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    • ikalat yan at turuan ng leksyon yang babaeng yan bitter lang cya at di cya makasali ng beucon!

  1. I noticed she gained weight (well most girls gained weight, only a few were able to maintain their svelte figure— including Megan.) during Coronation night. I knew that she’s Megan’s toughest competition (Not Brazil because I find her aura bold star like, sorry!) from the start. Her very charming aura and lovely face beats Sancler and Elena all the way.

  2. Norms…I read in Misso that Ara was a guest at Showtime and she looked great. Do you have a video of that show with Ara?

  3. I just don’t get all the hype with Miss Brazil!…..Her face is so generic and kinda old. I’m glad that she wasn’t in the TOP-3!

    Oh yes, the gorgeous Miss GHANA! …A sparkling black pearl – fresh & angelic! I hope she gets to compete in the other Grand Slam pageants and continue to put AFRICA on the map!

    …AND the worthy Chief runner-up, Marine Lorphelin of FRANCE!… Since she’s not going to Miss UNIVERSE, I do hope that National Director, Sylvie Tellier, would consider sending her to the Miss INTERNATIONAL Pageant in Tokyo, JAPAN!

    Sophie Perrin who was unplaced in Miss UNIVERSE 1975 won for FRANCE their first Miss INTERNATIONAL crown in 1976 in Tokyo and I honestly think that Marine is the best mademoiselle to capture their 2nd Miss INTERNATIONAL title!

  4. Norma!!!Is the Miss World prize package still the same? I know that the winner receive $100 000 once crowned and another $100 000 after her reign! The 1st runner up gets $10 000 as well as the continental queens then 2nd runner up gets $5 000. Any changes you are aware of?

  5. Effortless modern beauty that is Miss France.
    I am so happy when she was called a s1st runner up, and with Megan standing next to Brazil, Spain and Gibraltar, it’s very clear that the crown is in the bag, Megan’s bag.
    Ang daming nabiktima ni Brazil sa prediction game ni Ninang, bwahaha.

    Btw Ninang Norman, have you noticed, ang haba ng exposure ni Miss Nepal, mas mahaba pa sa exposure ni Megan at Yu Wenxia. gayundin si Pareng Gwen, dinaig pa si Ellen DeGeneres.


  7. As I have mentioned in your other post, Marine really stood out during the finals and I’ve missed her out during the preliminaries. Now I know why, her shoulders are very prominent that it should be exposed and not covered. It was a very wise decision on the part of her team that she used a spaghetti-strapped long gown.

  8. when asked who her biggest competition is Megan replied its France and Gwen followed it up with to something like so long as France and Philippines are top two I’m fine with it coz I’m French Filipino…prophetic statements

  9. Well done Miss France, am I the only one who thinks she has such a sexy voice? LOL! And a smile that can light up the entire world!

    Congrats to Miss Ghana too! The first girl from Ghana to enter the top 5. A well deserved placement. She looks absolutely stunning in that blue gown! She was one of my biggest favourites from the very beginning!

    These girls definitely put on an exciting show! Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! There were a few nervous thoughts in the back of my mind saying it could be one of these two and not our Megan! Luckily it turned out right. Well done to all of the top 5/6!!

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