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  1. Nakakahiya ka rin, Sam San Miguel. Walang magandang lumalabas so bibig mo kundi pintas mulang nagumpisa ka mag-post dito. Hindi ito’y Madame Stella vs. Madame Cory. Hindi pa ba tayo’y magkaisa sa mga tagumpay ng mga kandidatang Pinay natin sa mga international pageants abroad!?! You can make a million comparisons between the two women to tailor your bias against either one of the camps. Hawak lang ni Madame Cory ang franchise at agad, naka-Miss World na tayo. Hawak rin natin ang korona ng Bb. Pilipinas Supranational ng dalawang taon at napanalohan na ni Mutya ang Miss Supranational title. Totoo, older nga ang Miss World Pageant, pero ang mga hawak at pinapreparado ni Madame Stella ay hindi lang isang kandidata—apat pa, kamo! So, it really doesn’t matter what comparisons we draw, because we can slant anything to our argument. My thing is, regardless what franchise holder these girls come from, they all represent the Philippines. They proudly, loudly, and unapologetically represent all of us–Pinoys abroad and here. These beauty titleholders sacrifice themselves amidst the cheers and criticisms of their countrymen, and they still do well. Where is the shame atf being a 4th, 3rd, or 1st runner-up? All of these gals are at least, making semifinalist placements at their respective international pageants. And don’t bag on Madame Stella being Colombian, because she’s lived a great many years amongst the Filipinos, and she contributes positively to the pride of our country. Is Megan any less qualified to represent the Philippines just because her aesthetics favor her Caucasian dad, or that she was born in the US? Manahimik ka na diyan, because anyone who is aspiring to do well on behalf of the Philippines or the Filipino people, should be lauded for their efforts–franchise holders and beauty queens alike.

  2. angelo: I don’t condone violence and I prefer to pick my own fights. I don’t need vindictive people like you to defend me. Please. TUMAHIMIK KA NA LANG.

  3. sana ikaw na lang ang judge at ikaw na rin ang maging contestant para wala kang sisihin…lol

  4. Just because she did not win does not mean it’s not fair. besides, she tried to cheat by adding to her answer even when her time was up. she had extra time to think of a better answer because the interpreter was still translating her previous answer. unfortunately for her, she couldn’t pull a fast one in front of Miss Julia Morley

  5. i shout and scream as loud as i can.. i jump and jump as fast as i can.. i hug my husband and daughter i laugh so loud as julia announced megan’s name as the winner.. i am so happy. i don’t care if our arab neighbors heard me.. I am just so happy!!! congrats Megan! i am a follower of her journey from ms world phils to ms world.. i was even sad that she doesn’t qualify for bb pilipinas. Megan you are truly a goddess! everyone is so proud of you ,forget the haters. at least good news naman ang makikita namin sa tfc news. Thank you Sir norman for your blog! Mabuhay tayo mga Pinoy!

  6. Her speech… VERBATIM.. Makes a helluva lot of sense!

    “Selamat malam Indonesia!

    A Miss World for me treasures the core values of humanity and that guides her into understanding people. Why they act the way that they do? How they live in their lives? And I will use this core values and my understanding, not only in helping others but to show other people how they can understand others to help others, so that as one together, we shall help society. Thank you.”

    Well said Megan! Bravo!

    • I think this is how it should be punctuated: “Selamat malam Indonesia!

      A Miss World for me treasures the core values of humanity; and that guides her into understanding people – why they act the way they do, how they live their lives. And I will use these core values in my understanding, not only in helping others but to show other people how they can understand others to help others, so that as one, together, we shall help society. Thank you.”

  7. I was 100% sure of Megan, not even an iota of doubt in my mind! Congrats sa pinakamagandang delegado sa taong ito! My set of winners: Philippines…Brazil (atat sa crown masyado), France…i got 2 in Top 3, not bad. Congrats also to the Prediction game winner!

    • Not an iota of doubt huh! Kasi panalo na! Hehe. Ako kinakabahan ako until na officially announced kasi dba malay ko baka biglang nagkadayaan. Congrats Megan!

