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  1. As of October 10, they havent changed the pic yet. Yes the MU candidate shot on the frontpage is good but when you try to click on the ‘details’ at the bottom panel of Ara’s pic, they havent changed it yet, I kept laughing out loud! The shot was somethin like a fresh makeup from the morgue!I think Stella is about to halt the winning streak of Philippines for Miss Universe! Anyways, ABSCBN numerous paid netizens can give her good coverups. They can invent gimmicks like the Ariba walk somethin which you have never heard any such gimmicks in Miss World Philippines. I think Arida will end up a clapper… GMA7 maybe has less and fair exposure of MWP but they have a good run already. Unlike ABSCBN, with all of their gay pakulo terms super exposures like cobra walk, tsunami walk ek ekan gimiks, they still end up a runnerup. Anyway, we support Ara, just let ABSCBN and BPCI do their job. But Im 101% sure, she wont win……

    • As your username (Madame Stella A + Cory Quirino) suggests you are someone who will only bash either ARA or the BPCI. Let me tell you something; Megan Young’s probability of winning was very high but there was no certainty whether she will bring home the crown and there were strong candidates like SPAIN, BRAZIL and FRANCE. For me, the whole Universe was focusing on Megan at that time and it is not coincidental, yes she has the best face, yes some luck is needed BUT she was also VERY prepared. I am very happy with Megan’s victory but don’t compare BPCI with MW. BPCI and Miss World are two different pageants, and remember that even Venezuela who chooses their candidate a year before the pageant does not get the crown every year – remember Vanessa Concalves and Marelissa Gibson???? Vanessa Concalves was not the best but she was a strong contender and yet failed to reach top 10 – what happened? So don’t expect BPCI to win the crown every year, ok? You said; “stll end up a runner up”, that’s quite arrogant and do you know how many countries would change place with us to be a “runner up (LANG)” ????? Be happy and don’t destroy people and their confidence. To say Ara will clap is not so different as saying that she will be crowned as MU. Be sensitive – Ara has been doing everything she can – can’t you learn to appreciate that instead of putting her and her team down???????.

      One more thing be carful when you talk about “gay pakulo” – I am not gay myself but you are making it sounds like it’s bad to be gay. It’s not the BPCI who makes up those names it’s the media. Media includes Facebook, Twitter, FORUMS etcetera.

      • Good one Alexandra!
        buti nalang naunahan mo ako..
        My reply would have had a lot of asterisks in it…

        Ariella Arida for the WIN! πŸ˜€

  2. I can’t help but worry for Ara. BPCI should be careful and make sure to be keen to the littlest detail like profile pic on the MU site. They should always remember that this is a CRUCIAL year for BB pilipinas universe rep.
    * Anyways jonas said on twitter that they’re fixin it. (Sure do hope so)

    • Exactly, it is crucial since they had 50! girls to choose from this year and theoretically dapat mas malaki ang chances, but who knows? In addition, ang Miss World na three years pa lang hinahawakan ni Miss Cory ay nakapag-uwi ng Miss World crown at ang galing ng last two performances sa MW. I know Ara can do it, but I’m worried that the people around her may decrease the chances.

      • I agree alexandra…BPCI staff are too lazy to be innovative to hire best photographers.mas mgaling pa kumuha si ara sa instagram nya without filter.palagi n lang c jonas ang ngtatrabaho e kung tutuusin sa kanila npupunta big percentage ng money from endorsements and sponsors ng queens. We fanatics are biggest asset/factor ng candidate para mapansin sa pageant ksi kung di dahil sa netizens baka clapper p rin candidata. Another thing, sir norman sana pagbigyan sila jonas pumili ng local designers for ara’s gown kahit this year lang ksi worldclass na quality ng local designers natin ngayon & i cant take n matalo tyo ng ms canada na n dugong pinoy na nga, bibihisan pa ni francis libiran.

  3. I thought the team of Jonas is already changing her pic? It’s still the same horrible pic as of now 8:38 pm Oct 3, 2013 Philippine time.

