6 comments on “Latinas rule our 3rd Top Picks Poll for Miss Universe 2013!

  1. When the ladies finally arrive Moscow,then we will know if those high votes will answer the final question on stage…..
    I can bet the most beautiful and intelligent girls were not even ranked high in the voting.

  2. Well, that forum/blog practically got the just concluded Miss World top five rankings almost perfectly. Just need to switch France and Ghana. The good thing about their followers is that they’re practcally less bias than “us” here. 😉 And they really don’t care if the candidates don’t speak in English.

  3. Norman, since you want me to be around for a while, let me share Central America’s current hot picks (#2) for Miss Universe 2013 (in order):

    01. Puerto Rico
    02. Poland
    03. USA
    04. Bolivia
    05. South Africa
    06. Korea
    07. Croatia
    08. France
    09. Venezuela
    10. Italy
    11.dominica Republic
    12. Indonesia
    13. Philippines
    14. Costa Rica
    15. Great Britain

    Note that Ara was at #4 during their first hot pick. It’s time that they knew who they’ve missed out. What do you think?

    • Not just awhile, but on a regular basis. 😉

      Anyways, since these are all pre-arrival hot picks, I’m sure the rankings will still be shuffled once the ladies start landing in Moscow.

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