  8. From the moment she was crowned here in Manila, I knew she would bring home the crown. She never needed a second look, she convinced you right then and there that you were looking at the queen. I am just so amazed with the special attention given to her by the pageant organizers. She was everywhere, always included in all camera angles…and when everyone stopped and the lights dimmed during her time to dance…wow…that said everything. And a give away was the interview of her mom. Like all Filipinos, I cannot be happier. Naluha din Ako nang magpasalamat si Megan in Filipino. I am convinced now that when we send really beautiful candidates, those that don’t need transformation, those that are innately beautiful even without make up, the pageant organizers will give us the crown without second-guessing. We are the new Venezuela in beauty pageants! This is really good to boost our morale and for our economy once we establish that we are the beauty capital of Asia at the very least. Imagine what all these victories can contribute to medical tourism and the beauty industry in the Philippines. People all over the world will flock to us to learn our secrets. Having said these, I would like to appeal to Norman to continue this blog and for all pageant enthusiasts to come up with their own beauty camps to keep this endeavor as competitive as possible. While I applaud (and envy) the genius of the group Aces and Queens, I believe no one has the monopoly of excellence. There should be at least 5 more beauty camps with the caliber of A&Q. I salute Ms. Cory Quirino for taking over MW and for picking consistently beautiful ladies…and Megan for the job…for restoring the grandeur of Miss World here in the Philippines, for allowing Filipino designers to dress our candidates, for challenging BPCI…Megan’s crown says it all. Let us not rest on our laurels too soon. We are just starting again. Long live Megan! Philippines, unite! Cindy, Bea and Ara need our full support! –

  9. Mutya Datul – Miss Supranational 2013 (Sept 6 – Minsk, Belarus)
    Megan Young – Miss World 2013 (Sept 28 – Bali, Indonesia)

    Ang sarap nga talagang maging Pinoy sa mga panahong ito. Sumigaw ang lahat ng Pinoy sa mundo, HOY!!
    Pilipino ang lahi ko! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! #forthePhilippines

    • I have a feeling this will be a great year of beauty pageant for the Philippines. Started with Mutya the Lucky Charm. Next is MIss Universe and Miss International (fingers crossed). Go Philippine beauties.

  10. So Norman did anyone actually win your contest? my first and second princesses were way off so kudos to the one who predicted the winners correctly

  11. I still feel extremely overwhelmed with happiness…
    With goosebumps on my skin, my hands are shaking while I type this.
    Since your “Starstruck” days, I always knew that your destined for great things..
    From the moment you set foot on the audition for MW-Philippines,
    I was already rooting for you to be MISS WORLD 2013!

    You video about your journey in the prestigious international pageant was so moving.
    We Filipinos really are hardworking people that are very passionate in doing the things we love.
    It has always been part of our culture to dedicate our lives to a purpose greater than our own.
    And, no matter what adversity we encounter, we can always find the brighter side of it.

    Thank you Sir Norman,
    You have been an instrument in uniting all of us for one really good cause!
    Because of you and Megan, I now feel so inspired to help make the world a better place.
    (@Sheena, Yeah hindi naman nasayang mga boto natin! hahaha)

    I may sound like a complete pussy but yes!
    I am proud to admit that my eyes also burst into tears
    when Julia Morley announced the obvious winner.

    To our beloved Megan Lynne Young,
    Finally, you are now MISS WORLD 2013!!!
    We’re all so proud of you!!! 😀

    • Closer2Fame, hindi rin sayang ang overflowing emotions with matching ikot ng pwet pag nakikitang wala sa #1 spot sa voting app si Megan. LOL! I treated my work colleagues this morning for coffee sa sobrang tuwa ko haha

  12. Dear Norman, kindly let me share my thoughts on Miss World 2013. Thanks.

    Philippines did it again! After our precious Mutya Datul cinched the Miss Supranational 2013 crown in Belarus last month, we’ve just been crowned as Miss World 2013 in Indonesia a few hours ago—in the person of Megan Young, no less. Right now I’m overwhelmed with pride and joy, and my hands are shaking that I can’t seem to continue typing anymore.

    Now that the meaningful, beautiful blue crown is ours, I can’t be happier for our country yet sorrier for our ugly fellow countrymen out there who can’t afford to show our beauty to the world because they’re busy fattening their pockets and filling their bathtubs with the people’s money.

