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  1. although this is a group picture you can’t deny the division happening here. thailand seems not as cozy to her right than to her left. But I’m pretty sure they will warm up to ara as the competition progresses. Ara maybe the type who takes her time before warming up to strangers. But beauty wise, ara really shined here I thought! She reminds me of Charmaine elima who’s beauty was one of the best in her batch. she doesn’t have to try to stand out because ara stood out effortless because of her exotic looks! I must say Vietnam smile stood out the best all in all beautiful group right here.

  2. Just wait and see na lang tayo, just give Ara a break baka pagod lang or nasa adjustment period pa.

  3. Tito norms I know they’re not in these pictures but I just would like to comment on MISS MALAYSIA and MISS JAPAN.

    These two girls have done well in their own rights and abilities. I really wish them good luck as they look on an overall basis, GOOD to Very Good. All well blended, harmonized, not too much, not too low key. Naturally at ease and CHARMING. Again, it is up to the judges what they look for, but as individuals, these two girls from Aisa, look mature, calm, happy, relaxed, in the game, and not under tremendous pressure to outshine others (a good sign of well trained mental preparedness and maturity and security) and thus, very good. All the best to both of them!

  4. Ganyan naman talaga lalo na pag bagong dating lang. Si Mutya nga nag-bloat ang face at may konting eyebags, at si Megan nung arrival niya may opinion article sa misso na she looked ordinary. I mean these in a good way. Point is: our winners become winners not bec kabog sila on their first day, but bec their power gradually builds up! Judge Ara in the next week or so. 😀

    • Riding an airplane can cause a person to bloat due to air pressure — kaya hello weight gain! Tama lang ang ginawa nung iba na maaga dumating para makapagadjust before sumabak sa mga shoots etc. Bigyan lang natin ng time magadjust si Ara at for sure aariba rin yan 🙂

  5. Question Tito Norms, who selects the candidates for promoting MU, product sponsors or MUO advocacy projects? Would you know the basis?
    Just a thought, if Ara will be chosen to be part of it this year then it’s already a 80% plus points that she will make the first cut. (I had to reverse the sentence to make it positive)
    Would you have any update regarding this?

  6. Ara fades in this photo compared to Thailand, China and Vietnam in that order. Sorry just being honest. Let’s all admit she hasn’t had a decent picture , one jaw dropping one that is, since she sat foot in Moscow. If there is any consolation out there to those who wishfully think we are going to place this year is that Janine had the same situation last year. She looked haggard and tired in the first few days – something she admitted in a later interview. But she retained her bearings and the rest is history. So there a bit of optimism for all but honestly Ara making the final cut? No but no thanks. Again just my very honest view.

  7. mukha siLang mababaiT lalo na si Vietnam……mukhang magging cLose siLa ni Ara…..maganda si ThaiLand but I dont think she’LL place…….maybe top 16……or speciaL award..

  8. Si Megan Young ang peg ni Chalita!!! Notice her Instagram. Puro mga random moments and pictures with the other girls with the cute captions. Haha. Pati rin ni Whulan kaso mej over ata si gurl.

  9. ang ganda lang ni ariella noh? she’s even prettier in candid and im sure lalabas yung killer charm niya when it matters (prelim interviews, finals, etc) kalma lang guys.

    i think the judges, the Chi/MUO staff, and even the candidates, would get to ask her re: her controversial remark in that interview in one or more instances. i think she really should respond well (at pag-isipin niya nang mabuti kung paano) so if she delivers impressively, plus points sa kanya ‘yun for sure. since the miss universe position can be really controversial, how she handles it gives the MUO an idea that Miss Philippines can handle such criticisms and controversies really well. o diba, turning a problem into an opportunity!

    ‘nga pala tito norman, may pic si ariella each with bahamas and vietnam. can i just say, ang ganda ganda niya sa dalawang pics na yun. hindi lang reyna—diyosa kung diyosa. pansin niyo na sa mga “insider” accounts in misso (assuming totoo), walang patama on her appearances i.e. she looks old, fat, transgender, etc. she must really look 7x divine than her pictures.

  10. Beautiful. Sadly I think Ara fades in these pics. Chalita is oozing with charm and Vietnam is giving good face. Notice in all pics Ara’s face looks pretty but frozen. I wish they were standing to see the height comparison.
    I hope Ara makes it but I’m just being honest with my observations. Best of luck.

  11. Miss Philippines looks too old, the shortest, and the least beautiful among the girls in these photos.

  12. Bulaga !!! Ateng Basil naman…ginawa mo ‘kong aso…laging nakabuntot sa ‘yo…maybe because you’re just so much a Fart of me. 🙂 O..anong drama ‘to ? ‘Bat mo pina-pauwi si Ara ? Sige ka..di ka mapautang nyan ! Papalubog pa naman ‘yong bizniz mong daing at laing dahil ubos na ang benta mo sa kaka-tong its. Ikaw din ! ???

