11 comments on “Hinarani de Longeux: I’m sure you like this girl

  1. Pre-arrival, she is in my Top 3 along with Miss Spain and my Miss Universe but somehow she lost some points when I saw her in Tony Ward’s show. And she is actually the pre-arrival favourite of GlobalBeauties.com for the crown. But their choice always end up not winning. However, for three consecutive years they were spot-on on MW winner. So let’s wait and see what awaits Miss France.

  2. Miss France, along with Spain & Philippines, is one of my favorites but they can’t seem to get her eye make-up right 😦

  3. Oh Rani my girl. oh my oh my.
    My Beyoncé!
    If France made it for four consecutive years , this year is not an exclusion.
    And I’m very sure that she’ll break the Top10 curse of France.
    Rani for the Win!

  4. What had happened in Miss World 2013 may happen again in Miss Universe 2013, at least the first two placements. Hopefully!!!

  5. Honestly, she belongs to my top 5 list. Called it XYZ factors that she has. It draws out not OMG or WOW but GRRRR in a giggle sense of the word.

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