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  1. Ano ba naman yan Cindy, pipitsuging Miss Barangay na lang nga na ginawa sa China e natalo ka pa.
    Tsk tsk tsk.
    That’s My Boy, I-try mo!

  2. AYAYAY! All that trouble, and all that expense by the BPCI, and for what? Please Madame. Drop this franchise ASAP before you ruin another candidate. Cindy deserved better.

  3. I feel kinda sorry for Cindy

    She has so much to offer and ended up in this shitty pageant.

    BPCI should just drop this low budget pageant. They get no buzz and not even a TV coverage? Come on now.

  4. Walang kredibildad ang tourism char char na pageant Ito , bakit pinagaaksayahan pa ng panahon?
    Pag sa China gagawin ang pageant at lalo na’t ang mga checkwa ang sponsor asahan mo na ang lutong makaw, hanggat may sigalot at isyu sa pangaagaw ng mga intsik sa isla ng Pilipinas,magiging biktima ang sinumang kinatawan ang magrereprisinta sa Pilipinas……. Oo biktima ng playtime!

  5. And as far as I know,only 4 major pageants we have.Miss Universe,Miss World,Miss Earth and Miss International.The word “grandslam” sounds professional but I think it is inappropriate word for beauty pageants.Global beauties use this as if they are the most reliable site.Very slow in coverage.Norman’s blog is more comprehensive than GB.They are rude when they respond to comments.They said they predicted the Miss World winner but they have judges from different bloggers.They don’t post the scores from these bloggers just the total scores.I checked those bloggers’ site . only 3 sites have their predictions on their sites (eye for beauty,the times of beauty and indonesian pgts) .Though Philippines is the no 1 in leaderboard. I’m wondering why Brazil was just .2 points behind.That means the remaining judges (together with GB rep) didn’t put Philippines in top spot.Now they are claiming that GB predicted the winner?They are using these bloggers for their sake.

  6. Just drop this nonsense pageant, its just one of many tourism titles., grandslam pageant? Aww c’mon Miss Earth is more credible and wayyyyy better than this super cheap pageant.

  7. Na reveal din sa wakas ang winner. Lol lg sa mga multiple updates of winners sa twitter. Congrats pa dn kay ms cindy. Good job! ^_^

  8. In fairness to Miss Latvia,she’s beautiful..

    44 entrants with 3 reps from China .Postponed 2 times.No tv coverage.And still GB consider this pageant a Grandslam?

    • GB will never remove this tacky pageant from their Grandslam list because:

      1. Miss TQI paid GB to cover their pageant. That’s why the pageant is so dependent of this website. Look what happened with Amy Lynn Holbrook in 2008. GB sided with the pageant despite so many proof of the organizers’ recklessness

      2. GB lauded the pageant as the one to overthrow Miss Earth as the most sought after crown. For them to remove it will make them admit they were wrong. And they are wrong.

    • Well, hindi naman pala uuwing luhain c Cindy. Congrats Cindy, we know you did your best…keep that best smile and attitude…and always be unstoppable . You’ve got the whole wide world in your hands.

  9. Congrats Cindy for being on Top 10 and winning 2 special awards. Not bad at all I must say for a pageant held at China. Here’s the list of their special awards winners:


    Best in National Costume – China (Xianning)
    Best in Evening Attire – South Africa
    Best In Beach Wear – Mongolia
    Perfect Smile – Philippines
    Miss Shiny Hair – Germany
    People’s Queen – China (Xianning)
    Best in Attitude – Philippines
    Dancer of the Year – Taiwan
    Best in Elegance – China (Inner Mongolia)
    Best in Talent – China (Guangdong)

  10. Miss Latvia definitely has a pretty face and in her bikini pose, she looks flat but so tall. Anyway, congratulations Alisa M.

    Just wondering… All the winners didn’t have good exposure in China news. I only saw the faces of Mongolia, Finland and Philippines.

    With only 43 contestants, it is unbelievable that Global Beauties still considers it a grand slam.

    Cindy, you are still the winner for the Philippines!

    • don’t they have a minimum number of candidates before they can consider a pageant “Grand Slam”?

  11. The BPCI should seriously consider dropping this franchise. It’s really not fair to our national winners like Katrina and Cindy. Not only are they wasted on a politicized pageant in CHINA, it also renders them ineligible from competing in future BPCI pageants. So what’s the point?

  12. She gave her best. Reaching the semis is an achievement already and something to be proud of. Buti na lang may hangover pa ako sa pagkapanalo ni Megan at masaya pa din ako hanggang ngayon! 🙂

    Can she still try out for MW Philippines next year even if she’s already a title holder at Binibini? This girl has potential.

  13. Why is it na parang no one’s there to support Cindy Miranda? Ang A&Q nagawang pumunta ng Indonesia, pero sa China hindi?

    • Chynah, the A&Q people go to the host countries using their personal funds. And with MTQI happening just a week after MW, budget constraits got in the way. Besides, Xianning is deep into Mainland China and the plane fare going there is rather steep.

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