14 comments on “And the Venezuelans crown their finest for 2013!

  1. I don’t like what I’m seeing. I just don’t see the point of enhancing one’s beauty to the point of making her a witch-tranny looking! Facial beauty wise I’m becoming less of a fan for Venezuelans delegates in MU. It seems that their getting faker and faker every year. Sad:( bout it.

  2. Natuon atensiyon ko sa mga hosts and head organizer.bakit parang “d grinch” ilong nila… & punong puno ng fake collagens mukha nila halos parang ceramicware na…

  3. Ninang, bakit nga pala wala kang predictions sa Miss Venezuela 2013?
    Anong assessment mo sa winners?
    Methinks that Migbelis has a Ly Jonaitis vibes.

    Btw, natawa naman ako sa linya mong, “their ‘transformations’ could take a long time to heal”, hiwa kung hiwa.

    • Di ko na napagtuunan ng pansin at busy sa homecoming ni Megan. I like the winners, except that I would have placed one of the two runners-up for Miss Earth. Michelle Bertolini was supposed to be my choice for MU, but Ly Castellanos must’ve managed to give the judges that something extra. 😉

  4. The production itself is of Miss Universe caliber. I hope Migbelis won’t have a year worth of surgery. She is already stunning!

    btw, those bouquets caught my attention! 🙂

    • Trust me, she’ll undergo cosmetic surgery in some form or other. Why do you think Miss Venezuela is picked a year in advance? EXACTLY. She’ll look different in 6 months. Mark my words!

  5. Michelle Bertolini was a favourite even before the competition being a retired tennis pro player. I admire her transformation because she used to be shy and boyish before. She also won the most beautiful face and Miss Photogenic. I think she is more poised but Migbelis Castellanos is lively and very talkative.

  6. Misses Venezuela have become “chin-ita” beauties…dagdag chin courtesy of salamat dok!

  7. I just found out that the President of Miss Venezuela Organization, Osmel Sousa, is gay, lol.

    No wonder their girls are always polished from head to toe. Now I can see why the Venezuelans ALWAYS bring the heat !

    If only BPCI is ran by a GAY pageant freak …. Holy shit, we’ll be at least top 5 EVERY YEAR !!!!

    • tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng venezuela at india sa mga international beauty pegeants! btw yang osmel sousa na yan na malioban sa matandang bakla e isang racist pig din! i saw an interview of him re training of beauty queens in venezuela and he said in that interview that the blacks of venezuela are ugly!

  8. Tito Norms i find Osmel’s bets for Universe and International 2014 are tranny looking, really straight out of their operating rooms. Forgive me for that, pero di na natural retoke agad ang solusyon, so there is still hope for Filipina beauty hopefuls kc di salamat dok ang beauty nila.

    • AHahah you’re right but it’s the current trend in Miss Universe today – strong features, but sweet at the same time. HOWEVER, there is a new trend that started in 2010 and continuing today – look at Miss Supranational Winner – Mutya. She’s very sweet and can look strong at the same time. Second, Miss World 2013 – Megan Young. She and Mutya have a common denominator, which is they look sweet and “fresh” at the same time.

      The winners this year and last year are moving towards the “fresh” face and leaving the “strong” beautiful face. I noticed that the trend in Miss Universe started in 2010 with Ximena replacing Stefania Fernandez who has considerably strong face for a person like her with a small face.

      This is just my observation, but if this year’s Miss Universe is looking for someone who has the “fresh” features it will be tricky for Ara – but her current personality (the one she shows in public) is quite refreshing and makes her look younger.

      Tito Norman, I don’t want to bash the new Miss Venezuela but it looks like her chin is too long for her face. Don’t you think? But the Osmel Sousa et al. can do wonders with medicine 😉 😉 I just hope na sana ganiyan na rin sa BBP. I mean, at least lipo suction because it will help the candidate if there’s something to take away, and it will relieve the team from so much pressure. Recovery time of Lipo is only A month and then you now have a perfectly sculpted tummy 😉 I personally think na beauty is like a diamond, it has to be polished to see it’s true beauty 😉 😉

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