15 comments on “Gabon, Ukraine and Panama: are you liking them?

  1. The visitor who thinks the Ukrainian beauties are similar is absolutely right.I am Russian and I noticed this particularity long time ago- the “twin faces” of Ukrainian women.As for Storozhenko- she is not a type of MU,nor a top 5 material for any GS beauty pageant.Seems too “sleepy”.

  2. I liked Ukraine but now I am not sure if Ukraine will be a top favorite because she has a tendency to look normal to the Russians but we are yet to witness her true beauty and stage presence.

    I think Spain will be the biggest obstacle for Ara, and if Ara becomes a favorite and everything goes smoothly she will be able to be in Top 5 with Spain – then the Q and A – Ara may answer the question perfectly but we learned from Janine that once the judges minds are decided even a perfect answer will not change it.

    I am envisioning that Olivia Culpo is CROWNING ARIELLA Hernandez ARIDA as MISS UNIVERSE 2013 (good to be in present time).

  3. Ukraine beauties are great but I’ve noticed too much similarities in their race. It’s like the Buddha’s in Thailand. Seeing one is like having seen all!

    So I’ll go for Panama in this round. She looks so chic!

  4. Ukraine for me stands out. I think she can reach the top 5 just like in 2010 and 2011.

  5. Nabasa ko sa FB nung Terry Huey Te na nasa russia, si Panama daw ang standout among latinas. Ero yung hindi na hype pero maganda nha daw aa personal

  6. Tito Norman, I’m just curious — when these ladies get made up by the official sponsors, pano yung looks/styling nila? May template bang dala ang mga contestants, or pinag-uusapan nila nung make-up artist, or bahala na yung make up artist?

    • The candidate expresses what she wants. Hopefully, the stylist and make-up artist get it the first time. It cannot be left in the hands of the latter.

  7. Panama!

    Btw Ninang, what can you say to the Miss Paraguay Org., sending their delegate with incomplete travel documents.
    I just hope that Guadalupe can secure her travel visa in time, I like her.

  8. Next please… still waiting for AHA and other Latinas to come out and show their curves!

    • Me too!!! All I see is Indonesia and company (i.e. USA, Australia etc) and Chalita and Miss Myanmar. Ara has like 3 pictures on the internet – but it’s great that AHA is focusing on the competition instead of instagraming and twittering 🙂 🙂

      • Exactly… can’t wait for her swimsuit pic! I’m dying to see it. Arrrggggghhhh! I guess she doesn’t want to read anything negative so she is avoiding posting selfies. 🙂

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