    Thank you, Megan Young, for such a wonderful breather! We can at least take a respite now from the ugly faces and lousy lies that we’re getting used to seeing and hearing each day on television and the Internet. Thank you for representing our country with class and in style. It just goes without saying that we, Filipinos, are beautiful, fabulous, and intelligent!

  13. OMG! Akala ko imposible nang manalo tayo sa MW! I was one of many pinoys who where able to receive the good news earlier through facebook! And I’ve never been so nervous for a pagaent in my life! Parang mawawalan ako ng hininga habang ina-announce na yung runners-up
    ..2nd place is Ghana, I didn’t see that coming! I think she’s one of the surprises of the night then there’s France on second place and I was like ****! I knew it kahit inaabangan ko palang yung mga comments, she’s the complete package – gorgeous body, beautiful face, fashionable, confident, friendly, good social skills.. and when I saw people congratulate her on FB I almost cried!!! Thank you Bata!
    Mas naiyak pa ko when I watched her interview. I felt her sincerity and she made me love my family even more! But yung pinakanakakakilabot na moment [in a good way ha!] was when she spoke in Filipino, grabe it gave me goosebumps! Nakaka-shy lol!!! And thanks rin po kuya norman I’ve been following your blog since Janine at I know you also deserve a recognition for all you hardwork in keeping us updated sa lahat ng pinay queens natin! Btw I got the winner ang her 1st princess right yung 2nd princess ang medyo mahirap! Again congrats to our queen Megan Young!!! Hay kahit puyat ako ang ganda ng gising!!!

  14. Never has a pageant been so lopsided- nilampaso silang lahat ni Megan as they would say it in the vernacular. The moment she came in first sa leaderboard, there was no way she was giving it up because if we all stopped at that, she by virtue of points from all the fast tracks was technically already the winner. There were moments when one was a bit kabado- when Spain who had seemed to have faded going into the finals was called to the top 5; France’s emotional answer; Gibraltar’s strategic stab with crown-me-because-I-eschew-traditional-beauty. But Megan was steadfast & formidable. It will be years before someone else like her will come by. Truly a legend in the making, it’s no unlikely to say she’s going to be up there with Aishwarya Rai as one of the most memorable MW winners ever

  15. Super Kilabot moment(s):
    1. Ang pananagalog Ni Megan Young, na halos masinok na siya, dama Ko Ang labis na kaligayahan.
    2. Nang ipakita Ang Ina Ni Megan na umiiyak sa tuwa!!! Super moved ako sa nanay Ni Megan.
    3. Ang pagputong ng Blue crown Kay Megan!!!…… Priceless!
    4. Ang Q&A segment, duon pa Lang….. SINCERITY!!!
    5. Ang “Singkil” dance Ni Megan……breathtaking!
    Salamat Norms for all the hardwork, sa lahat ng bloggers, nagkaisa tayo para Kay Megan, sa Aces&Queens….. The Best!
    Salamat po Lord!…… At Kay @Mole TAMA Ang east Indian mong manghuhula, Hindi ka bumitaw…… Share mo naman Ang contact # Nya if it’s ok?

      • @queen_b
        Pasensiya na MANANG…..
        Maligayang maligaya Lang Ang bunsong apo mo….
        Bumalik ka na sa pagnga- nga – nga mo, mapaghanap ka din ng away ano?

  16. MEGAN YOUNG…. you are a GIFT FROM GOD to us the Pinoys and to all the citizen of the World…. We’ve been waiting for this for a long long time, and now we finally got the first ever Miss World Crown 2013…. This is a very Special Year for the PH….. sweeping 2 Grand Slam Pageants… Miss World and Miss Supranational…

  17. Well. Congratulations to the new Miss World from the Philippines! Wow, two of the last three years the Philippine rep finished in the top 3 at Miss World, winning the 2013 crown. In addition, the Philippine rep to Miss Universe has placed in the top 5 three straight years and, judging by Ariel’s qualities, I strongly believe it will be four!

    Prior to 2010, Philippine reps to both Miss World and Miss Universe were consistently kept out of the top.15. Glad the drought is OVER! Bravo Megan!

    Congratulations to the Miss World-Philippines and Bb Pilipinas organizations. You are sending the right delegates to the top.2 pageants.