    • Lulu natawa naman ako sa post mo. ito talaga si basil di na nagsawa at mukhang may mga bagong katropa. bakit ba ayaw nila tantanan si ara ano ba nagawa ni ara sa kanila at kung maka bash parang walang bukas…ilang pinoy pa kaya ang kagaya nila? kung nasa bohol ang mga ito baka nilamon na ng bumukang lupa… Tagal ko ng wish na sana umayos naman pero hanggang wakas ay ganito talaga sila…Dont want to pray anymore for their enlightenment kasi parang di naririnig ng nasa Itaas…

    • @Dom: Salamat at natuwa ka kahit papaano. Pansin ko nga…ako kadalasan ang pumapansin kay Ateng Basil. Feel ko naman syang biruin at asarin…kasi super cya magpatutsada…so..patutsada din ang drama ko. 😉 Tsar tsar lang just for fun…para naman ma-ease kahit konti ang mga stress natin…during this MU season. 😉

  13. Afterthought lang: Kung pina- Fung Shui yong tamang date of departure of ARA, siguro makikita na ang ideal time of departure of ARA should be two days earlier than what was scheduled. Di sana nangyari yong interview nya with ANC at di nya kargado ang burden of having blundered in her opinion and statement. Di rin siguro nangyari yong nag-overnight sya sa Hong-kong…what for? kaka-stress kaya yong labas ka ng airport, fill-up ng mga forms, dami mong bit-bit, daan ka sa immigration. Mahabang lakaran bit bit ang malaking bag… Unpacking of luggage to change clothes sa hotel…arranging them again the next day…Pilahan na naman sa airport for boarding…Kaya, low-bat na si Ining pagdating nya ng Moscow…yong “showtime” naging “wewewee”…alam kong frustrated yong nagsasabing mas gusto nila huling dumating si ARA para makapag-glamorous entrance siya dahil daw excited syang makita ng mga kalaban nya…Pero, anyare? Tuloy hang gang ngayon, low bat pa rin si kumare ninyo!

      • @ Angela…precisely my point…it’s her first time to travel that long and therefore she should have been given that extra allowance to travel very early so that she could have ample time to adjust herself and to find her equilibrium before an onslaught of activities run after her…Ngayon ang mga alibis nyo ay BS…na porket wala pa syang tatlong daw, porket nagaadjust pa lang…but hey!!! By the way, binatikos man ng todo si Ms Thailand dahil atat na atat daw makarating ng Moscow…but look how fresher she looks, how bubbly, and how she just enjoys everything…Nautakan lang kayo ni Thailand kaya wag na rin kayoing manira sa kanya!

    • Being miss universe is about beauty and character of a candidate. Hindi kailangan ng grand entrance or mag paka prima. It’s not about taking photos and posting it in Instagram or facebook account.
      I am not offended about how you downgrade Ara. I am becoming more positive that she is reserving her best for the activities that matters.
      Tandaan niyo kadalasan ang mga maingay sa classroom ang mahihina. Ang kadalasang maganda sa pictures ang mga kadalasang hindi kagandahan sa personal. At mga usual front runners sa contest ang mga talunan. Dahil sa huli nagsawa na ang Tao sa kaproproject nila. And wala ng bago. So ung mas late bloomer ang mas nag shine. This is very evident in MU. Megan is an exception.
      Give her time and trust Ara. I’m sure she will make it.

      • @ Andres…we are always looking forward and anticipating desperately for that TIPPING POINT wherein ARA is exploding exponentially (like candy crush) to the bewilderment and utter amazement of everyone. As of now, we are grieving – feeling disfranchised – because we are excited to see ARA’s promised of “SHOWTIME” upon landing and doing really her best …but up to now her best is only half-way of Miss Thailand calibre…and her SHOWTIME has become “WEWEWEE na” time! Kinalabasan tuloy, chika lang pala at pambobola ang kanyang mga binitawang salita!

      • Ang negative mo kasi benji! Kung puro negativity ang mantra mo sa buhay wag ka nang mandamay ng ibang tao. Peace out!

    • Sinong naninira kay Thailand? I believe we all have but praises for Chalita. Well, i dont know with others but i find her really charming. She even acknowledged Ariella on her instagram account. What I’m saying is have a little faith on Ara. We dont know what’s running through her mind as of thhe moment. I mean im pretty sure she know about the issue she left behind.

