire!!!

    • Kung kinakawawa nga si ARA ng BBPCI by not supporting her enough (recycled ill-fitted gown, not sending her early to Moscow so could have time to rest, giving her cramped schedule of activities – such as interviews before she left Manila, giving her a short yet bulky winter coat that makes her appear like a hideous russian prosti, hiring an old-schooled-nega-peddling trainer FritzY that makes her moves too mannered and numbered), then what can you expect from those who just couldn’t and wouldn’t like the images of what they are seeing?

    • Stella Araneta = SABOTAGE QUEEN

      cuz deep in her heart she still yearns for a second MU title for her native country Colombia…

    • Lol….oh come on…it’s not that bad, is it? The true test will be at the preliminary -evening gown -judging. Hopefully, she’ll break out her best gown and land a spot in the semi-finals and go from there!

      • Yes it’s bad when you’re forced to wear short heels that makes you look like you’re 5’3″ next to the other candidates, and all because of a dress that’s too short! The shoulder straps were lengthened but that was barely enough for the dress to reach down to her ankles, and instead it made it worse because all it did was lower the bodice that it made her boobs look droopy.

        Yes, it was bad.

    • Oh my! Madam stella!!!! What the f?!!! Recycled again?!!!!! Jeses Christ!!!! Ara if you are able to read this, ditch the gowns and ho with your own gut feel styling! We re here to support you!!!!

    • @Anita Dwink I had no idea that it was recycled 😦 But Ara still looked lovely. So the gown she wore is Barazza? I just don’t understand why Madame Stella does not want any other Filipino designer to lend Ara any gowns if she does not like to spend money. It just does not make any sense anymore.

      If I were Madame Stella I would rather buy Ara a Haute Couture Christian Dior gown for that event instead of buying a useless Crocodile Hermes Birkin which costs 3-5 million pesos EACH. Ara deserves just that.

      Knowing what you said Anita I am now not expecting a lavish evening gown for Ara but I know that Ariella will be able to carry that gown how cheap and ugly it may look. Ara we believe in you. TIto NORMAN if the gown is that ugly would it be possible for Ara to make a call to Michael Cinco? I mean Michael is not that far – he’s just in Dubaia and I am assuming that he will have the heart to help Ara.

      Ara worked so hard for this and if her evening gown is really going to be that bad I would so pissed off. Madame Stella is probably still in New York buying expensive clothes for herself and eating in the most expensive restaurants in the city – she could have given up some of those and buy Ara something expensive to wear for the Welcoming event.

      • @alexandra: yes, I agree. Stella didn’t need to go to NYC to purchase a gown! She probably just used that as an excuse to spend BPCI money for her overseas trip! The cost of her NYC trip alone would have paid nicely for a Cinco or a Libiran gown, or better yet these Filipino designers might even have provided their creations for FREE!

        Madame is obviously running a racket.

    • Not surprised that the gown is recycled. As what I always say, what can we expect from BPCI 😦 Anyway Let’s just hope that her gown for her prelims/finals will be something much better than the trashy Bazzura gowns our previous reps wore.

  7. Ara’s aura is so noticeable in the pics ! She stands out in the group pics ! Kudos to Aces & Queens ! Ara’s presence is slowly and surely being felt ! Way to go Sis 🙂

  8. from the Miss Universe Home page …
    Miss Panama, Carolina Brid
    “Racism is the biggest problem facing the world right now. We need to accept other’s beliefs and become more tolerant. ”
    … watch out

  9. isa ka pa!!!sarap mo sampalin ng Bakya ng Lola Ara ko… Gugulpihin rin kita pag wala kng masasabing maganda kay Reyna Ara namin.. Tumalon ka kaya sa hagdan nila Facundo..

  10. Miss Universe and Miss World is very comparable to the Miss USA and Miss America pageants here in the States.

    While Miss USA is part of the Miss Universe Organization, Miss America is a scholarship pageant that includes a talent and fitness category and a charitable platform, similar to Miss World. Ironically, many Miss USA contestants have also competed in the Miss America pageant.