    Hey Norman, in your side of the world, which pageant is more prestigious, World or Universe? No disrespect, but Miss Earth and Miss International are nonexistent in prestige and popularity in the Americas…there is a tense rivalry between World and Universe however…

  18. Miss Guyana (Ruqayyah) with the new Miss World 2013 – Megan Young:

    Miss Denmark (Malene) on her friendship with Megan and Michiko:

    “September 28th

    Today has been incredible! I have had a fantastic night!
    I am so happy for Megan from the Philippines! She became Miss World 2013! She also became one of my best friends during my time at Miss World, we spend a lot of time together so I know how an amazing woman she is. To me she is very special and inspiring and I know that she will be a great role model for many women from all over the world. I really wanted her to win because I know she will be the best Miss World.
    Megan and her roommate Michiko from Japan and I were called “the M-sisters” (Megan, Michiko and Malene), they have been like sisters to me, always kind, loving, caring, supportive, helpful and funny. We have had so much fun these last few weeks at Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. I am going to miss you beautiful and amazing girls so much!

    – Now I will enjoy the rest of the evening at the after party.

    Malene Riis Sørensen
    Miss World Denmark 2013″

  19. The host Myleene Klass is half Filipina, She said her mother is happy of Megan winning and I could tell Myleene is as happy like the loud Filipino crowd.

  20. Congrats to Megan.

    I am not surprised one bit. Shes very poised and elegant. She also has a friendly vibe.

    Megan, mutya, cindy and bea have one thing in common = CONFIDENCE

    Oh, Ara…. You need to have it ASAP… You don’t just need to have it, it must also show.

  21. GOD is so great megan. People unites praying for you to win. And it happens. GOD gives you for the people. Keep up the good work you started. You really really make us proud

  22. OMG!!!!! I am so happy. I did not get to watch the pageant on TV and on-line (the live streaming is so irritating). I guess I will watch it in youtube.

    Philippines is the third country to win all 4 grand slam titles

    Congratulations Philippines – you made us proud

  23. Thank you norms…to all wonderful write ups and updates about our queens….nakakatuwa talaga basahin ang blog mo…..sulit lahat ng hype and prayers for megan because we know she really deserves to have that blue crown….so whats next??……cindy and ara?? When nga po pla ang miss international ni bea? Thanks☺👑

  24. CONGRATULATIONS MISS WORLD 2013 MEGAN YOUNG!!! Looking very very gorgeous all the way!!! I loved that she spoke some tagalog words on her winning speech like ” Salamat sa mga kababayan ko. MAHAL KO KAYO..” …PROUDLY PINOY!!

  25. hoy queen_bitch: napa ingles ka na naman, hampas lupang bruhang ka, mali mali naman. mag shut da pak up ka na lang teh. kakahiya ka.

    • Bakit ka naman ganun, Sam San Miguel? Masaya lang naman si Queen B, at hindi naman siya’y isang kandidata sa Q and A of a pageant, that her subject-verb agreement and her English grammar should be so scrutinized. I understood the weight and shape of her emotions in her comments. She’s only expressing what we all feel right now for our new Miss World. There’s a momentum of elation that should transcend all this pettiness, so don’t knock it or Queen B down, OK?

    • @sam…

      don’t be jealous honey! If you don’t have the intelligence to speak English admit it. It’s a free country! Don’t hate. Her comment is understood by 1 BILLION people around the world. can you even READ in English?


  26. Beauty queen ang Pinay kahit nagugulat o umiiyak unlike ng ibang beauty queens na napapanood ko pag nagugulat sa pagkakaannounce, parang nagiging witch na. So pretty ng bagong Miss World.

  27. So happy for Megan, well-deserved. Her delivery on the final question seemed so spontaneous and heartfelt. And you can clearly see Madam JM was beaming after.

    Have you read how CNN reported her win?


