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  1. Kung maka Bobo ka naman wagas..
    Best in National Costume lang po ang topic.. Calma lang!

  2. OH MY GOD!!! Check out China’s national costume in action..

    Only the recent Finale gown of Michael Cinco could beat this..
    Add butterfly sleeves, a radiating halo, Golden Angel wings
    and maybe, a sarimanok headress, ..
    Equalls = Hello! “Best in National Costume!”

  3. That’s the buzzard inspired Filipiniana by Cary Santiago worn by Ma. Theresa Gorgonio during BBP-Gold. I’m a big fan of his talent but I’m sure Cary Santiago only chose that gown for her Cebuana muse just to create a buzz. (No pun intended) She wasn’t a favorite for the crown from the beginning so they might as well put on a show. He only wanted her to get some attention instead of being trampled on by the front runners.

    If the rumors are true that it will be worn by Ara then why the **** did SMA pick it?

  4. WOW! An interesting topic gone mad.

    Officially, the Baro’t Saya and/or Terna are the national costumes of Filipino women since time immemorial. It would surprise me if I see our representative wearing something else other than our official national costume.

    The USA with the most number of pageant winners would normally wear a cowgirl costume or an American flag inspired long-sleeved blouse and shorts. But I’ve never heard of any American complaining nor have I read in a beauty forum that they are condemning Donald Trump or his predecessors.

    So why blame Madam Stella? Why accuse her of not caring because she is Colombian? How come the Venezuelans are not bothered by Osmel Sousa being Cuban?

    Binibining Pilipinas, Inc. is an institution. Madam Stella is an institution. When she headed the organization back in 1964, she placed the Philippines in the beauty pageant map by producing the country’s first international queen.

    My 2-cent worth!

    • Simple, Osmel Sousa picks/allows the best Venezuelan designers to dress up their Queens.
      Same system with the MUOrg for their Miss USA contestants…

      Would we Filipinos complain if there is no better choice than recycled bad taste and lack of creativity?

      • One simple question: Do you know any BbP representative, past and present, that complained about her evening gown during a particular pageant competition? Just curious…

      • @Dexter Co


        Mafae Yunon replaced her Barazza with a Versace gown during Miss World pageant.

        Theresa Licaros was obviously not happy with her red gown.

        Same sentiments with Jennifer Barrientos. Not to mention her national costume.

        Best of all, I’m sure Bianca Manalo did not love her shower curtain.

      • @ Dexter Co

        In addition,

        Venus knew that her killer body and waistline is one of her best asset so why hide it?
        Shamcey had a plain good one and it is well compensated by her big curls..
        Janine did not know what to do with her unflattering high waist of a gown during the pre-lims..
        It’s Jonas who told Janine to fan out her electro-pleted skirt at the last minute unleashing the gown’s full potentials.

      • Sister, I can’t remember exactly where I read it but Maggie Wilson is also included in the list right? And she had a fallout with Madam before right after her MW stint

    • correction, si gemma cruz ang 1st filipina to win in an international beauty pageant, wala pa ang bb pilipinas nun…

  5. Three letters: O – M – G. These costumes are SPECTACULAR with all caps. China’s costume is so fashion forward – a definite upgrade from last year’s porcelain inspired costume. the last costume that I really liked from China was in 2009.

    Sri Lanka’s costume is very awe inspiring and jaw dropping. It is not your usual costume from the country.

    Vietnam’s costume is also an upgrade from previous costumes.

    How I wish that Philippines could wear such a National costume. Megan’s costume could compete against these costumes. Even the costumes worn by our reps in Miss Earth are more stunning than the costumes worn by our reps in Miss Universe and Miss International.

    Madam Stella should wake up and realize she is lagging behind. Wouldn’t be surprise if there will be more beautiful ladies will compete in MWP and MPE over BBP

    • I agree!…nemen!..di na nag level up ang costume…pulooooos Filipiniana…palda lang ang pinapalitan…hmmmp! may parang paldang PARANG PAMBALOT NG PASTILLAS ..paldang ginupit gupit na doily inspired na pambalot ng pastillas…at kung ano ano pang design na pambalot ng pastillas…PAMBALOT NG PASTILLAS NA GOLD…SANA TURUNES DE CASOY NAMAN ANG INSPIRATION SA SUSUNOD!! KAKAUMAY na!!.

      KUNG PINOY INSPIRED DAPAT YUNG GIANT PAROL NA PAMPANGA inspired yung puro lights ba…na kasya sa loob si ARA…TAS PAGULUNGIN SA STAGE habang nagiiba iba ng kulay ewan ko lang kung hindi jaw dropping yun!! hmmpp…watchathink???….

