21 comments on “You will enjoy Miss World 2013 Megan Young’s BBC World interview just as much

  1. Very we’ll said Megan ! So proud of you. You are the best Miss World ever.
    You’re so articulate , humble, and every word you said comes from the heart .
    I wish you all the best and may god guide you and be successfull in all your plans
    As Miss World.

  2. i’m super proud and i knew it then that she’ll win the crown..i can see it in here powerful charismatic aura..at least bashers of filipina beauties will shut up from now on..it’s painful when they describe filipinas as SLAVES..but where are they now.?…thank you megan for uplifting the dignity of filipino women

  3. “Yes I’m Fat And Ugly and Megan Young Is Sexy And Beautiful,” Devina Devida Seeks Apology From Philippines.”
    By nidhi tewari | October 5, 2013 5:40 PM EST


    Bud? It has begun. Fly, soar high Megan. Spread the core values of Humanity.

    RIGHT ACTION = honesty = to do what is right with effectiveness and efficiency.
    INNER PEACE = balance = to stay free from the influence of emotions.
    TRUTH = sincerity = to say what is true and should be said.
    LOVE = kindness = to have an open heart, to give oneself without barriers.
    NONVIOLENCE = respect = to be in tune with all, disturbing the peace of no being.

  4. BRAVO Megan! …..So well spoken and eloquent!

    Everytime I see pictures or video clips of her I always experience this ‘feel good’ factor in me! Without sounding corny or patronising, I truly believe she is truly God’s gift to pageantry! It was really worth the wait and all the hype before she finally took the plunge to compete in the MWP contest!

    Her future is definitely BIG and bright and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit when the UN appoint her as an ambassador for a global social or civic cause!

  5. I love her answers and how she says it. Very well done Miss World Megan Young! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  6. Kudos to her parents for rearing a very smart woman. Kudos to Megan for realizing that privelege comes with responsibility. Such wisdom from someone so young.

  7. Megan wins at the right time, at the right place.. I sooo fell in love with her, goodluck in your MW journey!

  8. You can never go wrong with a physically gorgeous woman who is at the same time self-confident, intelligent, and eloquent. Send this type of woman to any beauty pageant and she would do very well. Megan Lynne Young has set the bar so high! Congratulations Megan !!!

  9. This interview is too short!!! I wish she asked her more questions!
    I love hearing her genuine answers.. I want to hear more from Megan Young!
    I know she won a week ago but I still feel so excited for her..
    Next stop, Hollywood!!!!! LOL 😀

  10. Megan is so refreshing in this interview. Not only beautiful, but I think she is one of the articulate Miss World girls crowned. She is so true and genuine. She totally speaks from the heart. Mabuhay ka, Megan! Enjoy and learn from your year-long reign. Kisses and hugs all the way from Manila. Xx

  11. I’m still waiting for Megan’s meeting with Prince Harry and rest of the Royal Family 😉 😉 Hopefully it will happen 😉

  12. I’d be happy even if she only appeared on ITV news but BBC? Now that’s massive!… Megan, you are such a highbrow and I’m so proud of you.

  13. She’s amazing in front of the camera. She’s very natural. Her answers seem heart felt and non-rehearsed. It’s obvious that she thinks before she speaks. She pause for a second or two to think of what she’s going to say. She does not crack under pressure. Credit is given when it’s deserved & Megan definitely gets a big one.

    She is clearly going to be one of the most memorable Ms. World rep.

    Now… If only Ms. Phil Universe Ariella Arida can learn these skills…. Just saying 🙂

    Our Ms. International Bea Santiago & Ms. Earth Angelee Reyes? Not worried about them at all.

    • same here. not worried with bea and angelee.. si ara isang malaking HOPELESS case na talaga! goodbye mu crown, goodbye top 5, goodbye mu semifinalist, hello CLAPPER!

    • both bea and angelee are very articulate and so confident which is for me the factors that ara need but ‘im not losing hope for ara. maybe she will shine in moscow and that russians will love her asian look and very demure personality. i hope so…my very concern is that i just dont find a heartfelt smile from her maybe she’s shy or not happy at all.. whatever..

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