      • Gosh, tito Norman, something’s telling me na ni hindi nakita ni Mrs. Araneta at ni Ara ang pic na ito before pinadala. But I mean any person na matino ang pag-iisip ay makikita na hindi kaaya-aya ang larawa na ito. Nagtuturuan pa siguro kung sino may kasalanan kaya di pa napapalitan. If I only had millions of dollars bibilin ko ang franchise πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ At ikaw ang DIRECTOR ahahah πŸ˜‰

      • I am assuming that the pic is final since changing a pic online should only take minutes. Whoever is in charge of sending this photo should be hanged in public. Any info on the circumstances on the posting of this photo? By the way, saw Ara’s interview with Anthony Taverna. Omg she looks 100% better! That body is to die for!

      • Sir norman since you are the most credible pageant blogger and critic, can we request you use your power to make a petition to convince maghire ang bpci ng local wardrobe stylist and pinoy designer kahit this year lang.masyadong archaic na estilo ng bpci. Ung team ni megan npakaclever ksi sorang tasteful n classy ng clothes khit conservative ng cut considering na mraming muslim sa indonesia. Im Looking forward to convince them.

      • I agree with neil santander. It’s been so long, it’s been too much, and it’s been costing too much our Filipina candidates. BPCI needs to change it’s rules in terms of who will dress the Filipina candidates. The dresses that they are giving them are just so……….. I don’t know what to say anymore. BPCI will not care about my comment but the whole pageant world in Philippines know what I am talking about and how our queens’ clothes look like. I know na walang magdare na magsabi kay Madame na itigil na ang contract with current designers because of her power. Maybe she is friends with those designers that’s why she is hesitant to terminate the contract, BUT someone who will not lose anything from her has to tell that they need to let Filipino designers dress our Queens, particularly Ariella. Do we want another DECADE of witnessing our Queens wearing not-so-flattering clothes?? Do we? Really?

  4. This is a testimony that we FILIPINOS should take care of our own candidates. Somebody please bid for the MU Philippines franchise asap.

  5. Mama Jonas confirmed that they are looking for new photos to swap with the current one. So we’ve been heard, girls.

    In the meantime: VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Punta na sa MU website. Alam niyo na πŸ™‚

  6. This is not a very good start for Ara Arida and it makes me sad.Just look at the girls from Russia, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, France, Czhec, US, Australia or Switzerland who all initially blasted the MU website with their glamour shots.Why even Miss Ghana means business!I really think BPCI needs a new head,See,Cory Quirino has held the franchise of Miss World for only 3 years and yet she’s been winning like crazy in the persons of Gwen Ruais, Queenierich Rehman and Megan Young.And what about Andrew Wolfe’s strong finish at the Mr.World?Wake up or give it up, Stella Marquez de Araneta.☺



  8. Yesterday I was bothered by this pic… Today, I am more bothered by the sudden appearance of Grammar Police! Wahhh…nosebleed naman ako!

  9. I’ve been following this blog for some time and this is the first time that I’ll be commenting on an article. Honestly, the picture is horrible! I love Ara and I am confident that she will be able to deliver a good performance at Miss Universe. Are the people behind Bb. Pilipinas dumb to submit such awful picture? Can’t they distinguish what’s beautiful and what’s not? It seems to me that they are trying to downplay their own queen. I can now understand why a lot of pageant fanatics always in utmost disapproval of Bb. Pilipinas’. It’s insane! It’s unfair for the candidates! And, it’s trashing the candidate’s possibility of winning!!!

  10. Langya namang buhay to o. Jumejebs ako ng makita ko tong pic biglang umurong!!! Sinong me pakana ng katarantaduhang ito !!!!

  11. I think it was the wrong photo that was sent, LOL! Can’t even describe the right word of this mug shot. Horrendous is not even the apt word.

  12. Just the same I have faith in Ara that she will do really well in Russia. With God, Aces & Queens, her hard work & determination and our all out support & prayers behind her, nothing can go wrong ! Go go go Ara !

