23 comments on “Miss Grand International 2013 is coming soon!

  1. Since this pageant is expected to have good number of participants and the possibility of being classified as grand slam, it would be great if Ali Forbes brings home the green emerald crown.

  2. oh my god! this is the BEST ALI FORBES has ever looked… the gown suits her!… only ALI can pull this gown off…. i guess her training in all the barangay miss gay really paid off…. i pray she will follow kevin’s footsteps in miss gay international!…. wish you all the best ali… and all our prayers are with you… go get that crown!

  3. sana may wardrobe/fashion committee ang bpci.. wait meron cguro, kaya lang sana naman mga updated sa trends ng fashion..

    • Very school project eh, parang may school program tpos ang theme kalikasan, tpos may papel de hapon si classmate na binili, ayun, ginawa nlng na palda.

  4. miss grand international?!?! what’s next, miss grand earth? grand supranational? grand world? grand universe? every week na lang may beauty pageant, nakakaumay na ha… :I

  5. Hahahaha!! You call that unfortunate mishap a gown? Wait till you see what I’m wearing (secret)!

  6. Hi Norman! Hope you won’t mind my observation: I just thought that omitting the words “..and will try..” in your second paragraph would reverberate stirring affirmative vibes to all concerned. Well, just my take, he-he

  7. If you add butterfly sleeves to that dress, suddenly it becomes a national costume! Two frocks in one.

  8. Kuya Norms, Miss World is the standard of a charity-related pageant, What is MGI’s purpose (If there’s any)?

  9. Good luck Ali. Hope you’ll be first Miss Grand International. Not to be critical but I agree with the comments that the gown is so tacky and cheap looking. Kusot kusot , di pulido ung tahi ng seams sa baba at di snugly fit ung taas. With so many good Pilipino designers the question is why??????????make this poor women wear this gowns. I know it’s not the gown but it sure help enhance her chances to be noticed without working to hard.

  10. beautiful girl but the dress spells T-A-C-K-Y! hay I guess this is not a surprise since BCPI is behind her.

    P.S: I don’t wanna come across as a basher but I speak truth and I give credit when it’s due. I am still praying and hoping na magaganda ang damit ni Ara sa Russia.

    Russia is a very magarbo kailangan maganda and look expensive ang dating si Ara palagi and always gliterry and glamorous. Please Lord

  11. may tastas yung damit nya,, don’t ignore those little details. goodluck ali!

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