    I don’t know if it’s just me, but they made it sound as if Megan only came back to the Phils a few months ago just to compete for MW2013. China is claiming the south sea and know US is claiming the MW2013. Just funny! 🙂

    • Exactly! It’s an unprofesionally written report by CNN’s Neda Farshbaf, Mary Primiano, Kathy Quiano and Madison Park. Paragraphs 1 and 5 clarly showed how messed the report is. 😛

      • But fame hungry Filipinos the world over (specially in comments sections posted in the web) practically trip over trying to point out when an American celebrity with Filipino heritage becomes famous, so what’s the problem? Unlike those people who go to crazy lengths to connect an American into being a TRUE Filipino (which: bitch please) CNN reported FACTS. She was born in the US and she did stay there till she was 10 years old. This makes her a natural born American. I didn’t get anything from the article that implied she just came back a few months ago to the Philippines just to compete. It clearly stated she moved to the Philippines with her family when she was ten. Here’s a thought: go back to school and learn to REALLY read in English.

        On that note, congratulations to Megan Young for winning. A clear favorite from the moment she stepped out that plane, definition of her having a gentle but queenly grace very spot on. I know some people kept saying France should have won, but I felt Megan represented a more ‘international’ appeal and her more delicate features and physique just gave her that needed edge to get the crown. Also, her answer was very good. The best of the five. Stand out winner and definitely one for the pageant history books. 🙂

  28. Ang aga ko na gising just for this pageant. First, Mutya…and now you, Megan. You make all, who have Pinoy blood in them, proud. I knew you had it in the bag and while making breakfast, I did not cry—until I saw your adorable mom in the audience crying. Then, those darned onions kicked in.

    Cindy Miranda, I am crossing my fingers for you next. How about some more blogs on her, Norm, because I think your blogs hold the magic touch for our delegates? Sige, magpahinga ka muna. I know this was extremely emotional for you, Norms, and I’m glad you cried tears of joy for Megan. Your blogs make it all emotionally real for all your readers, and I almost feel as if you’re an old friend when you share your words with us all. Parang kilala na kita. Perhaps when I visit PI next, we’ll run into each other.

    I am extremely happy for Janicel, too. She will ascend to Miss World PI now, diba?

  29. As soon as I got home, the first thing I accessed on the net is your blog Tita Norms, thank you for your dedication to update all of us here :* Grabe I’m so happyyyyyyy!!! Napatili ako sa tuwa! Kebs kung mabulabog kapitbahay LOL!

    Closer2Fame, ayan kahit d nanalo sa app votes si Megan, hindi sayang ang effort and $$$ natin bumoto 😛

    • @Sheena

      Sobrang todo effort!.. Aside from the votes, napost ko na sa lahat ng FB groups, twitter groups at pati Youtube videos mga link nya..
      Naku! ewan ko lang talaga kung ano gagawin ko kung hindi sya nanalo!?! hahaha
      buti nalang talaga nanalo sya!

  30. Just as what we all collectively wished, hoped & prayed to GOD for: our Megan Young is Miss World 2013 ! Praise be to God. Now, Megan gets to embark on her new journey as a real ambassadress of goodwill… a real beauty with a purpose… Congratulations Megan ! Mabuhay Philippines ! Norman – a big thank you to you, too for all the hard work you put into all this ! I’m indeed so proud to be a Filipino ! Filipinos all over the world – it’s about time we unite & show to the world what a true Filipino is … beautiful inside out !!!

  31. KUDOS MEGAN! Truly can’t get enough of this huge honor and journey. You made us proud as Filipinos! Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

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  33. Megan Young reminds me of Aishawarya Rai., both are goddesses of beauty and great Miss Worlds.

  34. Congratulations Ms.Megan Young Ms.World 2013, the first ms.world of the philippines and first in south east asia. Now our 4 major pageant complete, World, Universe, Earth, international , congratulations also to norm for giving us enough hope for this journey it was amazing how you put your heart and time for giving us updates since day one auditions of megan to Ms.WP, up to her
    journey to bali indonesia, gratitude norman mabuhay ka! Next ms.universe 2013 russia and cindy to china….

    • The 4 are considered the 4 major pageants because the no. Of country joining it. Universe,world,international are the longest pageant existed. While ms.earth is also prestigous like the other 3. Supra is also known pageant especialy mutya won. Supra just add on to bb.plipinas and considered as one of their major pageant this year.

  35. Congratulations Megan and the Philippines! I cried also. I thought it will never happen. I’ve been waiting since Vangie Pascual and yes I am not ashamed of my age.