  13. This photo has probably already ruined Ara’s chances to be invited by MU to arrive early for the pageant to do promotional tour within Russia, which MU organizers usually do each year (unless they are not doing it this year). Pageant fanatics from other countries must be having a field day criticizing this. I sincerely that they will replace this photo sooner rather than later ^_^

  14. I couldn’t agree more with you, Norman ! Could have been much much way way better ! ! ! This is not one of her better photos that will catch one’s attention in a favorable way 😦

  15. Hinga ng malalim mga vaks, ayan na as per Mama Jonas’ tweet, papalitan daw ang picture. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ narinig ang “noise” barrage natin! πŸ˜€ Effect ng pagprotesta siguro ng mga tao sa dito and sa MSS πŸ˜› Winner talaga blog mo Tita Norms! πŸ™‚

  16. At first glance i thought you were featuring ma. Isabel lopez not until i read that this was Ara.

    The photo is quite depressing to be honest. The photoshop work is terrible that you can notice the two different color tones on her forehead. Dont know if the guy who did the work forgot to turn on some layer in photoshop. Its obvious they are making here bronze.

    Mr Norman, have you seen the profile pic of Ara Arida in her facebook account? That one is far better than this one.

    Or the one you posted when she won bb pilipinas is miles better…

  17. Two words: naku naman! I think Ara is a striking woman, but whoever chose this picture to be sent to Miss U needs to be axed stat! This shows lack of insight and strategic planning on how Ara should be marketed to the Miss U organizers. They aged the girl by 10 years, got rid of her neck, and made her look like she can’t afford a bottle of conditioner. The lighting could’ve been softer and they should’ve used top-shelf makeup. Are there no badings with Chanel in the vicinity? Kuya Norman, I hope you can get in touch with someone at BPCI and let them know this is not looking good. Monique Lhuiller can do magic with makeovers.

  18. Unbelievable. The BPCI designated this photo as Ara’s “official” photo for the Miss Universe Website to introduce her face to the world? It’s like giving free ammunition to Ara’s bashers!

    I know this is a temporary photo, but doesn’t the BPCI realize that first impressions count? Or are they intentionally trying to lower Ara’s chances? If that is so, perhaps the MUP franchise holder “Madame” still holds some hope that she’ll yet see a Colombian win a second Miss Universe title before she goes to her grave and she’s subconsciously acting out this wish by doing the same exact things year after year: bad photos, bad gowns, etc. Que horror!

    Thank God girls like Venus, Shamcey, Janine were still able to pull it off despite these shenanigans! I hope Ara will, too!

  19. Btw, As for Ara’s picture, it’s not the best photo of her but it’s not that really bad at all. I don’t try to compare it to other MU photo candidates (MU website) for now as I don’t want to become vain or bitter. Just as simple as that.

  20. Hi Norman,
    I’m reading your blog almost everyday but this is my first time to try imputing my thoughts. Since our very own Megan Young won the Ms. World 2013 title I suddenly become enthusiastic to share my view(s) and hoping I could share constructive points as I go along. And now that we are looking forward to another international pageants (MTQI, MU, & MI) for this year, I have the positive feeling that all our representative will do well in their respective competition.

    Re: Ara Arida…I believe she’ll make us all proud as I believe she has the capability to do her very best for THE PHILIPPINES. All advises,(importantly from the runners up of MU 2010, 2011, and 2012 from the Philippines),the comments and criticisms thrown at her are the tools to enhance her worthiness to become the MU candidate big contender. That’s all for now.

  21. I had the same impression when I first saw thiS pic….but kung TItITIGAn mO ung pic, maganda xa….Para syang Indian na may pgka Latina… I have a feeLing that she’LL contiNue the countRy’s Placement in MU2013… the quesTion is: wiLL she bring home the Crown??…… as we knOw, winning MU is 99% Luck and faTe…jusT Like what GLoria Diaz said….so if she enters the top 5, its in GOD’s hands if she’LL win that crOwn…

    • wOw ha… this bLog is Entertaining & eduCationaL at the same time….thanks grammarpolice for coRRecting keLLy…”you aLready!!!”…este, “iKaw na!!!”..

    • Ang cute ng atake ni grammar police..bigla bigla n lng lumilitaw..para tayong naka MAC pc.

