12 comments on “MW2013 Megan Young at the NBA Games

  1. Isabella is still gorgeous. Give her a break for gaining a little weight. Is she being groomed to joing Ms World Phil? She would be a good candidate. I’m sure she can shed the pounds is she wanted to and joined.

  2. Queen Megan will always be a head-turner anywhere she goes. The camera simply loves her and her demeanor …naturally flawless. She is in a league of her own ! Thank you Megan for bringing honor to our country. Mabuhay ang Pilipino ! After Megan, Ara is next with the goal of conquering the Universe ! 🙂

  3. Hello Norman! It indeed is Isabela. She confirmed it via her FB account that she was part of the MOA team for Megan 😉

      • oh wow isabella manjon? what great news lola norman? whats next a sighting of janina san miguel taking an IQ test? …. wow how news worthy… even if ” THE GREAT ISABELLA MANJON” joins mw do you really think shes going to have the same success as megan…? wow lola norman what a great expose pointing out “WHO THE F… IS SHE”…. WHO CARES !!!! IS MY POINT … AND WHILE IM AT IT…. its ” SHE HAS GAINED QUITE A LOT OF WEIGHT”….. not “GOTTEN”…. ! INTIENDE GRANDMA!

  4. Is that really Ara? I thought she’s at SMA’s White Mansion in seclusion for 2 weeks.

  5. Isabella Manjon, diet diet pag may time.
    Taba mo na the, di ka pa nanganganak ng lagay na yan.

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