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  1. Norman just a suggestion – how about filtering and blocking comments that are utterly offensive & below the belt ? It does get so annoying to read them. Really now I am pretty sure majority is with me on this. Pretty please Norman ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. basil i know medyo may pagkarude ang comments mo but somehow you are telling the truth. yan din ang nakikita namin kaya lang we prefer not to say below the belt words for ara

  3. Norman, pati ba naman dito sa blog mo meron pa ding naliligaw na taong walang modo?

  4. As lowly as these pain-in-the-necks are (Longganisa, Basil, etc), they too have reasons why they like dumping crap in the comments section.

    1. They need attention. They didn’t have it as kids, so they bully anyone while basking in anonymity just to get attention.

    2. They are trolling and spreading negativity and hate as a way of outlet. These people are usually scolded at home, at work, or at school.

    3. They are narcissists. They think they look better than Ara Arida, or anyone else featured on this blog. Email us your glam shots!

    4. They are just pathetic. Who on earth would frequent a blog just to spread negativity? Constructive criticisms are always welcome, but when it’s done like they are paid to do it, ibang usapan na yan!

    • mas patethic ka! ba’t mo kami pinapatulan? pwede mo naman kaming i-ignore di ba?

  5. Ara is a stunner if you see a man’s face or if you think she doesn’t have IT, sorry to say you don’t have an eye for beauty! you can’t work in the beauty business because your taste in beauty is generic! as for the people that misinterprets ara’s statements, they are hypocritical! ONly those that doesn’t watch beauty pageants wouldn’t understand ara! it’s true she could’ve used better words but everybody knows what she’s trying to say!!

    • Yes,…only an igno-moron and anyone wanting their 15secs of meaningless fame or relieve some angst and point fingers would misinterpret what Ara said in that Davila interview!! : /

  6. Is it true the Latinas have been ignoring Ara since her arrival, giving her the cold shoulder and giving her dirty looks and whispering to each other in Spanish, then giggling?

    Any pictures of Ara with any of the Latina candidates yet? Yep, I thought so.

    • OH, HOW RUDE !!! That sort of behavior really gets up my crotch !!! Gives me serious high school flashbacks, or reminds me of that “Carrie” movie…

    • Sounds like a high school situation.

      The popular group (Latin countries) are picking on a certain victim (Ariella). I sure hope this isn’t the case. But if it was true, imagine the faces of the Latina’s if Ariella were to win LOL!


  7. LOL!!!!!! You must be having the time of your life right now na pinapansin kita 🙂 Anyway yeah shit nga… ‘coz your mouth is full of shit based on the way you talk here 😉 oh and yeah mas boba ka kasi RESPETO nga lang hindi mo pa alam eh. Hahaha. Go get a life.

  8. Kulto? LOL. Tinawag na kulto ang Iglesia. At sigurado kang INC ako bakla? Sige righteous ako, pero atleast ang bibig at utak ko hindi puro kanegahan tulad ng iyo na hanggang dito sa ibayong dagat e amoy na amoy ko 🙂 Walang respeto sa babae, at walang respeto sa relihiyon ng ibang tao. Mabuhay ka!

  9. Is it true that a “death threat” was made against Ara by one of the Latina candidates? Or was this tweet just a big joke?

    • Someone posing as Miss Brazil, well at least I would hope so. If in fact that was the real Miss Brazil who tweeted that threat, then we have a serious problem.

      • Have been reading them tweets also. How disgusting if it really is Miss Brazil, but I sure hope not.

      • For all we know it might have been Donald Trump posing as Miss Brazil. He’ll do ANYTHING to create controversy!

  10. basil, tinuruan ka ba ng nanay mo kung paano rumespeto sa babae? Yung totoo lang ha. Or baka pati nanay mo hindi mo nirerespeto kasi from the way you talk you obviously don’t know how to respect a woman, hindi lang kay Ara but with the way you bash women na hindi mo gusto, it shows a lot about you.

  11. I just wish that in the next photo of ARA mapapa-OMG na ako.Hinihintay ko pa rin makita yong WOW factor na nagsasabing “she’s got it!”. I promise, na pag nakita ko na yon, na pag andoon yong projection ni ARA claiming that she deserves the crown, titigil na ako sa pag-ookray sa mga nahihirapang i-photoshopped nyang mga larawan na taglay ang mga di kanais-nais na pinagdaraanan. Hope Ara can get a very good night rest para makapag aARAnkada na sya kinabukasan…

    • napa OMG na ako sa mga pic ni ara! OMG sa sobrang pagka chaka at ang mga wardrobe outdated na! OMG na OMG talaga!

