7 comments on “Indeed, there is a Vegas in Moscow for MU2013

  1. Ako lang ba ang obcessed sa National costume natin?
    If i’m a politician, i would use all my power to ensure the best representation of our country and tht includes the national costume… Sana si Boy Abunda nalang naging secretary of tourism natin para imbis na makurakot ng iba e sa mga pageant natin napunta ang pork barrel… I don’t wana keep my hopes up… im already setting myself for disapointment.. but still at the back of my head.. my dream of a the most beautiful national costume is still alive!

    ARIBA AHA FTW!!!!!!!

  2. Ara said in an interview that only Madame Stella makes the final selections concerning the national costume and evening gown, with absolutely no input or feedback coming from Ara (heaven forbid!). It’s sad and frustrating that the BPCI is run by a pampered Colombian dowager who is driven by her big ego and sense of power over everyone she comes into contact with.

    And I bet it’s gonna be Barazza AGAIN this year.

    • I don’t think that we should worry. Look at Ara’s gown at the Welcoming party – it’s beautiful and that’s only for an event. Ara saw the sketch as she said in the interview but not the dress in flesh, but it’s quite strange because Sir Jonas tweeted “National Costume….. Gown……” (something like that) and this implies that they have seen her gown and national costume in “flesh”. Who knows maybe they just saw the sketches. Anyways, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • @alexandra

        Her gown at the welcome dinner is recycled from 2008 originally worn by Danielle Castano at Miss World. The gown is elegant, yes, but unfortunately it was way too short for Ara, so she was forced to wear shorter heels. That is why she ended up looking shorter than many of the candidates at the welcome dinner.

        The BPCI should have at least provided Ara a dress that fit her, or invest in a new dress for a change, for heaven’s sake.

  3. Tito Norman, sana po Filipino creation na iyong susuotin nya for both the NC and EG segments. Pansin ko lang there are marked improvements na sa outfits nya and styling in general. May photos po na parang nasa party or night out sila. And ang ganda ganda ni Ariella dun. Ang sosyal ng outfit nya.

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