10 comments on “Yamamay: what little will cover the sexy bodies of Miss Universe 2013

  1. Diusmio, hiwa na lang ng tilapia ang maitatago ng swimsuit na ito.
    Mahihirapan ang mga may itinatagong itlog.
    Tyak na nagpanik na yung isang delegada.

  2. How on earth will these swimsuits be showcased properly when it’s so icy and freezing cold in Russia? I bet these swimwear will just be used for their glam shots in a studio. I hope I am wrong. Sayang ang full effect.

    • Donald T and his business associates (including his apprentices) and the rest of MU organizers are not dimwits. They know exactly what they are doing in sealing a deal with Yamamay and on how to maximize marketing exposures for the merchandized spoken of. Common sense truly dictates that wearing those bikinis/swimsuits outdoors is really a stupid idea. But, believe you me, Moscow is unlike Manila. Moscow has large recreation centers and facilities that even in the middle of winter one can go to, one can bring a surfing board and enjoy the power-generated tsunami-like waves in one of their indoor pools. More than showcasing “properly” those swimsuits, the creative Team of Mr DT can even create sultriness, sexiness, drama, intrigues, and enchantment beyond imagination with those swimwear. STUDIO? Nasanay ka lang sa mga pamamaraan nation ditto sa Pilipinas. Nakakatawa ka…di nga?

  3. If Kate Upton can have a great photoshoot in a bikini in Antarctica, I’m pretty sure Ara can exude her sexiness at 0 degrees in Moscow. Just wondering how the organizers would showcase the swimsuit competition in that weather.

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