      OPTION #2:

      YUNG SEAFOOD INSPIRED…”CRAB'” BA? yung fiery red tas me malalaking sipit sa likod enveloping ARA then me red crown and staff signifying dominance…haaay nako panalo to…PILIPINONG PILIPINO!!…watchathink???

      OPTION #3:


      kahit tanungin sya sa q&a: Miss Philippines, do you think speaking english is a prerequsite in winning miss universe?

      ARA: i believe that speaking english is not a prerequisite in winning miss universe…my costume says it all!!!…thank you!


        1. JOLLIBEE

        2. ANG PANDAY

        3. VOLTA


        5. KOKAK

        6. MAYA

        7. BUDOY


  6. I love the national costume segment of Miss Universe, but unfortunately since Trump took over, the telecast only shows less than 2 seconds of each candidate in her national costume. How crummy is that. Gone are the days when the semifinalists were called still wearing their NCs! Sigh.

  7. I say Ara should wear an Aswang inspired national costume.

    Tikbalang? Manananggal? Kapre? Chanak?

    100% guaranteed WOW factor.

    • I don’t mind a gorgeous rendition of the Manananggal or Aswang..
      Indonesia’s Garuda inspired costume historically speaking has the same pre-colonial origins.. 🙂

  8. If SMA will let go MUP or BbPU title, who do you think is the best replacement for her?

    My #1 bet is Madam Remedios Visitación Romuáldez

    What do you think guys? 🙂

    • ABS-CBN president…. The MMK lady. I forgot her name? Someone remind me?

      Shes always have the country’s best interest.

      • Yes, her!

        I choose her because of her good business ethics. A true Filipina by heart who cares about her country. Plus with all her connections, our girls will guaranteed be as polished and well trained as they can be.

        I remember when i was a kid when ABS were head-to-head with GMA…. And ABS is in a much different level than GMA now.

    • charo santos, gina lopez or manny pangilinan or ricky reyes? bawal ang mga epal na politiko!

    • I think it’s a great idea!.. 😀
      Being a beauty queen herself, she was a great supporter of pageantry.
      I love how Ilocos is doing great right now with their Solar farm and Wind farm..
      I don’t see Tarlac looking any better for the past 3 decades..

  9. Guys, would it be in the nation’s interest if Cory Quirino were to buy the Miss UNIVERSE franchise from SMA & BPCI?……That would mean dividing her interests equally between the Miss WORLD and Miss UNIVERSE pageants which can lead to conflict of interests that SMA & BPCI had experienced!

    • I dont thinK Cory Q can afford Ms Universe…the franchiSe is quite expensiVe amongst other beauTy pageants…SMA can afford that.. ikaw ba nMan maging asawa ng Araneta….anywayS, bakit ang Pilipinas Laging surprise ang NC??..maKikita mo na Lng sa araw mismo ng compeTiTion pati ang eve goWn….unLike these countries na ni rereVeaL agad ang NC at eve gOwn ng kaniLang candidate weeks befoRe the Pageant…I hope Ara wiLL wear a tribaL NC, maiba nman….tama na ang Maria Clara outfit!!!.. sunugin na yang payOng na yan!!!

  10. I am sure Madam Stella Marquez Araneta will not spend a fortune for a dress to be use in National Costume at Miss Universe Pageant. Philippines is the home of many Filipino talented designers that are well known internationally, yet BPCI continuously ignoring the Filipino creativity instead she asked the service of a foreign designers. I think it is about time for BPCII to promote the Philippine fabric and Filipino designers.

    • Of course she wouldn’t.

      She is Colombian. Not Filipino.

      BPCI is a business for her. Money maker. Income. That’s it. It’s not her home country so all she really care about is about getting as much sponsors as she can….

      Bottom line, she’s in it for the money. Not for the organization/country’s best interest – which is to showcase our representative in the best possible way as they can. In every angle. Of course they do it, but we can all see it is not 100%.

      It shows as well:

      1. No investment in National costume
      2. Keeping Baraza as the designer when SHE knows and she HEARS all the time
      How horrible the gowns are
      3. Cheap photographers/photos of Ara

      I know shes The president but It really doesn’t make sense to me……. A non Filipino handling an organization that reflects the country’s pride & image. But it is her business and i get that.

      This is not a racial opinion. Its merely based on what I see. But i really think an organization like this should be ran by a Filipino.

