21 comments on “USA, Australia and Korea: whose body impresses you more?

  1. Was this swimsuit photo shoot taken at a public shopping mall with shoppers milling about and gawking at the candidates? How crude!

  2. USA and Australia looked like body builders – stockily built.

    Miss Korea did her homework. Nicely toned body. It also helps that her Asian ethnicity gives her a lithe frame. She’s like a doll.

  3. KOREA!! medyo panget lang tingnan yung ang laki ng boobs at ng hair tapos ang payat O.O makapasok sana ang korea sa semis

  4. Basing on the pictures. i like USA and Australia. Mas proportion ang katawan nila compare to ms. korea.

  5. I don’t understand why these foreign beauty queens have to undergo a boob job?..
    Don’t they know that they could grow their breasts through proper diet?
    Our candidates grew theirs naturally and it looks way better than those plastic balloons..

  6. None. But if I have to pick one, it’d be USA coz she’s a beauty. I find Korea a bit skinny with too much hair volume that does not complement her built. Australia needs to tone her body a bit more, I guess.

  7. USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Palaban si Korea, if only Korea has a diverse physical attributes, nakakaumay na kasi pagmumuka nila, pare-pareho na lang, lagi na lang kimchi!

  8. I have to give round to Korea. That said, let’s reserve final thoughts until the night of the pageant. In the interim, let’s see who starts to shine and build momentum up to that glorious night of crowning.

  9. Sa totoo lang, none has impressed me among the three…I am excited though to see that of Switzerland!

  10. Miss korea looks gorgeous with her rock-hard abs… pro based on the picture…d proportional ung liit ng waists nia dun sa laki ng thigh nia…d maganda tingnan tuloy…dpat binawasan dn ung thigh nia pra makuha nia ung perfect shape kumbaga…..:)…

  11. Korea got my vote for this!
    Tumabi ka nga sa kanya Mas Sexy Norman… for sure ikaw na pipiliin ko!

  12. Ang skinny namn ni Ms Korea, super sexy kaya lang di bagay ung hair lumiit ulo nya. Super toned ang body ni Olivia kaya lang walang curves, pang swimmer body nya. I felt Ms USA is slipping away, pag walang make up para nang laspag and heavy un under eye circles/bags.

    • I agee. Erin looks old without make up 😦 and what happened to Olivia? Josmio. Parang si Jesinta Campbell na lalong pinalaki.

      1point for Korea here pero sana naka zuleyka hairstyle na lang siya lalo siyang pumayat sa buhok niya

      • True! I thought Olivia already burned those cellulites..
        I guess it goes back so fast.. less posing more spinning!

  13. Woah – Korea’s body is rockin. She could pull off a surprise over USA and Australia.

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