9 comments on “Miss Universe China 2013 Ye Jin: who does she remind you of?

  1. This tall, slim and slender China doll is more of a top flight fashion model than a beauty queen in the traditional sense. It´s no wonder she failed in three previous attempts in the Miss WORLD China Pageant!

    Since MUO is now looking for the modelesque type, I reckon she will do well and better than last year´s representative! I don´t see her as Miss UNIVERSE, but I can definitely see her winning BRAVO TV´s ´The FACE´ modeling competition!

    Bt the way, Miss Ye´s modeling name is, Ginny! ….SEE more of Ginny Ye´s modeling pics at:


  2. It seems that most of the Asian’s have Janine as their winning PEG this year..

    1st was Indonesia, with the eyes, jaw, make up and bone structure,
    Thailand with the same make-up and styling
    Then Vietnam with the same look, body proportion, and styling,
    And now, China?!..
    Her face looks like Janine Tugonon with lighter skin and sharper chin..
    But her body reminds me of a cross between an anorexic marionette and a scarecrow..
    She was able to copy Janine’s cobra hand gestures though..

    Is this the reason why BPCI sent ugly pics of Ara?
    … So that no one could copy her final look?!

    BPCI should come up with a good one, or else it’s World War Z..
    And Misso would be ground zero!!!

  3. I believe China considers Miss World as the best grand slam in beautry pageantry. More likely, aspirants would prefer joining MW instead of MU.

    Just considering Yin’s background, I can’t imagine how a three-time loser in MW China become the winner for another major event. My silly mind has hypothesized so many possible reasons and I guess I better say no more. 😉

    It is a fact that there is a bevy of Chinese beauties particularly in the northern part of the vast country but unfortunately most of them are hindered by their conservative tradition. Would you believe that pulling off/shaving armpit hair is an act of “kalandian?!”

    • @Dexter

      Are you implying something?… hehehe
      If it has something to do with Donald Trump and shaved armpits
      Then, I think something similar also crossed my mind.. 😉

  4. There must be at least a billion females in China and they picked her? At least she’s tall and looks okayish with bangs… but she’s really lacking in the face department.

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