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  1. Hi Norm, just gone through the Ms.U website and just notice how strong countries in letter “P” appear to be. Is there anyway you can do another write-up on this? Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines – Poland – Puerto Rico. Im just guessing the winner might come from this array if not Australia but of course my strong hope that letter P winner would be for Philippines..hahaha. Hope to see this soon, Norm. Thanks

  2. Is there any type of rivalry between Julia Morley with MW and Donald Trump with MU? Since MW was held in Indonesia, would that affect the chances of Whulandary in Russia? This might sound stupid but I’m just wondering. :p

    • I don’t think so. Mr. Trump has business interests in Indonesia so he will not dismiss Whulandary that easily.


  3. I just saw Ara Arida’s feature in TV Patrol. Her problem area is really her tummy!!!! Dont get me wrong I am still rooting for her.

    • Nakita ko rin yun! upper tummy is ok e, may cut I think (malabo yung video na nakita ko) pero side view it’s hello puson talaga. Anyway, idaan nalang sa pagrampa at panghypnotize ng mata nya para makuha ang diamond nexus crown 😛

    • I went to the same University with Ariella and some say she really is a heavy drinker. That’s why maybe it has taken a toll on her tummy area.

      • No she’s not! Those are just ugly rumors spread by her jealous batch mates..

  4. It’s between Philippines and Vietnam… and France, Spain & Israel 🙂

  5. Setting aside Ariella from Team Asia, I find Whulandary of Indonesia as the other Asian that will shine come 9th November. Somehow, I’ve already chosen my Top 4. I still caanot decide to whom should I reserve the 5th spot. Chances are I’d give it to either Australia or a Hispanic American Beauty. I still need to have a meeting with Trump. 😉

    Here’s my top list so far: (in proper order!!!)
    1. Philippines
    2. Poland
    3. France
    4. Indonesia

    • @Dexter Co: I absolutely agree with your opinion guys…
      also with your top 4, If I can give a suggestion. I’ll suggest you to add Ukraine, USA or Puerto Rico on your TOP 5.

  6. Based ‘ONLY’ on the photos, As if Ara’s adversaries @ MU 2013 Asian version are like competing with:

    Ara vs. China (Zhazha Padilla)
    Ara vs. India (Janina San Miguel)
    Ara vs. Indonesia (Maricar de Mesa)
    Ara vs. Japan (KC Conception)
    Ara vs. Kazakhstan (Madam Auring)
    Ara vs. Korea (Cristine Reyes)
    Ara vs. Malaysia (Carmina Villaroel)
    Ara vs. Myanmar (I can’t think of anybody but ‘Roxanne Guinoo’ of PBB)
    Ara vs. Sri. Lanka (Anne Curtis via lips !)
    Ara vs. Singapore (Julia Clarete)
    Ara vs. Thailand (Maricel Soriano)
    Ara vs. Vietnam (Aubrey Miles or Alessandra Da Rossi)
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Just a ‘lil bit of sense humor from me here ‘coz I notice that everyone is starting to feel the MU fever. 😉

    Honestly, it’s hard to discard any of them ‘coz methinks they are all beautiful. We may be able to say that Ara is the most prepared candidate because of the training she has been through and still ongoing, because her preparation is almost transparent…but we don’t know how much, what ways, the adversaries are preparing for themselves. Their efforts, preparations, and sacrifices (including Ara, of course) can only be justified during the preliminary competitions. It’s still anybody’s game for now. Though I’m always rooting for ARA.

  7. Based on the posted photos – 1. Phils. 2. Vietnam 3. India 4. Malaysia. Over-all I wont settle for anything less than a top 5 for Ara ! I believe A&Q is doing everything to ensure her strong performance in Moscow. And I think it’s time for all of us Pinoys to make some noise to get everyone’s attention and make notice of Ara. 2013 is going to be the year of the Filipina beauty in the international scene 🙂

  8. 3-5 Asians will make the cut to prelims.
    I saw signs Ara will get d nexus crown based on my observations…
    1. Mataas reputation ng Phil in international beauty pageants.
    2. Mas mataas ang ego ni Trump over MWO. Aagawan nya ng limelight ang MWO.
    3. Thousands of pinoys netizens of miss u fanatics are debating everyday wherein lots of bashers vs patriotic defenders are keeping d publicity of pageant high. Eto gustong gusto ng mga businessmen..ratings!
    4. If we’ll review Bbp coronation night, our Ara was chosen by foreigner-majority judges & pinoy beauty experts. According to tito boy, she is a common choice.
    5. Ara, having an exceptional aura, she is eager to perfect her body & skills para pasabog ang arrival nya.