  22. just saw ara’s creamsilk video w/ heart evangelists and rizza mananquil and I must say she was the standout! Her eyes were piercing through the camera!! she was stunning. Now there’s another show aside from showtime which she will be appearing on and I provided the link my gosh if that is not stunning to you I don’t know what is!!

    • Let’s just support her and ignore all her bashers. Mas maganda makipag usap sa mga taong puno ng positivity ang pagkicriticize kaysa dun sa ibang tao na parang ang perpekto kung magsalita. Ara’s doing her part to the best of her skills. Let’s do our part and support her all the way.

  23. Qhng tohng picture ang basehan ng mnnalo…100%, wlang pag asa c ariella…diba ngah, miss U is “confidently Beautiful”…so, no beautiful words can describe her in this photo…xnxa na, very disappointed lhng…kainis.

  24. Honestly, nkkahiya…ndi si Ara pro ang BPCI…grabe, prang wla rn nmang suporta yang si madam stella..ni ayaw atang manalo ang mga phl reps ntin..ehh d nman ntin masisi qhng ganun ehh ndi nman xa pilipino pro, sna may ginwa mn lhng ang BPCI pra d ian lumabas dun sa official websyt ng MU…no doubt, ms Cory Quirino is better than madam Stella…
    For me, one word is enough for that pic…NAKAKAHIYA…xnxa na, d qh tlga mapigilan…

  25. ara’s pic and ara the person are exactly the same- plain-looking, dull, and boring.

  26. If you will really look into the picture or Zoom it you will see that Ariella really has unique facial features. She’s a chameleon. She can look like someone at the moment and look like someone else later. I thinks this is her edge. I have been watching her for three days at Showtime and I must say she will not leave Russia without putting up a good fight. I just hope whatever strategies bbPCI and Aces and Queens have in mind will surely work pr else they can feel the wrath of the Filipinos. Hahaha kidding. But seriously, at this point of the competition you cant afford to make mistakes! Jesus Christ they will start sending off candidates come October 20-24!

  27. Norman can you post your thoughts on the most recent Ara? Yung Showtime Ara? As i said before grabe yung effect ng beauty niya. Parang nakaka akit talaga. Hindi katulad nung ibang contestatnts na maganda lang period. Anyway post them to give justice to this photo of Ara.

    Pero baka filler lang. I’ve seen the official glam pic of Ara. I think it’s by BPCI. Basta same background and concept kina Mutya at Cindy na pic. Dun wow talaga siya.

    Another thought: maganda wardrobe ni Ara sa Showtime. Hay. Sana wag baguhin ng BPCI sa Russia.

  28. OMG. WTF? Okay I’ve tried to stay positive on Ara but come on girl?! This pic exemplifies all the negative comments being thrown at her: looking tired, looking bored, looking sleepu, looking old, looking charmless. At some point as much as I support her I’m starting to feel like she really doesn’t stand a chance at the rate she is going. This is not her fault though! I think her handlers and trainers are over training, over working her and not letting her natural self just shine!
    Have some backbone and take control of your image. Honestly she looks so much fresher and charming the night of the BB pageant. What is happening?!

  29. wala naman pong namimintas kay ARA sa katunayan eh we are all behind her. we are all here to support her sa journey niya sa miss universe. ang kina iinis lang namin eh ayusin naman ang pagpapadala ng picture sa MISS U. eh ang daming maaayos na picture ni ARA. kahit pa sabihin na papalitan yung picture niya sa site ng MISS U. ang point dito is magpapadala ka na rin lang ng picture sana yung maayos at maganda na. aminin natin na nagmukhang matured si ARA sa picture na pinadala nila sa MISS U site. BPCI hindi namin talaga magets kung bakit itong picture na ito ang pinadala nila. NEVERTHELESS ARA is beautiful no question about that. we are all behind you, we are going to support you.


  31. Haynako seeing this pic makes me feel irritated with BPCI even more. Susme! Mag photoshop lang ng picture palpak pa, worse, they’re the ones that’s putting Ara more prone to being attaced by the bashers 😦 Ano ba!

