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  1. I swear I am not pageant fanatic but two days have already passed and still I cannot contain myself with joy. The effect of Megan’s proclamation as the New Miss World made me so ecstatic that all I did after she won was browse the net and await for the freshest news about her. In fact, I didn’t sleep that Saturday night at all.

    Megan oh Megan… Did you cast a spell on me? 😉

    It was my first time to watch a full coverage of Miss World and I must say that MWO and Indonesia did a spectacular show. The exposure of the scores may have lost some suspense but seeing them right in front of you made the selection more credible. (Yes, even more credible than the scoring system of Miss Universe Pageant.) The transparent scoring gives the semi-final candidate a chance to do better knowing how they performed during the preliminary competition.

    As soon as the candidates were introduced, I already knew that Miss Megan Young was sure to win as she was clearly the heavy favourite. That was confirmed when they showed the total scores for the preliminary competition. She was the only one that scored above 300. At that time, Megan only needed to maintain her composure and confidence. And she did!

    That night for me was full of wonderful surprises. I fell in love with Miss World 2012. Her operatic singing performance with Misses Australia and Indonesia was so delightful. Then there was that interview with Megan’s mother and she wowed me with her wit. She was an instant winner to the crowd. And how surprised I was to learn that Myleene Klass is, in fact, half Filipina. Obviously, there were so many hints (or coincidences perhaps) indicating that Megan will win.

    Before I conclude this very long (and probably boring) comment, I’d like to thank Norman for his sincere dedication to letting the whole world know who Megan truly is. I am sure that his contribution is more than what we already know.

    Megan, you have that much support because many of us know deep inside our hearts that you would be able to take home the crown. Proof to this were the many votes you garnered for Peoples’ Choice Award. Unfortunately, we were not able to surpass the votes received by Gibraltar because they used half of their national budget for Tourism (LOL). But I’m sure you are aware that you are the only Filipina candidate so far who has been rewarded with such as far as voting is concerned. (You can correct me on this, Norman) Although our bets for MissU may have received more votes by the number, votes for them did not cost a single cent.

    Way to go, Megan. You have more than thirteen months to prove that you will be the best Miss World ever, as you will only relinquish your crown in London sometime in November next year. Good luck!

  2. @Queen_B
    Noted, sis no worries…
    let’s just celebrate megan’s victory, I’m really happy for Megan,
    Take care

  3. Megan is literally a Miss World who will be forever Young.
    Your brothers Rico Young(RIP) and Bobby Young are so proud of you.

  4. Norman,

    For me, you are one of the best bloggers in the world, sincerely!

    Just my simple admiration and commendation. I also believe that you have a good personality.

    I just love your banner that features our queen Megan in her Dances of the World costume. Great creativity!

    Thank you so much!

  5. can’t wait for her countless glamour pics as miss world 2013,magazine covers, her homecoming, coverage of her charity works everything!! Coz she’s so damn gorgeous!!

  6. I think there’s something about the beauty of a Filipina that steals the thunder of other women around the world. And it’s quite evident that there must be something about the charm and grace of our very own Miss World Philippines Megan Young that made her bring the house down, in a field of 127 ambitious and glamorous contestants each vying for the coveted Miss World 2013 crown.

    A pageant scriptwriter will say: “There you have it, the equally beautiful candidates to this year’s . . .!” But at the Miss World 2013 Final in Indonesia last night, Megan Young wasn’t just one of the equally beautiful ladies onstage—she’s the beauty to beat, a perfection to emulate, a best Miss World that she’s promised to be.

    That would have been one of the most intelligent decisions that this England-based pageant with its judges has ever made, and I’m sure that the president, Julia Morley, is proud of the new Miss World, not to mention excited to be working with our Megan Young in the organization’s Beauty with a Purpose program.

    It’s not that it’s expected, but when Megan Young was just crowned as Miss World Philippines in August, I had a hunch that our country was bound to be on top of the world and that only a tremendously unforgivable blunder by Megan could break the spell. In my pre-pageant blog http://arielallera.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/miss-world-philippines-2013-megan-young-ready-to-face-the-music-at-miss-world-2013/, I wrote that Miss World is known for coming up with unpredictable results, while I believed that, in the next few hours, they’re going to crown the rightful winner and that’s Megan Young, for sure.

    When the international delegates started arriving in Bali and since I kept checking on their pre-pageant photos through my friends’ blog sites (thanks to Norman Tiniofor https://normannorman.com/ and Joyce Burton Titularfor http://adventuresofabeautyqueen.com/), I’ve maintained that Megan Young was a total standout in every way. Yes, yes, yes, they’re all beautiful and well-spoken, but every time that Miss Philippines sashayed onstage in a Francis Libiran exquisite gown, not only the audiences and the televiewers with 20-10 vision would say that Megan Young was a breath of fresh air, from head to toe. The whole world ogled at her.

  7. Dear Norman, I know this is a comment field, but because I’m not good at commenting, kindly allow me to share my thoughts this way:

    Philippines did it again! After our precious Mutya Datul cinched the Miss Supranational 2013 crown in Belarus last month, we’ve just been crowned as Miss World 2013 in Indonesia a few hours ago—in the person of Megan Young, no less. Right now I’m overwhelmed with pride and joy, and my hands are shaking that I can’t seem to continue typing anymore.

    Now that the meaningful, beautiful blue crown is ours, I can’t be happier for our country yet sorrier for our ugly fellow countrymen out there who can’t afford to show our beauty to the world because they’re busy fattening their pockets and filling their bathtubs with the people’s money.

    Thank you, Megan Young, for such a wonderful breather! We can at least take a respite now from the ugly faces and lousy lies that we’re getting used to seeing and hearing each day on television and the Internet. Thank you for representing our country with class and in style. It just goes without saying that we, Filipinos, are beautiful, fabulous, and intelligent!

  8. With your humble soul, a kind heart and superb persona nothing is impossible now Meagan with Almighty God beside you..you are a wonderful creature and a beautiful woman that is…thank u so much for making every Filipino proud and holding are head up high!!!! MABUHAY KA MEAGAN YOUNG!!! OUR MISS WORLD!!! We LOVE YOU SO DEARLY MUCH!

  9. Isn’t she just fabulous! Megan will do great things if she follow the call of her heart to serve. God bless you Megan on your new venture!

  10. A big thank you to you Megan ! For bringing honor to our country. May God bless you with more power and knowledge as you embark on a new journey as the first and the “best” Filipina Miss World ever ! A real beauty with substance that can make a difference in this already troubled world we live in. Good luck on your new journey and may you continue to inspire more people along the way. God bless 🙂

  11. The stars align for our Megan to capture the World.
    Truly it’s your destiny to give The Philippines is first Miss World Crown!
    Megan Rocks!!!

  12. SALMAT PO and thanks a Million to you, too, Megan for making every Filipino around and across this whole wide world so very very PROUD!!!

    Tears of joy and deep elation were shed uncontrolably by both Pinoys and non-Filipinos everywhere! YOU were destined to WIN the minute you handed in your application form for the Miss World PHILIPPINES 2013 Pageant! in July this year.

    WE eagerly look forward to the biggest Homecoming celebration ever for a Grand Slam winner and of course a Presidential courtesy call and who knows, a Presidential decoration as well!

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