  12. Ma Norman, totoo bang twitter account ni Ms.Brazil where she made a statement against Ara na ippalunok daw nilang latinas statement ky ara. HINDI NAInTINDIHAN ni miss brazil ang buong kwento ng statement ni ara sa interview nya kay Ms.Karen davila. If so, can we request you to explain her well na mali interpretations nya sa interview na yun.
    Thanks manorms.

  13. Without being biased, amon the three, Ara look fresh. Rizza looks old now, probably her age na din. She looks so young and fresh when she was first seen on local tv.

    Anyhow, Mabuhay ang Filipina!

    Go Ara!

  14. There are no problems about your views simply because we understand that there are ‘BIG SERIOUS’ problems with you psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and of course, visually. Peace 🙂

  15. I think Ara looks great in this photo! Glad to see that at least Madame had enough sense to provide her with a warm coat!

  16. I hope that come November 9 you will have even the slightest faith on Ara. You might be surprised on how good it feels to support others.

  17. Noong 2006, sumali si Riza sa Ms. Earth na idinaos sa Maynila bilang Miss Canada.

    Si Ms. Philippines, nasungkit ang 2ND RUNNER-UP position…

    Pagkatapos ng limang taon….

    sumali ulit si Riza sa Miss World 2011…

    Si Ms. Philippines, nasungkit ang 1ST RUNNER-UP position…

    Pagkatapos ng dalawang taon, sa kasalukuyan, representante uli ng Canada si Riza sa Miss Universe naman.

    Si Miss Philippines ba ay……………….

    Nagkataon lang ba ewan? Pero dapat positibo lang tayo!

    Wag sana tayo maging mayabang.
    Wag sana tayo manglait ng ibang candidates.
    Kung kini claim man natin ngayon pa lang ang pagkapanalo, not for anything else…but it’s just believing in the grace & blessing of God na ibibigay nya kay Ara at sa atin.

    Feeling ko…………. =c3
    basta malakas talaga feeling ko! >=p

    Sana God, please! [-O<

  18. my only wish today after whole day work is to see photo of ara in bikini photoshoot. Since tapos na ang photo shoot rught? sana naman meron ng lumabas. Yun lang ang magpapawi sa pagod bilang isang ofw. 3 days na wala pang masyadong lumabas na picture na lalong magpapa wow at lalong mapanatili ang pagka positive vives. Wish ko lang.

    • You must understand it’s only Ara’s 2nd say in Russia–give her a break ‘teh! I’m sure great pictures will come soon; I know our queen will deliver and not disappoint any of us. Let’s keep our faith up and fire burning!! We got this mga kababayan

  19. Believe it or not.I’m a hundred percent A.H.A. fanatic…pro, nangangamba lng ako…guz2 qh tlga xang mnalo pro jan sa picture ehh mukhang mas mukha pa xang llaki kesa sakin…:(…pro, no matter what…I still believe ara’s capabilities in winning the crown….gud luck…and #philippinesFTW

  20. not a good shot of any of them. They all look old and tired but i’m sure it’s just the ligting

  21. So the reports about Miss Gabon being half Filipina was not true then?

    Im not expecting much from Ariella. Im not in denial like everyone else who thinks she’s going to make the final cut are at best win. Ariella just does not have the WOW factor compared to Venus, Shamcey and Janine. Just the same, I wish Ariella the best and hopefully shes going to surprise the pessimists in me come November 9.

  22. I pity Ara…she must be feeling very cold…look how she is almost fully wrapped with that coat…if she is getting the attention of others it must be on how she is awkwardly wearing her sash. And her hair…Yak…anong ginawa ng hairstylist mo sa yo…her eyes looked tired…her smile forced…lost is the natural Ara…she must take a day off to regain her composure…to have a beauty rest…to bring back her equilibrium…if I had my way, she should have arrived two days earlier…well, her haggard-look is the price she has to pay!

  23. All beautiful and Ariella’s eyes without a doubt will bring her the glory. So far she owns the most expressive eyes in the whole competition.

    • One of the problem Ara Arida is facing right now is the weather. A sudden change of weather might take a toll on her. They should have sent her earlier to Moscow so that she could have at least acclimatized herself to the climate. With this she have the tendency to wear bigger/comfortable clothes to cover herself. Knowing BPCI’s taste to fashion, Im afraid Ara’s chances dwindles. Hopefully, Jonas will bring her better clothes next week.

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