11 comments on “A Message from Ms. Cory Quirino

  1. “Live coverage by ABS-CBN?”. I thought she has a one year contract with GMA 7? Or was it waived when she won Miss World? If that is so, then it is a good opportunity for Janicel Lubina.

    • I believe it’s a compromise between the two networks. Megan is now a national pride so one group can’t really just own her exclusively. 🙂

  2. She looked divine in this gown. Similar with the one Janine worn at 2012 MU, only a lot better. Is this a Pinoy creation?

    Anyways, a warm welcome to the Queen.

  3. President Aquino should have declred Friday, October 11th a national holiday so that families and school children can enjoy cheering & supporting the new national idol happily together!

  4. Good thing my fave color is Blue to begin with…
    then party till the sun goes up! 😀
    Woot woot!!!! 😀

    We missed you Megy!!! 😀

  5. 1:30 pm?
    Katirikan ng araw, I just hope na may bubong ang float ni Inday Megan, maganda ka nga, amoy araw ka naman.
    Haaay,..Mareng Megan yung inuutang ko ha!

    • basiL, Ive seen the news on TV about her fLoat, it wiLL be designed wiTh white & bLue fLowers that wiLL Look Like a biG crOwn….aT merOn daw nakaHandang bubOng para daw kuNg sakaLing umuLan…. saka umuLan daw o umaraw, tuLoy pa rin daw ang kanyang parade…. pansin ko Lng bakiT si Cory Q e todo project pag nasa cameRa?…daTi ba xang Beauty Queen?..paraNg ayaw nYang paSapaw sa mga candidaTes…

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