19 comments on “Sunday Specials: Do you like the new Olivia Wells?

  1. Norman, SHE is the one to beat!

    She reminds me so much of Kerry Anne Wells ( Australia´s first Miss UNIVERSE of 1972 )!

    My Last TWO Standing in Moscow: AUSTRALIA & PHILIPPINES!

  2. Volumptuous is the right adjective for her.
    Being sexy doesn’t mean to be skinny.
    Aussie Aussie for the win.
    Another thunder from down under.
    She reminds me of Alicia Machado.
    Ganda ni Olivia, hindi tulad ng iba na madugong photoshop ang kailangan para lang maachieve ang mapanlinlang na larawan.

  3. I like her because she is a very natural charmer and it’s hard not to fall in love with her personality after watching the MUA clip. Unfortunately she is competing with my angel and I would be hypocrite if I have to wish her the same. Besides, I cannot stand her first name at the moment as it reminds me of injustce and favouritism.

    I ♥ Miss Wells!

  4. Wow.. she burned those thigh cellulites..
    Love the dress.. reminds me of Michael Cinco’s with out the trail..
    If she now has a better pasarela then she’ll make it past the semis..

  5. I like the gown but the bottom part of it doesn’t seem to hide her platform shoes. That would be risky coz she might step on the dress and risk losing balance. But I would be happy to see her and Ara as the last two women standing and fighting for the crown.

    • If Olivia makes it to the top 5, there’s a really good chance she could win the crown. Watch her answer her question in the video. ^

  6. Her body frame reminds me of Leila Lopes. Olivia is beautiful young, vibrant, witty, full of life and ….she should have her hair down, it suits her much better I think. As a filipino living in Oz, either her or Ara will do very well for me as Miss Universe 2013.

  7. Tita Norms, she’s pretty but I think the reason why her arms are like that is because of her body frame itself, she seems to be big boned I think. For this, she should know her best angles and the poses that can make her look much slimmer than the usual. Best of luck to Ms. Australia 🙂

  8. Anyone of the Slavic girls, Miss Russia included, look better than this girl from DOWN UNDER. This will be the year Australia claps as the semifinalists are called.

  9. That one of her in the gown — looks like she’s been doing a lot of bicep curls lately. Is Olivia into arm wrestling? She actually looks like a female athlete from the former Soviet Union on her wedding day…

    Great photoshop work on her photos in those shorts BTW. Her “transformation” ALMOST looks real. But it doesn’t fool me.

  10. Sleeping time, kakatapos ko lng mag upload ng pics ni ara sa instagram: erwannpierro

    This is for you Ara!

    Ariella Arida, 24 Philippines

    #ForThePhilippines #ArribaWalk


  11. Was the pic of her in the gown taken much earlier? Obviously, those pics of her wearing shorts look a lot better, and I assume more recent ones of Olivia. Can’t wait to see her compete in Moscow. Best regards to Olivia!

  12. I think Olivia looks good but she needs to be aware that she looks “better” with her hair down and it seems that tight clothes does not suit her. But overall she’s a strong contender. One Ara has to look out for.

  13. I don’t like her hair tied in a bun – makes her look too mature. The second and third pic she looks really hot. She should just let her hair down.

    And her body is just the right size. I don’t care what the bashers say about her weight. She is a very healthy and beautiful and she will make at least the top 10

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