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  1. jonas,hope ul be able to assist ara a b4 c leaves 4 miss u.wen c opens her mouth, her lips are awkward, bordering on uneasyness!it could be polished to be better and more relaxed.if cl do it wd more confidens, ara wil be d one to beat!

  2. hi jonas tks 4 xtra efforts on bringin d girls 2 der top forms,saw d recent ara ariella interview on 2, wd k tonying.she felt uneasy wd her beautiful lips wen c ansered his ?s.pls review how c does it and refine it to d maxit if possible 2 mek her look fully confident in d interviews esp. d Q and acome pageant time.

  3. Sir Norms can you believe how dumb (I’m sorry to say the word but that’s what exactly they are) the commentators are for taking this satire article http://adobochronicles.com/2013/09/29/u-s-protests-miss-world-results/ seriously? Read the comments section, it’ll have you in stitches.

    More, http://au.ibtimes.com/articles_comments/510156/20130930/miss-world-megan-young.htm#.UkoNc38URid snatched up this same material and treated it like it’s a valid piece of news.

    I’m seriously worried with the amount of dimwits out there, even the so-called “journalists”, who couldn’t tell what’s a joke and what’s not.

  4. Norms gawa ka naman ng topic possible Mwp 2014, iam rooting for :
    Catriona Gray-filipina/ Australian a professional model and singer good points for fast track, kapag siya ang pinadala natin sa MW nga nga ulit sila!
    Valerie Weigmann- filipina / German a professional model! Nga nga ulit sila kapag siya ang pinadala natin sa MW 2015…. wot..wot…

  5. I hope A&Q team will be able to fly to Moscow despite of their government’s anti gay law. Watching MU pageant is boring without seeing a bit of audience who goes crazy whenever Philippines is called 😛

  6. Norman, please correct me if I am wrong, is Jonas Antonio Gaffud the handler & mentor to Mutya Datul, Cindy Miranda and Bea Santiago as well?

    Wouldn’t there be a conflict of interest to train the winners of two rival & opposing organizations ( Stella Marquez/BPCI vs Cory Quirino )?!!?

    • Jonas is mentor to Cindy Miranda, not Bea and Mutya.

      And he is on very good terms with both Madame Stella and Ms. Cory. No conflict of interest at all. Besides, he is not really the one training the Binibini girls for international representation. He can be consulted upon, but that’s it.

  7. Congrats Jonas! Well done!
    Btw, Tito Norms, how’s Renee Salud who trained the likes of Melanie Marquez? He was a pioneer of sorts when it comes to beauty queen trainings ya?

    • Renee Salud is now exclusive with Mutya ng Pilipinas. And yes, he is responsible for the likes of Melanie Marquez and the late Chat Silayan.

  8. Congratulations, too, Jonas G! That very regal walk of Megan is unbeatable. And her first Miss World was… was so regally magnificent. I’m sure you are very much responsible for that.

    • Corrrection:

      Congratulations, too, Jonas G! That very regal walk of Megan is unbeatable. And her first Miss World “walk” was so regally magnificent. I’m sure you are very much responsible for that.

  9. We always hear the name Jonas Gaffud post victory of an Aces and Queens entry, but the other men behind this team have more works and efforts given than this Jonas who’s only visible to the media during triumph

  10. I think the next plausible thing for aces and queens is to train candidates from other countries. Highly reasonable for aces and queens has proven that their camp can actually produce world class top notch beauties. congrats Jonas I should have taken my pic with you when I sat beside you at the rehearsals of last year’s miss universe. maybe next time lol

  11. Sir Norman, I would just like to ask if Gwendoline Ruais was under Aces and Queens? They had a feud years ago right?

  12. The reaction of jonas group upon declaration of megan as a winner is very touching! Congratulations guys!

    • AND Megan had no plastic surgeries!!! As I heard from one article; “A beauty queen is born, not polished” 😉

      • But still, all diamonds are born rough, only through polishing will everyone see it’s brilliance..

  13. Congratulations to Aces & Queens! A well-deserved victory! This team is truly destined to do more great things in the future, I believe. 🙂

    Speaking of the future: I’ve been hearing rumors that Ara might be leaving for Russia on the 8th or 15th of November. Any truth to this? Also, with Megan’s victory and with clearly a huge and more direct input that they had with Megan’s preparation, wardrobe and final evening gown, how much input do they have in terms of Ara’s preparations and wardrobe? I’m asking these things, because I noticed a big difference in terms of Megan’s very trendy and tasteful outfits compared to Mutya’s, which, unfortunately bordered on the dated and tacky [Fortunately, however, Mutya’s beauty still shone through].

    • Ara is very likely to have her send-off very soon for a Moscow departure scheduled somewhere between 8th and 15th of October. Aces & Queens does not have an official hand in assembling Ara’s wardrobe, so take that however you will. The Madame may ask for random suggestions, but nothing in formal capacity.

      • Thanks, Sir Norms. In a way, I already knew the answer. I just had to hear it straight from you, and was hoping Madame Stella Araneta would loosen up her grip a bit and allow them more input with Megan’s still very fresh victory in Miss World. 😦

      • Aray ko Tita Norms, medyo nalungkot ako sa sinabi mo about wardrobe. I’m sorry but I’m not really impressed with how BPCI dresses the queens 😦

  14. Congratulations Megan! Congratulations to Aces and Queens! Great job to all of you. Salutations to you too Norman! You all go above and beyond for all of us.

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