22 comments on “Sunday Specials: Megan, Julia & Cory

  1. I heard Megan has scheduled a “courtesy call” with ABS-CBN network bigwigs before she leaves. Does anyone know what this is about?

  2. Balita ko kc bago ung pageant ng miss u last year eh umiyak daw tong olivia kay mang donald na parang batang nagmamaktol….oh ayan na ang korona ha!! Wag ka na iyak!! Lol☺👑

  3. I love Miss World kahit nuon pa since the time of Ruffa, I love the way they travel doing charitable works and makes this world a better place to live.

    • Yes, it’s just you…
      Your just associating Julia Morley’s look with our local politician’s “genuine eagerness” to help.
      Slap yourself!.. You are not dreaming.. hahaha 😀
      Megan and Julia are the real deal! LOL

  4. Watching the video, it nice to see the crown glitter as she moves. What’s more amazing is how Megan really shines through!

  5. I love Julia Morely’s expressions. It’s like she is saying: “why haven’t we given the crown to the Philippines sooner?” With the way filipinos embraced Megan and how she is given so much attention, Julia probably realized, if her husband is still alive, she would’ve smacked him and told him to give the crown to Philippines in 1973. And in 1993 when Ruffa competed, and in 2005 when Carlene competed.

  6. Through Megan’s win in Miss World, I now know the real purpose of this pageant. I never really rooted for our Miss World reps recently. But Megan changed the way I see this pageant. Miss Universe is all glitz and glamour producing controversial winners while Miss World is classy and elegant producing dignified and effective winners.

  7. For me, I believe that Megan is already living up to her promise that she will be the best Miss World ever . . . a real beauty with a purpose to serve and lend a helping hand to those in need. May God bless her MW Journey.

  8. Miss universe is a business and lost it’s cause in my opinion. For many years now I have no seen any of the winners doing anything to give back though they say they do. To me, miss world indeed is not an ordinary beauty pageant–def beauty with a purpose and like our queen megan says “beauty with a heart” I wouldn’t be surprise if miss universe will not last very long–seems like their doing the pageant every year for a routine and nothing else. Again, this is just one of the final Trump toys 🙂

  9. Miss World seems a more challenging and more meaningful job than Miss Universe. Just looking at Olivia’s diary, she practically didn’t do anything but kiss her celebrity boyfriend in public. Oh no! 😉

    • Olivia did not have the heart to serve! What charities did she promote? She wasted her reign being a pampered demi-celeb along with that twit BF of hers. And now this little publicity stunt she pulled in front of the Taj Mahal. PATHETIC.

    • I think this is not the worse part. The worse part is that even Miss Earth, a relatively new pageant, is gaining more grounds than Miss Universe. Tereza traveled more than Olivia. And Tereza have done so many charitable work than Olivia.

      I agree that Miss Universe is becoming more of a business than a pageant. And all thanks to Trump.

      • Tama ka Sleuth, Miss Earth Tereza has been all over the world promoting Miss Earth and the causes it serve – she went to a lot of African countries, India, Indonesia, Finland, Sri Lanka, and other eco conference, lost track na. Meanwhile Miss Universe charity focuses on AIDS/HIV but wala ako nabalittaang news na andun si Olivia pungok. puro harutan kasama boyfriend nyang sikat kuno

    • Including the controversial photoshoot in india(taj mahal)…..ang pag pose ng walang suot na bra in public…..un ang miss universe!! I guess na karma na sila sa pagluto ng show last year na dapat si janine ang nanalo…..tsk tsk👑

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