  32. Oh My gosh, this is not ara we are expecting for so many months of training and transformation. Is this the outcome of the so called extremely preparation? Remember guys, FIRST IMPRESSION LASTS. I know ara is so glamorous now. So please show the best of her photo. Not a disaster. Look at the hair. Its very dry. I strongly believe the training camp and the BPCI for making all the contestants 100% ready and proven to bagging the crown. If this the strategy, in my opinion it will not work. Just my opinion

  33. I agree. We shouldn’t panic over an image that’s been placed on the MU website just for the sake of filling up the contestant page. To Ara’s credit, I don’t see any photoshopping on her face as compared to say, the over-rated Erin Brady of the USA or Bahamas’ Lexi Wilson with her fake pixel-latte skin.

  34. Nagulat talaga ako when this pic of her is posted in the official miss universe website. I’m not a basher but in all honesty they should have pic a better photo.. she looks older than her age in this photo.. Pero anyways its not in the pictures its how will she present herself in russia.

  35. This photo does not give her beauty justice. I’ve seen Ara in person for many times, talked to her personally even, and she really is a stunner. Change the photo.

    Forget glamorous. Forget high-fashion. It’s simply not pleasing!

    She has waaaay better photos to boot, partida kahit mga kuwa sa cell phone mas maganda pa. Why this, BPCI? What in the world were you thinking?

  36. i know this photo of Ara is not flattering at all. but one bright side is, people around the planet including those from the MUO would (temporarily) no longer have high expectations of her until when they actually see Ara in person upon arriving in Moscow. tables are gonna turn and people are just gonna get bombed! so chill guys.. have faith.

    • What’s the strategy there?!
      We all know that pageants are giant PR campaigns and extensive job interviews..
      I don’t think starting anything with a negative would ever have a positive outcome..
      BPCI, better prove me wrong!!!!!!

    • If I were a handler of a contestant, I would — at all times — ensure that my delegate shines and has he best foot forward.

  37. Norman, if you enlarge the photo which I just did, you’d see a genuinely beautiful lady with eyes that talks and a flawless brown skin complexion. However, she still does not look like Ara to me. Notice also the way she was made up, obviously they are trying to make her resemble the looks of Janine Tugonon and Miriam Quiambao. No offence to both gorgeous ladies as they certainly have brought honours to the country but it’s already proven that their beauties can only land a runner-up. I thought they want Ara to bring home the crown? πŸ˜‰

    • After Megan’s win, I’m sure Trump also wants a greater share of the spotlight specially now that all eyes are on the Philippines.. That increases Ara’s chances but this ugly picture might just pull her down.. I don’t know what to think anymore..

      • I agree. Megan’s win just made Ara’s chances of winning Miss U go up. She’ll definitely get more attention. And if Donald Trump doesn’t want to get overshadowed by Julia Morley, he has to crown the Philippines this time (given Ara will be able to express herself well if ever she lands on the top 5).

      • Closer2Fame, teh go to MU website and click on contestants, ang pic ni Janine beside Olivia andun. Of course hindi magpapatalo si Lolo Donald!

      • @Sheena

        Ay oo nga! Akalain mo nga naman.. I knew it.. hindi magpapahuli si Lolo Donald…
        So gusto nila mapa Wow mga tao pag dating ni Ara sa Moscow.. and maybe maiwasan ang mga contestants na mahilig mangsabotaje.. pwede.. pero sobra paring panget ng pic na yan.. hindi ko matangap.. and if ever manalo nga si Ara.. panira parin yang picture na yan.. haaays… ewan!

      • Closer2Fame, sana kumuha nalang sila ng picture sa instagram ni Ara kung ganyan lang kapangit ang picture na ipapadala nila. Hay. Sorry can’t hide my disappointment with BPCI on this one 😦

  38. Make up ba yan or reflections ng ilaw, hindi pantay may mga parts na madilim! Thats not glamour shot! Baka nagtipid si madam stella siya na lang nagshot ng picture!

  39. She reminds me of ruffa Gutierrez here but for me this is not the pic the judges are gonna base their decisions on. so for me although it could be better it’s not gonna hurt ara’s chances. Although her bashers are gonna have a field day


  41. How old are the people from BPCI who are in charge in choosing the photos?

    I’m guessing they are very old because they always seem to pick bad, low quality and olf fashion looking photos.

