27 comments on “Oh what a first night back in Manila for Miss World 2013 Megan Young

  1. Bakit naman kasama pa itong si Madame Julia Montes, pwede naming wala sya ah.

    • nasa kanya kasi ang budget…

      kidding aside, I personally like to see her with Megan> It shows that she’s happy with this year’s winner. And I think joy is always in her face whenever she sees people so happy with Megan’s victory.

    • I love that Ms. Julia Morley accompanies Megan everywhere..
      I guess she also gets inspired whenever she sees how Megan is loved by her countrymen..
      It is so heartwarming to see how eager they are to help our people.

  2. Norman: Janicel Lubina and Bianca Paz were conspicuously ABSENT at the press conference at Solaire. The other 2 MWP princesses were there, however.

    I wonder what happened? Hindi ba sila inimbita ni Cory? Persona non grata na ba sila?

      • Wonderwall, according to my mole, Bianca’s been MIA after coronation. Notice that it’s only Janicel and the Muslim girl who’s been present with the previous presscons. May TK (tampong kulangot) kay CQ kasi she was expecting the crown to be given to her.

      • Haay, salamat na lang na it was Megan who got the MWP crown. Cory knew best. Could you imagine if it were Bianca who represented the Philippines in Bali? We wouldn’t have this homecoming, would we?

      • I suppose if I were in Bianca’s shoes I’d be pissed off, too. Imagine getting the same 3rd princess sash from the very same girl you gave that very same sash to the year before! She’s probably already lit that sash on fire.

      • Vendetta 711 true but it’s still it’s not an excuse IMO, it’s being unprofessional already if totoo ang chika sakin. No wonder it was only Janicel and Zahra Bianca who were present during Megan’s send off.

      • Ay, sorry Hunk. I made pindot by mistake! I intended to click the thumbs up, pero mali ang napindot koh! Please accept my apologies iho.

  3. She captures my heart and all our hearts–she is an epitomy of beauty with a heart. Megan is the true essence of Miss World in every shape and form. As a filipino I am deeply move by her and very proud of her!

  4. She can make it stress free! 🙂 That’s nothing compared to the fast tracks at Miss World in Bali!
    Wish I could greet her personally! ;(

  5. PINOYS and non-Filipino pageant fans around the world are in awe of Miss WORLD 2013!

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