    Im always looking forward na mabago pa wardrobe styling ky ara.Manorman do you think strategy ng BPCI photo disaster & gowns ng past queens nila or indenial lng talaga sa pagkaLOLAish ng estilo nila.

    • Philippine is only one part of the world. Why do people tend to think that it’s the center of the universe??!!

      • And who are those people who tend to think that the Philippines is the center of the universe? If people supports Ara, which I believe mostly Filipinos, because these people believes that Ara has the affinity and/or worthy to become the Ms. Universe titlist for this year. If you believe in any other candidates whom you believe worthy enough that she has also the qualities to become Miss Universe title holder just simply imply her strengths and worthiness…for that I may be able to favour your arguments and my sympathy. So now the stage is yours…let’s hear it. Cheers. 😉

    • I agree with this…di patatalo si trump sa limelight ng mwo sa ngyon because of megan and another factor is our lost last year na obviously it should be janine…..

    • And also mr. Trump badly need publicity now…since they are facing a controversial photoshoot of his favorite olivia culpo in india wherein bawal pala at di basta basta nagpapapic sa taj mahal….accrdng sa report she might be in jail for 2 years!!! Tsk tsk…. Karma na ba nila yan sa pagluto nila ng show last year!!😱

      • I think it has something to do with the footwear ata? Pwede naman magpapicture sa Taj. They’re very strict with bringing footwear inside the temple if I remember correctly.

  9. The Asians are no competition.. I thinks it’s Poland and Israel that she has to beat based on beauty and publicity…

  10. I think her biggest competition would be Vietnam, Indonesia very close behind. I have Ariella and Truong both in my top 5 at the moment. I hope they both do make it. Although, I’m not sure if Miss Vietnam is trained as good as Ariella and her beauty camp, A&Q. But I think I read somewhere that she’s a model in her country, so yeah.

    I really love Truong because I feel like I could see her starring in an action movie with Jackie Chan, like Rush Hour (lol, yeah idk). She reminds me of someone from a movie and I thought of Rush Hour straight away but I’m not sure.

    I hope both will make the top 5, but my minds telling me it’s time for a European to win. (Even though I desperately want Ara to win).

    My top Asians: Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia
    My top Europeans: France, Switzerland, Poland

  11. I don’t know. I don’t feel any of them but Ara solely. They all photograph fabulously but I don’t think none of them can hack it on stage as fierce as our Ara. Asians are a bit shy and reserve on stage and I doubt Miss Universe is looking for subtlety at all. The last Miss Universe from Asia is Miss Japan back in 2007 who was trained by Ines Ligron. And Riyo Mori was no wallflower. What these Asian candidates this year lack isn’t beauty but preparation and training. Thank God for Aces & Queens, our Ara is a million miles ahead of the Asian pack. #FTW #AraMU2013

  12. Ara’s strongest rival and competitor is herself and not anyone else from Asia, Africa ,Europe or America.

    • Please don’t be so fanatic….
      Miss Universe is not just talk about Ara…Ara…Ara…Ara…Ara…..and Ara….
      Your stupid action just make all people hate you and your country…

  13. kung papasok sa top 15 ang china, not because she’s deserving but because of political reasons. i think malaki ang chance ng japan & korea. as for miss philippines, sorry pero di pa rin ako convince na papasok siya sa 15, CLAPPER pa rin siya para sa akin!

  14. Beauty wise ariella is the strongest in Asia or even in other regions. Her look is just smashingly gorgeous. Trust that she will be in the semis based on her beauty alone.

  15. Philippines only! I dont care among others! Suporta ko kay ara lang po! Condition ko na isip ko siya ang ms.universe at wala ng iba,Hindi pumapayag ang isip na may mas maganda pa sa kanya sa asya! Opinion ko lang po thank you!

  16. Ara is a strong delegate, amongst Asians at least, but the real question is if she’s stronger then Miss Poland, Miss Russia, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Venezuela, Miss South Africa, Miss Australia, Miss Colombia, and of course Miss Mexico. I consider stage presence, Catwalk, and witt when ranking a contender. Ara wi do well, but she has immense completion. My bet is on Poland, Australia, Colombia, or PR.