    Ara looks old here…. Like late 30s old.

    Did they not see that?!

  42. At first glance, I thought you were featuring another MU candidate that is recently proclaimed, Norman. And even if you have already mentioned Ara’s name, my brain still cannot accept that it is really her.

    In all fairness to the future Miss Universe, the new photo should have been kept in the attic simply because it does not look like her at all.

    With all honesty, the lady in the phtograph looks aristocratically gorgeous. I would like it for an ex-Miss Universe titleholder when she reaches 35.

    My two-cent worth!

  43. Mr. Norman..its time to post the most awaited transformation picture of Ara…with all honesty..i have been checkin your blog from time to time…just to check of the new pictures of Ara…this will help a lot considering your blog is known worldwide ( just look at your winner of your contest in the Miss World..all the way from South Africa: ) …please please please….I am begging you..: ) thank you in advance and more power to you : )

  44. As far as I remember,they also sent a not-so-good pic of Janine Tugonon last year.The yellow background?You can’t even recognized that the girl in the picture was Janine .I don’t know if BPCI really had this tactic.But it works even on Shamcey’s.

    • I remember those of Janine’s but that looks way better than this *** **** picture!
      Whatever their purpose, it better work!!!!! hmmmpppppfffff

  45. Do they really want people to bash her? She already got tons of bashers and they won’t stop.. and this………. makes them giddy bashing her more.

  46. alam nyo i agree sa lahat ng mga comments. alam naman natin na maganda si ARA. nagpost na rin ako ng message sa site ng BBPILIPINAS. ang daming magagandang pictures ni ARA pero ang hindi ko maintindihan eh bakit itong picture na ito ang pinadala. sabi ko nga sa post ko sa BPCI nagmukhang matured si ARA doon. picture na nga lang eh hindi pa nila maayos. kung strategy nila sana naman huwag naman ganyan na nagmukhang kaawa-awa si ARA sa picture. nevertheless alam naman natin na bago umalis si ARA siguradong may pasabog sila. pero sana naman inaayos nila yung picture yung maganda naman. kuya norman do you have a connection sa BPCI sana makarating sa kanila lahat ng mga comments regarding sa picture ni ARA. i know na kaya ni ARA ang laban sa MISS U and we are all here to pray and support her no matter what happen.


    I’m sorry Sir Norman, I just can’t contain myself..
    I sure have below-the-belt words for BPCI!!!!!! May I apologize in advance!

    YEAH!!! A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!!

    And my first 3 would be : W*** TH* F***?!!!!!!

    Not only does Ara have more beautiful photos..

    SHE LOOKS VERY BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON and far from this ugly picture!!?!!!!!!

    What the HELL is wrong with BPCI and MSA!!??????!!!!!!!
    Did some country bribe her to sabotage the chances of our own candidate?!!!!!
    I know that this is not time to be irrational right now,
    but I just wana slap Madamme Stella on the face so hard Barraza would bleed!!?!!

    If BPCI will not do anything about this, then we should come up with our own solution!
    I suggest that we spread the good pictures of Ara online, on Misso, Twitter, FB, etc..
    Maybe that will tone down the damages that was caused by this hideous picture!?!

      • Sorry, after seeing this pic, just can’t put asterisks on some of ’em..
        I guess, I’l be typing more asterisks until they do something about it!?!….
        ***** **** ***** ******!!!!!!!! I can’t find my Meds right now… Argggghhhh!!!

  48. “Could be better” is an understatement. Ara is naturally beautiful and this photo doesn’t do her justice at all. Expectations of the Philippines’ MU rep is at an all time high especially after Mutya’s and Megan’s successive wins this year. And THIS is the official photograph the BPCI selected out of all the many photographs of Ara to send to MU’s website for all the world to see? Please, Madame Stella, EXPLAIN!

  49. I don’t understand why BPCI seems to jinx all their queens’ chances. Obviously, Ara has way more beautiful photos than this, even some of her candids are better than this one.

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