      I think one of the main reasons why Megan won in Miss World, aside of the fact of course that no doubt she bested all other candidates, is she has the WHOLE nation backing her up every step of the way. That alone can bring a candidate the urge to give her 100% best be it fittings, interviews or photoshoots. With Ariella, yes she has people encouraging her and rooting for her but then she also has her kababayans constantly… constantly trying sooooo hard to make her look like a complete fool.

      I know you have your own opinion regarding Ariella but if it’s not too much to ask, may i humbly suggest you take a moment to see what Ara has been doing for her country, Yes, she made a huge remark on that god-forsaken inteview that will probably haunt her for the rest of her life, but for Christ’s sake she’s fighting for the Philippines. For all of us. That alone can probably bring you chills down your spine. If not, then so be it and may God bless you.

      I. Thank. You. 😉😉😉

      • @ Angela…you are right about Megan…and it’s because Megan was attracting positive vibes and the best of energies that sustained her and made her glow in her many events. The attraction of positive vibes came from her core-energy that is filled with kindness and sincerity. Very heartfelt infact! With regard to ARA…she is attracting negative vibes from others because there is something in her that magnetizes them…for one, her lack of truthfulness in fulfilling her promises discourages her followers who are now feeling that they are being betrayed and taken for a ride. I understand that there lots of factors that hindered her from doing her best and yet she is still doing all her best. I salute her for that. But reflecting over and over what could it be that ARA is still dull despite all her effort, I have come to the conclusion that she lacks solid connection with the source of all GRACES – the Divine Force – the Great Energy – The Gentle Strength – the Guiding Wisdom — ARA needs to connect the soonest to the very Source of her strength and the Enabler of enchanting aura and charismatic attitude. Buddha Bless You…Inshala!

  14. Lol. Random thought: what if lahat ng Latinas hindi gagamit ng interpreter to prove na marunong silang mag-English? Nakakaloka if ever

  15. I had fun viewing Chalita’s Instagram account. The girl is on fire! She’s having the time of her life! She’s having fun! No pressure. She has that I-am-beautiful-I-dont-give-a-d*mn-about-people-who-dont-like-me aura in ALL of her pictures!

    I think everything that’s been going on around here has taken a toll on Ariella.

    I say give Ara ample time to regain her strength and fierceness. Maybe she’s just planning her game really well. Then “it’s showtime b*tches!”

  16. Nagmamaasim ka naman teh, palibhasa naagawan ka ng Korona ng Patay kaya NGA NGA ka ngayon! hahahaha

  17. Sana si Vietnam and Philippines na lang roommates! Feel ko magiging close sila. Haha.

    • Not that I think Riza’s bad of a roommate, it’s just that Vietnam seems to be really friendly. Haha. I like her!

  18. She’s being eaten alive by Asian candidates alone. Where is the “When I’m there, it’s going to be different, I can deliver.” statement? Too bold statements I guess.

    • Give Ara the benefit to reset it for the preliminaries and final and other important events. Makahusga naman kayo.
      Sige kayo na magaling!
      Kayo na magpa-pictures na wala naman bearing sa competition.
      Pictures lang sa Fb kung makahusga kayo. Kayo na. Alin maganda ba kuha ng Thailand? Pa-cute? Maganda na yun sa tingin niyo? Pa cute lang? Pagpapacute at pa picture lang ba ang pagiging miss universe?
      Kayo na!!!

      • @ Andres…why not reset it altogether after the FINALS para wala na talagang pressure kay ARA? If many are acting unreasonably here, it is bacuase we don’t like the feeling of being taken-for a ride (pinaasa at inuto-uto) making us believe and assuring the televiewers during her TV guestings in Manila that she would do her best once she sets foot in the Airport…I felt betrayed by that promise. Di kami nanghuhusga ng basra-basta lang. Ang please don’t feel offended when we heave praises to Miss Thailand because she deserves it…It is intact in her that I saw what ARA was promising to do yet fail miserably in doing it. I really anticipate that ARA will bounce back the soonest! Sana nga NOW NA!

      • I don’t get that the slightest negative criticism are all of a sudden equated to bashing. To me the honest responsible critiques are more constructive than the shrill blind adulations. It’s doesn’t help to just say she’s gonna win. We have to say why and how.

      • Ang gagaling kasi manghusga ng mga Tao dito e. Sana paramihan na lang ng post ng pictures sa twitter at Fb ang labanan.
        Makapanghusga. Lumalabas ang pagkabonifcio ko!

      • It’s her aura, it’s plain and dull, I need to see more life. How I wish I will the one saying sorry in the end for my wrong assumptions.