  17. I think it’s Philippines and Myanmar that will make the cut. One or two Asians will make it this year though I really like all of them.

  18. Of this batch, Ara and Whulandary appear the strongest. IMO, Whulandary is Indonesia’s best since they started fielding candidates in MU.

    Let’s hope Ara does well in the prelim interviews as the prelim judges will determine who the 15 semifinalists will be. I’m also hoping that 3 or more Asians will enter as semifinalists this year but that rarely happens in MU.

  19. Myanmar is a serious contender. It’s great publicity for the pageant to include her in top 15.
    Indonesia is the runaway winner in this batch. Please consider that she does not take a bad shot. There are no bad pics of Waulandry(whatever) out there whereas there are a lot of Ara.
    Japan, Korea and Vietnam are also better facewise than Ara.
    I think bodywise thouggh Ara has the best.If she gets into the top 15 she can make top 5 based on her body and curves.

    • Agree… if Ara gets into the Top 15, she can easily make it to top 5… after all swimsuit for Top 10 then add up the evening gown to make it to Top 5…

      • Check!All pinay candidates kasi are well prepared sa pasarela & stage projection…advance among asians.

    • Korea is not better face wise than Ara, she had plastic surgery search for it and you will see. Eyelids, cheekbones, chin and nose all redone….

  20. We all know that Miss Israel is African this year, but technically, isn’t Israel part of the Asian continent? And how about Turkey? Just asking what candidates qualify as “Asian”? Is it geography or race? If race, then Miss Canada should be included as part of Team Asia. If geography then Israel and Turkey ought to be on the list. 🙂

    • Actually, I wanted to pair Ara with just a dozen Asian contenders. I could have also placed Chinese Taipei aside from Israel and to a certain extent, Turkey. 😉

      • so anong ibig mong sabihin lola norman? tinamad ka na naman! choz…. pa gamot mo nga yang rahuma mo!

      • Flor, If you think our blogger is lazy, go ahead and CREATE your own blog. Be my guest! Let’s see how skillful and diligent you are.

    • I have been reading Miss Israel profile. I think she will be a strong contender. There’s lot of press about her life story and she’s making lots of press, not on beauty pageant issue but rather on political and social sides. Her success story is somekind of “human interest” story. She’s one to watch out. She’s not our usual cookie cutter barbie beauty queen.

  21. Indonesia looks fierce but I know her personality and com skills won’t bring it..
    Same with Vietnam, she’s perfect for editorial but I know she won’t cut it during the interview..
    China is a model but her body is too gangly like an anorexic scarecrow w/ no ass.
    Japan’s anime look would be a head turner but that won’t even beat Ara’s big eyes..
    As for Thailand, I hope they become good friends, I don’t mind her making it to the Top 16.

    Who’s the biggest threat?.. I have no idea..

    Add Ms. Spain, South Africa & Bolivia..
    They all look alike!

    Ariella Arida for the WIN!!!!!! 😀

  22. based on pics, there’s something about China, Japan and Korea. Together with Philippines, they are neck to neck for the crown Asian division, though I have yet to see all of them in action.

  23. For me, Philippines and Vietnam can have a neck and neck competition here! Worth mentioning are Japan and Indonesia. Seems like we have a strong Team Asia this year.

  24. Tito Norman, do you believe na all the South American contenders are not threatening? Me too I feel the same – I mean for example Maria Isler is so beautiful – perfect body pero MAS may dating si ARA and the other Latinas look like they just had breast implants (Look like – I’m not sure if they had). If you read the article that I sent you, the judge slightly pinagtawanan yung mga halatang nagpa enhance ng dibdib – If i remember it right. So parang di nila gusto kapag halatang maypinaayos ang candidates which is halata sa mga latinas this year (If I’m right). I believe the battle will be between Central Europeans and 4 Asians + USA (for the sake of telecast ahaha).

  25. I think it’s between Ara and Vietnam, but I’m assuming that Ara is more prepared in all aspects. But who knows, maybe Vietnam will be the Leila 2.0 —- or will Ara be the Leila 2.0 (“Silent Killer”)?.

  26. Her biggest competition from Asia would be Indonesia & China

    Those girls are tall, poised, nice catwalk, fierce, and know how to pose in front of the camera. They will definitely bring it… But Ms China’s body isn’t all that great.

    But I think Ara has the upper hand because of her mentors (A&Q, Venus, Shamcey, Janine, etc)

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