  36. Instead of wishing for any future crowns let’s just celebrate MEGAN… This is her moment. Cindy and Ara will get their turn but please let’s just focus on how special MEGAN is.
    She was very contemporary and not pageantish at all. Norm is the other winner!

  37. Norms, will Janicel Lubina be crowned as Ms. world Philippines since Megan is the new ms. world?

  38. bud? I believe i won the prediction game, it’s just being dyslexic i had my choices backwards. And you being kind and considerate i won, right bud ?

  39. Congratulations to the Miss World… our dear Megan!! Thanks Norman for the updates! wew, feeling great!!!

  40. Congratulation Megan!!!
    Yes, I did cry like a baby too, sobbing all….
    What the heck, I’m truly happy!!!
    “For the Philippines”
    Para sa Inang Bayan!!!

  41. Are you guys still tuned in to the live feed? The hosts are interviewing random people who are coming out of the stage.

    There’s this one guy, who I forgot where he’s from (but not in the Philippines), when asked what he thought of the show: “It’s crazy here. Lots of beautiful ladies, one prettier than the other. And then there’s Miss Philippines…she’s beautiful. That Filipina even when the camera zooms in, shems absolute perfection. She’s like photoshop in real life!”

    Not in verbatim. But that’s the gist. LOL.

    Oh, and then they interviewed also parents of Miss Ireland. The dad said: “They made the right decision. The winner is a really beautiful lady. Miss Philippines is a great choice.”

  42. I’M SPEECHLESS!!!… Finally we have our first Ms World crown!!… Im sure sikat na nman ang Pilipinas in the woRld of beauty pageants.. Sinimulan ni Mutya Datul, sumunod si Megan young. Mr Norman, my top 3 were Philippines, Brazil and France in order… dO I have a prize for hitting 2 out of 3???… 🙂

  43. Let’s also not forget to be mighty proud of the fact that we are now the ONLY country to win the crowns in all the major pageants! Still emotional. Hay!

  44. Oh my God my whole body felt very hot when they announce Philippines as the new Miss World 2013. Congratulations Megan and the whole Archipelago will celebrate your anticipated victory.. Now four the first time ever Philippines took victories in all big pageants (grandslam). Next stop cindy miranda, bea rose santiago and our new miss universe Ariela Arida..

  45. My prediction is way off but I got the winner right congrats Megan!!! Philippines I’m in awe of the two crowns we bagged as of late

  46. Two crowns for the Philippines! We are on a roll. Cindy’s next.

    I am still emotional. Really. That scene when Wenxia was passing the crown to Megan…wow! 😦

  47. FIRST MS. WORLD CROWN EVER!!! MEGAN, you made us proud! Philippines is soooo ecstatic right now. I don’t know if the whole Filipino people will be able to sleep well tonight! LOL. Thanks Norman, for all the timely updates. Keep up the good and well-appreciated work!

  48. OMG!! I was so panicky coz I couldn’t open my mobile for your updates Sir Norms..and when I did voila!! I am sooo happy for Megan!! Congratulations to her!!

  49. I can’t stop crying! Congratulations Megan! You did it!!! FOR THE PHILIPPINES!!!

    • basil / angelo : sawang sawa na kami sa Facundo jokes mo noh. ikaw na lang sana ang magpakawala. PWE!

  50. Tito Norms, teary eyed din kami! We share the same sentiments, but now what a year this has been for Philippines and pageant afficionados like us! Our Queen deserves it! Wouldn’t we be the country of the year?

  51. I thought ms. Ghanna would be the first runner after delivering her answer…. But kuddos to megan..u made us all proud! Next stop, china– ms. Tourism queen…

  52. CONGRATULATIONS!!! MABUHAY PHILIPPINES!!! The second world title for this year. Can’t wait for the next. Salamat sa lahat!!

  53. Dang, i missed my first runner-up! i got the crown and the second runner-up! 🙂

    Megan, thank you for bringing honor and pride to the Philippines! Tito Norms, thank you for your undying efforts in keeping us posted with the goings on leading to the Finals night of Miss World 2013. You truly are a one dedicated and passionate blogger.

  54. THE BEST MISS WORLD EVER INDEED! God bless you Megan Young, truly beautiful with a purpose. You’re perfection in my eyes!!! You proved all those haters wrong!!!!

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