    Oscar winner Halle Berry was 1st runner up at the Miss USA 1986 pageant. While Tony-Grammy-Emmy nominee, Vanessa Williams, was crowned Miss America, 1984. Both are equally beautiful.

    Venezuela has 6 Miss World and 6 Miss Universe crowns. EXPECT the Philippines to have similar success in the future!

    GO Ariella!!!

  11. Lets see,

    Miss Universe 2010: 4th runner up
    Miss Universe 2011: 3rd runner up
    Miss World: 2011: 1st runner up
    Miss Universe 2012: 1st runner up
    Miss World 2012: semi finalist
    Miss World 2013: winner

    Pressure is on for Miss Philippines – Universe, Ariella Arida, who should have no problem extending the streak of excellence that the delegates have obtained in the two most prestigious pageants of Miss Universe and Miss World.

    For some reason, making Miss Philippines-World a separate entity from the Bb Pilipinas pageant, has proved very successful for the Philippines.

  12. Ara’s body language is definitely much more at ease next to the other Asian candidates. Now that I’ve seen her next to Whulandary, I can definitely say “no contest.”. Ara is the Asian candidate to beat!

  13. Spain is so Lovely and adorable. Halos Magkamukha na sila ni Ara sa Ganda! Haven’t u noticed Sir N? Wow!! Ara is finally getting relaxed and confident. Btw, would u know Ms Spain’s IG account? Oh I am in love with her!!

  14. Sir Norms: Parang si Miss Spain ang isa sa mga ka-close ni Ariella. May video sila together with Miss Tanzania. Patricia introduced the other one as “Tanzania”, then introduced Ariella as “Mi Amor”.

  15. WHOA…I like very much the second photo…ARA’s hand extending on the table…asif telling the other candidates that “the table is mine…nakikisawsaw lang kayo, hahaha”…O di ba may humor…and way to enjoy the party…Have Fun! I am looking forward to seeing more photos of her claiming the seat, the space, the stage, the whole Arena, the whole universe by having fun and enjoying being a host to her guests na nakikisawsaw lang, ha-ha-ha…
    WHOA…a breathe of fresh air…

    • In the first photo, it is Peru who is claiming the seat..as if telling ARA…umurong ka nga dyan! and to Ms. Costa Rico, “hoy, sailing-pusa, soon ka sa likod”! hahaha

  16. Tito Norms any pic of Venezuela Puerto Rico and BRazil from the welcomr dinnrr?

  17. Tito Norms, Ara’s weapon is her inner beauty. She shines not because of the amount of make-up she wears, nor her coiffed hair, and absoultely not her clothes. Although these things help a beauty queen like herself get noticed, it is in her being relaxed and happy with the people around her that brings her beauty out. If we, Filipinos could just rally behind our representative Ara, she will feel this more and she’ll shine effortlessly all the way until she tries her best to get us that crown November 9th.
    Been following your blog anonymously for quite sometime, but your call to unite not just for Ara but for our country (as she represents all 99,000,000 of us), made me want to finally pitch in my 10-cents worth.
    Ara, ipagpatuloy mo lang ang ginagawa mo, mahirap ang hindi magpa-apekto sa paninira sa iyo ng ilang kapwa mong Pilipino. Huwag kang panghihinaan nang loob dahil mas marami pa rin kaming susuporta sa iyo hanggang sa dulo. Salamat sa pagre-represent sa amin. Waging-wagi ka na sa puso namin!

  18. Any insider views of the girls who shone last night? Our girl is slowly opening up but she looks reserved. Don’t expect her to be bubbly like Mutya since she is more of the introvert type though. I just hope she is approachable and less intimidating.

  19. Ara look gorgeous here! Balita nagshine daw si inday ara dito, mabuti naman gumaganda na ang news!

  20. I like the styling here.

    Simple yet sexy. Not too “done up”

    I love the dress and her hair like this

    I think this is the prettiest she has looked since arriving in Moscow

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