12 comments on “Olga Storozhenko: a winner-in-the-making?

    • @chrome: Did Olga forget to shave her armpits AGAIN?! Honestly I am so running out of adjectives!

  1. Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union, so the pageant’s venue in Moscow will obviously work in Olga’s favor. Many Russians are rooting for and consider Olga as being “more Russian” than Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova whom they see as an outsider because of her Kazak lineage.

  2. A Big NO for me!….
    She may be sexy and all that, BUT honestly, she does nothing for me!

    Frankly speaking, I find her boring! Her aura doesn’t exude any winsome vibes!

    • Jude, dude, of course she does nothing for you, but I’m sure she makes straight guys drool and gives them a woodie. The Donald I’m sure will agree.

  3. Ara, dapat laging alerto sa mga ipag-uutos ni Senyora Olga.
    Maging bibo,para hindi nababato ng trapo.
    Ganda ganda ni Senyora Olga, yan ang tunay na ganda, hindi na kailangan pang mag-transform at mag-experiment
    At ang sexy sexy, hindi parang bariles.
    Wapak na wapak, gandang wagas.
    Patok na patok at hindi nakakaantok.

    • I believe Ara deserves more than what you are trying to make her look like. Have a.little faith on Ara.There’s nothing to lose, right? :))

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