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  1. OMG!!!!!i cant say anything to our NEWLY CROWNED MISS WORLD MEGAN YOUNG but the word SUPERB the only word to describe our new queen.Naiyak ako ng i announce na ang pangalan ni MEGAN kahit nanonood ako sa internet andoon yung kaba ko super..kasi malakas ang hatak ni Ms.FRANCE at yung sagot ni Ms.GIBRALTAR so nakaka CORE VALUE din superrr,pero at that point nung mag cheers ang pinoy sa pangalan ng PHILIPPINES OMG! eto na finally the questions is over,CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN!you are deserving to wear the BLUE CROWN,and you proven to our fellow kababayans and to the world what truly filipinas is all about.MABUHAY ka MEGAN mabuhay ang PINOY for the second VICTORY this year we bagged the two important crown MISS SUPRANATIONAL and MISS WORLD congratulations to our tough QUEENS, but this is only the beginning there is more tense to come and we pray the same victories to the rest of FILIPINO QUEENS, this is the back to back victory for the Philippines as of now, we aim the most highest recognition the GRAND SLAM of beauties.For the rest of FILIPINA QUEENS to Miss TOURISM 2013,MISS UNIVERSE 2013,MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013 good luck we always here to support you,we wish your victory,no matter what what happen your already wins here in our heart…..Once again CONGRATULATIONS to us!!!!!

  2. To Norman and pageant fans everywhere,

    CONGRATULATIONS to you all for one of the most predictable result in Miss WORLD´s history!

    Megan Lynne Young is now the rightful successor to Aishwarya Rai as The Most BEAUTIFUL Miss WORLD ever!

    CONGRATULATIONS also to The PHILIPPINES! ……..TWO Grand Slam titles in the bag …and
    MORE to come!

  3. oy gaga, pa tenkyu tenkyu ka pa, ang OA mo naman teh, huwag mo akong tenkyuhan ha, BWISET KA!

  4. I’m speechless, so proud of you Megan, God really blessed the Philippines!

  5. After 40 years since Vangie Pascual circa 1973 narrowly snagged the crown. Finally, the elusive blue crown has landed on the head of a well deserved winner Megan Young. Pinoys are jubilant now and Philippines has proven the only country winning all the grand slam pageantry not even the powerhouse Venezuela, USA , or India. Our warmest congratulations Megan for bringing such honor to your kababayans. Norman, Thanks for your relentless quest updating us minute by minute coverage .

  6. Tito Norms salamat sa pagod. Kahit dito ako sa Qatar feeling ko kasama niyo din ako sa laban ni Megan. Congratulations to her.

  7. YESSS!!!! Finally, a blue crown for the Philippines! Pageant history was made today! Congratulations Megan, congratulations Philippines!

  8. And thank you, Norman. Your blog has been instrumental to letting the whole world know how beautiful Miss Megan Young, inside and out!

  9. I waited too long for Philippines to have its FIRST MS. WORLD CROWN. But it’s worth the wait!!! Congratulations Megan!!! You make the whole Filipino people proud!!!

  10. We should all rejoice, our Megan Young is Miss World 2013!

    Thank you, Megan, for making us all proud.


  11. Our prayers are paid off…those evil bashers did not succeed in destroying Meagan’s reputation…thanks be to God halleluyah!!! congrats Meagan!!!!im crying in happiness right now!!!!

    • Half Pinay naman hehe. Nakakatuwa lang how she acknowledged her Filipino roots. Won’t even know she’s half Pinay ‘coz she looks very caucasian plus the British twang.

      • Yeah! Especially that moment when Miss World 2012 (China) was passing the crown to Megan…ah! Gosh. That got me! I’m so happy for her, for us, and for our country. We’ve waited EVER SINCE and tried to send outstanding women. Finally, we take home the MW crown.

        I repeat: I AM SOOOOOOO EMOTIONAL! Tears. Tears. Tears. 😦 somewhat pass the hanky please.

        This is our year. 2 crowns for the Philippines already. A few more to go. Cindy Miranda’s next.

    • Haaay eto naman si angelo ( alias basil ) pati ba kung sino sino nalang ay inaaway. bruhang. hampas lupa tuloy ang peg.

    • Bakit ka naman ganun, Angelo, Masaya lang naman si Yura. She’s only expressing what we all feel right now for our new Miss World. There’s a momentum of elation that should transcend all this pettiness, so don’t knock it, ok?

  12. That was really a cool answer with such endearing convictions. She is inching to the homestretch and in God we trust. Thanks for the updates guys!

    • hoy angelo (basil) gaga ka talaga, nagcongratulate na nga, inaaway mo pa, bruha! magtinda ka na lang ng daing at laing noh, masbagay talaga sa iyo noh

  13. Brazil double dipped in her response with the help of her interpreter. Julia Morley didn’t look too pleased. Gibraltar’s answer was pageant pattyish.

    • Rght. Double dipping is a big NO NO in front of Julia. It might work in MU but not with Miss World.

    • ano po ibig sabihin ng double dipping? it is my first time to hear/read that pageant term. 🙂

  14. Can someone please share in full text the question for megan and her answer. Please…

  15. Megan ‘s the only Asian to make it to top 5! whoopeee

    Gibraltar as People’s Choice winner is added as top 6. Not sure about her….

  16. Oh my, RUSSIA, SOUTH AFRICA, CHINA and JAPAN failed to make the cut!……

    Megan is the leader going into the TOP-10!…..

    So far everything is going her way! SHE stands out with the simple yet elegant & feminine Francis Libiran cream peach gown with her hair tied in a simple bun!

  17. Top 10 finalists just announced. Philippines is no.1 with Brazil second. All scores revert to zero from this point on.

    • Yes indeed. She totally resembles Audrey Hepburn. I guess, now , she can work as a world class actress in top movies in Holly Wood. She can walk the perfect stylish and elegant line of Audrey Hepburn and bring back her memory alive on the Earth once again! wish her luck and happiness and a lot of good projects to the people in need around the world .Love her look, love her innocent eyes and wish her success!

  18. after BWAP I’m sure mag Top Spot si Brazil then followed by France. I remember well Miss World 2011 Iviana and Miss World 2012 Wenxia weren’t also in the Top 10 of BWAP. So yeah.. I firmly believe Megan will take home the crown!

  19. omhgawd nangunguna sa Top 20 Philippines sigaw ng sigaw ang contingent natin from the audience. Go Megan! and now Indonesia singing…

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