12 comments on “Jakelyne Oliveira is Brazil’s Miss Universe 2013 bet

  1. I like this girl, sexy and exotic. I see some sort of spark in her… Top 10, maybe?

  2. Pang Miss Earth ang beauty ni Miss Brazil, mas patok sya dun.. O.t. @Cindy’s gown wla na tayo magagawa dyan if yan na talaga final gown nya, sayang kasi e ang daming magagaling na Pinoy designers na pwedeng magpadamit sa mga delegada natin pero… hayts! Call it a destiny na lng goodluck Cindy.

  3. Out of topic

    TITO NORMS!!!!!!! Have you seen the gown Cindy Miranda will wear on MTQI? I saw it on Missosology. For heaven’s sake where on earth did they get that gown?!!! I feel bad for Cindy!!! She doesnt deserve this!!!! The gown is horrifying! Is Madam Stella Araneta high on ecstasy? South Africa’s gown is BEAUTIFUL. God I hope Cindy can work her magic and rise about that dreadful gown. All the best Cindy!

  4. I like her. Quite a different look and skin tone from her 2 predecessors. Good luck Braziwwww!!!

  5. In the video of this pageant her catwalk is amazing! though she bounces a lot!

  6. You nailed it, Norman! She does not have the spark that would make people follow her based on that image. Hmmm… But I like her skin tone.

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