  11. The main reason PHILIPPINES don’t have grande costume is because cheap and BCPI!! Let’s be real here–everything is recycled!! Sabotage–in my opinion we will never win miss universe hanggang si madam stella and franchise owner she needs to replaced! Think about it plenty of talented and world renowned fashion designers in the Philippines why go to barazza in Colombia? Also why a Colombian is a chairman BLAH BLAH owner of BCPI?! Kawasaki major Liz Valdez tayo this year sorry to hail in your parade and hailing in your picnic mga kaberks

  12. I want Ara Mina to wear a giant lantern from San Fernado, Pampanga while holding Juan dela Cruz’ Bakal na Krus plus a two headed snake on her shoulder.
    Kabog ang lola Ara!

  13. Yung suot ni Ms Sri Lanka parang si Bianca Manalo lang during the Bench Fashion Show..

    or yung kay Jennelyn Mercado

    Imagine if Carey Santiago, Furne One or Michael Cinco created our National Costume..
    naku siguro, kahit best national costume lang ang mauwi e masaya na tayo..

    Nakaka lungkot everytime this is our topic..

    Even if Ara has to wear Jolibee’s costume, It would make me very happy..
    At least she’s wearing something Filipino-made
    and she would be showcasing one of our biggest industry..

    Naku, Ariella.. Please do your best..
    Maybe for your predecessors,
    a Filipino designer would be given that opportunity..

  14. Filipiniana na naman yan for sure courtesy of Bazzura, wala namang alam yan sa Philippine culture kaya ang ending sabotage talaga yung NatCos at gown na sinusuot ng mga delegada naten.

  15. Oh how I wish Ms. Philippines would wear a Sinulog or Aliwan festival queen ball gown inspired by the Boxer Codex made of authentic native fabrics like batik, pina, silk, etc.. with a gold Victoria’s Secret Angel wings, topped with the most intricate matching Sarimanok headdress, propped with a Marian inspired halo and accented with hints of more gold.

    I guess the other countries know that it’s our major weakness…. sighhhhhhh… 😦

      • This is so depressing..

        I guess we can only dream..

        At least Megan wore that Maranao princess costume by Bing Cristobal at Miss World..

  16. My thoughts too Sir Norman! BbPCI doesnt give much attention to National Costines! Do the National Costumes bear points as well?

      • Awwww.. Pride of our nation’s history, culture, tradition and even enterprise! 😦

        Many countries like Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa and a lot more use this opportunity to showcase their nation’s greatest exports.. Our biggest exports are fruits, copper and Gold. For me, the best National Costume we had was the one worn by Lara Quigaman. It was a gold Filipiniana with a pineapple headdress with bananas that doubles as leaves.. Her costume wasn’t really grand as I imagined but it showed off the products that we export to Japan.. It’s the tropical fruits that they love and the raw materials of their electronics which is one of their biggest industries. Lara did get noticed and I think it had a huge contribution to her win as Miss International 2005.

      • @Closer2Fame recycled lang yung suot ni lara. if i’m not mistaken ginamit na yun sa miss u… ang da best sa akin yung sinuot ni andam during the miss u 2001:)

      • @ San Longhino

        I like Andam’s costume but aside from being Maria Clara inspired it barely represented anything else about our people… the embroideries are not made by Filipinos and the flowers are not even endemic to the Philippines.. 😦

  17. Beautiful! It really gives you a vision of their culture.

    How I wish Philippines would do the same… We are not the most culture-rich, but we are quite a diversed country.

    I can 100% guarantee that if we start to invest in National Costume more, we will be at least top 5 every time – AS LONG AS WE STOP THE PLAIN AND BORING FILIPINIANA.

    • We did have a very rich culture..
      It just happens that most of our past are erased from our archives..

    • the philippines is (one of) the most culture-rich countries. ung mga costumes/textiles pa lang sa Daragen ang dami na. but most filipinos are only aware of mainstream culture. partly to blame din ang mga Pinoy kung bakit filipiniana palagi.

      ung Bayanihan pag intl folk dance competitions, mga costume pa lang panalo na, example ung competition sa s.korea (cheonan).
      palaging “medley” ung sayaw, halos palagi din panalo.at iba-iba every year.
      madali natin mabutata ang china, indonesia at malaysia (mas madami sila ethnic groups pero mas diversified at mas culture-rich tayo – on a certain extent)

      we have at least 72 ethnic groups…they are related but SIGNIFICANTLY different from each other (even those which are in the same province/region). andaming nasasayang.

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