  19. Ara is beautiful no doubt, baka nga nag aadjust pa sa weather/local time/body clock nya. Pero maganda sya nun arrive sa airport galing HK. Tapos di pa naman sya naka 5 araw, so too early pa. I believe si Paraguay hindi pa nakakarating (she was denied entry coz she didnt have a Russian visa). Patience lang, since shy naman sya unlike nun isa na cam whore agad sa mga group pics/selfies with other European para sabihin exotic ang beauty at wala sya sa mga candidata na nasa taas. I think Vietnam is beautiful too! Mukha namang mabait ang face,

    P.s. Dumating na si dalagang rica puerto, ganda ng outfit parang James Bond girl pero isang tingin pa lang palaban na sya, ung di padadaig, un alam nyo na b*chessa. Ayaw ni Paula Shugart ng ganyan, natuto na sila kay Venezuela 1996

  20. Maybe it’s only me but Miss China resgistered well in the three pictures. And with that hairstyle, she looks like Gwen R. I thought Miss Myanmar is Miss Malaysia on the 3rd shot. I wonder where the other Asian ladies were?!

    Quite honestly, AHA still needs more rest. Take care, my Miss Universe!

    • @Dexter…ayaw ko kay China…nangaagaw ng space ni Thailand…mangaagaw talaga ang mga chinese (ay sorry, Co nga pala applyedo mo)…no wonder that you like china…joke! Toink!

    • Ms China and Ms Thailand are gonna make it to top 15. Of course I love Ms Phils but magpakatotoo tayo parang natabunan na si Ara

    • Yes, I think China will place knowing na magkakampi yang bansa nang Russia at China.
      Pero sa face ni China talagang palaban siya ha. Also si Vietnam palaban din, fresh na fresh eh.

  21. Sure, I like Ara’s images in those three photos as compared to what had been posted before since her arrival in Moscow…but allow me to say that it is Thailand who takes the largest “slice of the (pizza) pie”…though pressed in the center, but she dominates the whole space…thailand knows how to project before the camera without really trying hard. I still believe that once ARA has regained her balance after feeling lonely, tiresome, anxious in that long journey from Manila to Moscow, she will bounce back…and I am excited to see that…I am all agog to see her start dominating every single scene with her winsome aura and energy and vibes…here’s waiting for those OMG/WOW moments!

    • Though we differ in taste, I like what you’ve said. BUT I’m confused… are you the only “benji” in this blog or you have clones, too?!?

    • I totally agree. I’m still waiting for Ara to fulfill what she said, na, paglanding pa lang sa airport, “It’s Showtime!”. Don’t let that slight snag with your ANC interview ruin your strategy altogether, Ara!

      But wait… I’m confused. Are there 2 “benji”s posting on this blog?

      • Ha-ha…I assure you I am the only one! If I have been harsh to ARA it is because I too felt I was being betrayed. Like you, I was disappointed that her promised at ANC interview did not materialize. Nasaan na ang “showtime”…pinagloloko lang nya ba ang mga nanonood at umaasa. Kaya naman medyo feeling-betrayed ang peg ko, hahaha.

    • @benji – I know exactly how you feel. I like the fact that you are not a blind follower, and I like your objective criticisms of Ara. The thing she should remember is to keep her chin up on her photos and learn to be seductive with her eyes. Fritz Infante was correct when he said to her that keeping her chin up slightly draws more attention to her best asset, which are her eyes. I do feel that she is losing out this early on, by not appearing as outgoing as the other candidates. I saw that outgoing and bubbly side of Ara during her brief stint as a guest judge on “Showtime”, so I know for a fact that she can bring it. She just needs to find the confidence from within…

      @Sir Norms – kung ka-tweet mo si Ara: pakisabi naman sa kanya that our support has been unwaivering, and for her not deviate from her goal despite the initial setbacks. Paki-gising lang ng konti at pakisabing: “It’s Showtime!”.

      • @ Grounder…it takes one to know one, hahaha (I too know that you are not a blind follower!). Your observations about keeping her chin up and learning to draw (magnetize) ithe “on-lookers and bystanders” to her seductive eyes – those I absolutely share. I remember Megan Young saying “To walk like a beauty queen: Torso-up, butt-in and thinks murder”…and the projection becomes really very appealingly and beautifully fierce. ARA should really start thinking “murder” hahaha

    • Whacha talkin’ bout FOOL?! Think you’re smart biatch? Stop bashing other girls cuz they ain’t done nuthin’ to YOU!

  22. And I must say that the Asian beauties are quite beautiful!…I’m glad to see them(or just some of them at this point) together sharing the warmth… 🙂

  23. Now these are nice pictures!…All of their warm smiles really light up the dreary surroundings!!

    • I agree with you Ms. Frida. I feel like being suffocated kasi ‘pag pinag-away away sila ng mga forumers sa ibang website. Looking at them with those bright smiles I have the feeling that they have the atmosphere of camaraderie.

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